How Wedding Guest Dresses are the UK’s Top Trend for 2022

How Wedding Guest Dresses are the UK’s Top Trend for 2022

a group of women, dressed in wedding guest dresses pictured with the bride holding pink and white balloons.

The fashion world has been changing recently from greater awareness of the damages caused by the culture of fast fashion. The trends are moving away from encouraging you to buy a new outfit for every event you attend. Essentially, we are all realising that just because you have a few key pieces you wear, again and again, it doesn't mean that you need to repeat whole outfits.

Finding an item of clothing that you love, one that makes you feel at your most beautiful is heaven! Having that million-dollar confidence is the most envied accessory to any outfit is key to the fashion climate of 2022. 

Wedding Guest Dresses Versatility

The reason that wedding guest dresses were the UK’s top trend for 2022 is because of their versatility. In finding your perfect wedding guest dress you have got yourself a wardrobe staple that will work harder than any of your other outfits. 

This is because of the versatility of a wedding guest dress. A wedding guest dress has to fulfil many more categories than any other piece of occasion wear. Unlike the night out dress, where you are free to show as much skin as you please, a wedding guest dress should be appropriate. 

We are sure that when attending a wedding you want to make sure that you are looking your best. Whether it be a little bit fun or a little bit sexy too. 

When you have found a dress or outfit that can fulfil all these needs, you have struck gold. It'll be the outfit that makes you feel so good you'll want to wear it to every event you attend. Alas, this won’t be hard! This is because your dress will manage to be sexy, appropriate, fun and yet respectful. Excitingly, simply adding a few accessories can mean that it is ready-made for any future event you are attending. 

We have searched high and low, from the deepest corners of the internet to the back of every magazine. We've studied interviewed experts and searched through social media to find all of the best advice. So, let's get started!

Whatever wedding you are attending, whatever time of year it is being held, this article will give you everything you need to know! We want to make sure you have that perfect wardrobe staple that will make you ooze with confidence.

a clothing rail hanging from the ceiling, made from a large white wooden stick rail, with clothes hanging from clothing hangers.

What makes wedding guest dresses elegant? 

Glamour Magazine describes one of the reasons why finding wedding guest dresses in the UK is so difficult: ‘with very little in the way of a wedding guest outfit rule book (other than no white, obvs) there is relative freedom when it comes to putting together your look.’

We know all too well the hard task that faces us when looking for a wedding guest outfit. It can often lead to a last-minute panic purchase that will never again see the light of day. 

We really want to help you avoid this vicious cycle, and we think that by narrowing down your focus you can much more easily find yourself the perfect wedding guest dress.  

One that won’t only work for the wedding but you will want to wear to every event you attend. 

So, what should you be looking for in a wedding guest outfit? Elegance.  

An elegant outfit is the perfect wedding day choice, just think about the most iconic wedding guest looks of all time. From Carrie of Four Weddings and a Funeral to Victoria Beckham attending a royal wedding onto Amal Clooney at the marriage of Harry and Megan and, last but not least, Princess Dina at Julia Rawlinson and James Ogilvy's wedding.

Although you can see some examples of different trends all of these outfits have one thing in common, elegance.  

Elegant Confidence

Not only does finding an elegant wedding guest dress mean that you should feel your most confident on the day itself - but it also means that you will be able to bring this feeling into your daily life. 

Many of the world’s most loved fashion designers talk about how fashionable elegance really is. Many of the world’s most respected fashion designers argue for the benefits of dressing elegantly. 

‘Elegance seems old-fashioned to some people. But the truth is that elegance is a word that has and always will be closely tied to fashion” Herrera explains in her memoir. Gordon agrees: “I think there is such a mistaken idea that elegance has to be uptight and stiff. In a world of so much chaos, sometimes the most rebellious thing to do is wear something beautiful.’ 

Repeating Elegance

This is what is truly amazing about dressing elegantly, it is an art that once mastered is easy to repeat. Not only are you sure to find yourself the perfect outfit to wear, but one you'll want to wear repeatedly. 

In finding your elegant wedding guest outfit you'll equip yourself with the tools to bring elegance and confidence into everyday life. 

This is the perfect accessory for any look, whether it is a wedding, night out, or an outfit for a meeting, the grace and confidence that comes from an elegant outfit is the most beautiful thing anyone could wear.

the alter at a wedding, with a long ivory curtain hanging from a wooden rail with a bouquet of flowers attached.

So, what does elegance really mean? 

When researching elegance we found two different definitions:

i) ‘the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner’ 

ii) ‘the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.’  

Looking at both definitions of elegance can help us understand what it is from the outset. Then we can split these into two sections:

  1. Find the Dress
  2. How to Style the Dress

First, we need to find the perfect dress that will make you look stylish and graceful. Secondly, how you can style this dress to keep you looking elegant while avoiding overdoing it. To fully understand this way of dressing we think we should consider what Chanel, arguably the most elegant woman of all time, has said about it. She said, ‘Elegance is an essence, a feeling, a way of life....elegance is refusal’.

coco chanel, wearing a hat smiling, whilst leaning on to a table.

