Wearing Blue to a Wedding Event

Wearing Blue to a Wedding Event

Did you know that there is actually a lot more to wearing blue than just simply enjoying the colour? Many psychologists link the colour blue to emotions and behaviours such as loyalty, trust and responsibility. What's more the colour blue represents love and purity as well

Choosing where to wear blue

Fortunately using the colour blue in our daily wear items is very common, however, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with trends. In fact, with so many different shades of blue around you could quite literally wear a different shade every day. Our favourite items, which we stock at Diva Catwalk, include our Nadia Venice Stretch Dress (which also comes in two other shades). With a contrasting waistband, it works to define and further emphasise the feminine silhouette. Whilst you can take this dress from office to wedding, we also love our stunning Oxford Blue Vegas Calf Length dress for a romantic dinner date, as a wedding guest, or our Tess Maxi Kimono Dress, in turquoise. Choosing to wear blue can mean a variety of things, as well as just making a gorgeous statement. However, here we are going to go through how to wear blue as a wedding guest and what to do to make sure you look your utmost best.

Wearing Blue to a wedding or event

Wearing blue to an event, like a wedding or birthday celebration, can be playful and feminine. You don’t have to stick by the blue ‘fancy dress’ rule and you, of course, have the option to wear a nice top and pair of trousers or match completely with a statement suit.

What to wear with a blue dress to a wedding

Whatever it is you plan on wearing, if you’re close with the couple getting married then there is no harm in attempting to find out the colour scheme beforehand. No surprises need to be spoiled, but if possible it’s best to avoid going dressed as the table cloths. So, wearing a blue dress, whether it be a solid colour, mixed or patterned, is always a bright idea when it comes to weddings – particularly when we incorporate them with different accessories and footwear. Here we go through a handful of our favourite dresses and the footwear/accessories we suggest you wear with them.

Wedding Guest Dress and White Accessories

In standard wedding fashion it is always important to note that you should never wear a white dress as a wedding guest! Whilst not all brides choose to wear white, it's still best to avoid unless told by the bride! However, you can easily incorporate the summer shade in with your look through accessories. With our Maxi Kimono dress, we suggest the stunning ASOS DESIGN Nala barely-there heeled sandals in white (like those in the photo!) as well as a matching bag.

woman pictured wearing the diva catwalk kimono dress surrounded by two images of shoes and an accessory bag.

Wedding Guest Dress with Pearl Earrings

Accessories, as we know, go beyond handbags and shoes. Opting to wear jewellery is something you should look into, especially when a big event is involved. What’s more, and it might sound obvious, you should also plan ahead on coverups and hairstyles. Why? Well, those stunning silver pearl earrings you spent a small fortune on won’t be getting a look-in if they’re covered up with your volume winning hairstyle.

Should you decide to opt for a dress, like our Kurumba Off-Shoulder dress then we suggest wearing a statement necklace. Wearing the Kurumba dress, that sits off-shoulder, allows room around the neck and upper chest area to showcase a beautiful piece of jewellery. If you were to choose something like our Sasha dress then this area would be covered up. Don’t worry though, if the Sasha dress is for you! Simply switch accessories and opt for a chic pair of earrings like these Decadence Statement Loop pair from ASOS, at £10 or these ALDO Asterran Earrings with Tiger Head at £22.


a model pictured wearing the high neck Sasha dress with two earring accessory images to the right.

Our Lilith Bodycon Dress adds a much-loved turn of femininity to a darker dress with its cute pink satin waistband. Taking the two colours from the material you could simply add the following two items to complete the look. We suggest these KG Sammy High Heel Sandals in Blush, at £99, and a matching clutch bag at £139, also in a blush shade. You could also go for a light silver jewellery set – you want to avoid gold with this shade of pink to avoid being washed out.

a model pictured wearing Diva Catwalk's Lilith Bodycon Dress with Ted Baker shoes and bags in images behind her.

