About DivaCatwalk.com Affiliate Program

How Does An Affiliate Make Money?

An ‘Affiliate’ is a website, blog or channel etc, that’s rewarded by a retailer (DivaCatwalk.com) for each customer brought DivaCatwalk.com by that affiliate’s own marketing efforts. If you have a website or blog that attracts a significant amount of traffic, then a great way for you to earn extra money is to join the HybridFashion.com affiliate campaign to receive commissions from us.

How do I become an Affiliate, Is It Easy?

Yes, very easy!

It’s so easy to join the DivaCatwalk.com Affiliate Program. Join our UK program by visiting https://af.uppromote.com/divacatwalk-com/register and signing up.

To join our campaign please read our terms and conditions to ensure you are happy before getting started.

Why Join The DivaCatwalk.com Affiliate Program?

  • It’s free!
  • You can earn up to 16% commission on sales from new customer referrals you send to www.DivaCatwalk.com
  • High average product and order values
  • 30 day cookie’s
  • You can choose the banners/links you want to add to your site.
  • You can see how your sales are doing at any time with online reporting.
  • Exclusives – Unique content, personalised banners, exclusive codes, competition prizes and more are available!

Our Affiliate program may not be available forever due to our recent opening and huge interest. We reserve the right to halt or stop the program at any time due to over saturation. This is reviewed on a fortnightly basis.

If you are interested in this program while it is still available at these high commision rates please visit https://af.uppromote.com/divacatwalk-com/register today and submit your application for review.

Many Thanks,

The DivaCatwalk.com Affiliate Team.