And, finally, although not an accessory… we have the much-loved wedding guest dress with… pockets!!! The Casares ¾ Swing dress in our store comes in 6 delicious shades, including navy blue and cobalt blue. With its round neck, A-line float, long sleeves and pockets it’s definitely an all-year-round wedding guest dress.

There is always the option for this dress to be worn again, whether it be in the office or out for dinner. For a daytime look, pair the dress with a jacket and flats, or wear a classic black heel and some statement earrings for a stunning evening outfit.

5 images of the Casares 3/4 Swing Dress blended together, showing the dress in all available colours from Diva Catwalk.

How to wear a blue suit to a wedding

Gone are the days when wearing anything other than a chic dress at a wedding was unheard of. Just like the power suits that we are seeing being strutted down red carpet events, you too can join the trend by wearing a feminine suit as a wedding guest. Our Diva Trousers and Fulica Long Sleeve Jacket are the perfect combos for statement suit wearing. Available in a number of shades (including pink and blue) it’s an outfit you can wear repeatedly.

two images combined with the logo for Diva Catwalk and showing two suits - one in blue and the other black.

Trousers are available here: Diva Trousers £79 |  Jacket is available here: Fulica Long Sleeve Jacket £89

Our other favourites for wearing a feminine suit look, include the following beauties.



What shoes to wear with a blue suit?


In December 2021, we saw actor Jonah Hill wearing a matching pale sky blue oversized Gucci suit with his partner Sarah Brady.

Now we may have all been dazzled by their cute-matching combination, however, the eagle eyed of us would have noticed their further dazzling choice of footwear. Both Jonah and Sarah fashionably wore turquoise jacquard mules by Manolo Blahnik (at £595).

Jonah Hill pictured with his girlfriend Sarah Brady as they pose during a premiere wearing matching blue Gucci suits.


Back in 2016, Lily Donaldson wore a Stella McCartney suit to an event in Cannes. The choice of footwear almost had us dropping in a phone call for an immediate pedicure. Alas, we had a look online and found a similar heel at ASOS (£22) that would look perfect in your dream blue suit – and without a pedicure needed insight.


a combination of images showing the ASOS Design Samber Sling-back Stiletto Heels in Black

Wearing a blue wedding guest outfit

As above, you have the choice to wear whatever you would like to a wedding. However, you should think wisely beforehand on whether you would prefer to wear in the realms of a trouser suit or a dress. Each comes with its own ‘do not do’ lists, which as we all know include not wearing a white dress!

Wearing a blue wedding guest dress can be in keeping with the rest of the wedding itself. However, if you feel that the chosen design could be statement-making then it may be worth finding out if blue is part of the wedding part palette. If you’re not able to find out, then it might be best to stick with a sensible chic dress like our Mustique Dress in Cobalt Blue. With its puff sleeve and flattering fit, it's created using our bi-stretch fabric which works perfectly for silhouette contouring.

 pictured is a model in the Mustique Pencil dress, from Diva Catwalk, in Cobalt Blue.

Celebrities in Blue Dresses


Celebrities in Blue Suits

Blue suits are not just for the boardroom, here our favourite celebrities show how you can wear them at other events too.

Wearing blue in 2022

At the end of February 2022, there became a whole new meaning of wearing the colour blue. With the invasion of Ukraine, by Russia, there was known solidarity wearing blue and yellow (the colours of the Ukrainian flag). Whilst we wear those colours of support at home, many celebrities have been sharing their outfit choices on social media with hashtags like #ukrainefashion, #standwithukraine and #ukrainecolours.

a screengrab of a blue suit and yellow handbag being worn by a model to show inStyle Germany's support for Ukraine.

InStyle Germany magazine shared a statement post with the above image [woman wearing a dark cobalt blue suit and holding a yellow handbag] sharing how "The current events in Ukraine are also moving the fashion world in Milan. Influencers such as @leoniehanne and @xeniaadonts call for donations in their profiles. They support the @dariadaria fundraiser and have already collected almost half a million for @caritaswirhelfen. Many other content creators show solidarity with the Ukrainian population by creating visibility. Influencer @vikyandthekid cancelled Milan Fashion Week to support her family in Ukraine."


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