Carley Jacobs at Vogue offers us a little more insight into Chanel’s statement ‘elegance is refusing to wear a dress that you feel less than spectacular in, it’s calmly taking off those pants because they’re a little too tight and it’s passing on this season’s body-con mini-dress trend because it just doesn’t flatter your figure.’ 

One of the most important things that help define the description of being elegant is one that makes you feel like a million dollars. The confidence will complete your look to perfection and is the key to any classic look. 

Finding an outfit that makes you feel great 

The key to finding yourself an elegant wedding guest dress is to find something that feels great when on. 

Think about the last time you bought something that felt a little too short. Or the time you bought a top that had a more plunging neckline than you were used to. No matter how good you think it looks in the mirror when it comes to wearing it most of us aren’t able to feel confident while being conscious of a nip slip.

So when finding yourself an elegant outfit, remember, it's all about the fit

Finding Your Fit

Carley Jacobs at Vogue describes ‘never too baggy, never too tight; the clothing of an elegant woman looks like it was made to fit just her.’ We have to agree! The key to that beautiful confidence is to find something that feels amazing to wear. 

Pay attention to Material compositions. The best way to make sure you get this perfect fit is stated here: ‘try luxe jersey and stretch fabrics if you’re on a budget if you’re able to splurge then get everything tailored to fit your measurements.’

Just look at how perfectly tailored this Super Stretch Fabric dress looks. 

abberton diva catwalk dress in a light green shade, surrounding by text showing what it is.

Carley Jacobs at Vogue also suggests that it is better for you to invest in your pieces of clothing: ‘elegant women are far more likely to have two or three pairs of well made, classic shoes rather than forty of fifty pairs of inexpensive and trendy know-offs. Elegance is knowing that saving for a pair of expensive hand-crafted Italian leather sandals is a far better investment than buying ten pairs of pleather shoes for the same amount of money.’ 

We know that it might seem a little bit steep at the time, but you will only thank yourself for investing in a piece of clothing, especially one that makes you feel so amazing every time you wear it. If you make sure the quality of the material is good and it fits well we are sure it will be a timeless classic in your wardrobe. 

How to look elegant if you aren’t a 'dress' girl

Elegance is not an exclusively feminine description, and if you aren’t too into dresses and skirts, then why start wearing them now. As Carley Jacobs at Vogue States ‘nothing says elegance like a perfectly fitted blazer or tuxedo trousers.’

The advice we have for finding your perfect wedding guest pantsuit is pretty similar to that of dressing. Namely, we say to pay attention to the fit and the material. For example, if you are wanting an oversized double-breasted jacket make sure that it isn’t too big. Or if you are after a tighter fit, pay attention to the way the material looks around the buttons - the look of pulling or gaping material isn’t elegant either. 

We know that there are many suits on the market today, in as many colours as you can imagine. When it comes to the colour of your suit we think that you should find something classic.

This doesn’t mean exclusively black or blue. But if you find a colour that suits you and will stand the test of time. For example, go for a deeper emerald green over the brighter neon alternative. That way you can wear them, together or as separate pieces again and again.  

model in emerald green suit, black shoes and gold and green statement earrings  

All of these items are from Pretty Little Thing, the suit trousers cost £27, the shoes £30.00 and the earrings are £8.00. A timeless elegant outfit that won't break your bank! 

How to complete and elegant outfit 

After finding yourself an outfit that really makes you feel and look your best, you'll need to think about your outfit as a whole.

There is a bit of an art with this too! An elegant and timeless dress can face ruin with the wrong accessories. 

Don’t overdo it with the jewellery 

In recent years there haven't been many opportunities to wear all of our fancy jewellery. But, there is a time and place so you shouldn't bring them all out at the same time! Doing so can distract from your outfit and give the impression of trying a little too hard. 

If you want to wear a statement piece, then make sure everything else is on the more minimal side. Once you have decided what to wear, have a look at yourself in the mirror. If you think you are wearing a little too much jewellery, then you probably are. 

Posture and poise, Carley Jacobs asks 'Why do you think supermodels always look so enigmatic? Aside from the fact that most of them are six feet tall, they’re trained to walk as if they’re royalty. Shoulders down; back straight; head up and look the world right in the eye. There is nothing more elegant than confidence.’ 

Say it with words

The last piece of advice that Vogue offers us is this: ‘say please, send thank you notes, and be gracious and kind. Elegance and politeness are synonymous, so if the aim of your game is to be an elegant lady, be sure you mind your manners. Think before you speak and leave an impression where ever you go.’ 

No matter what event you are attending, how little time you have left to find your wedding guest dress, we think that should feel this timeless confidence. Now you have the skills to ensure you are looking elegant, we can more closely look at what you should be wearing to a winter wedding. 

woman pictured close up showing her long, white/pink, pearl earrings.

The Top Trends for Wedding Guest Dress for summer 

Dressing for a summer wedding can be a tricky business. Not only do you have the warmer weather to contend with, but the venue, the theme and the dress code all need to be taken into consideration too. 

Wedding guest dresses for a summer wedding are bound by the same old expectations that prevail all year. However, apart from ‘never wear white’, there aren’t many rules that still exist. This means that actually nailing down the specifics of what to wear can be made even more complicated. 

Fear not, there are many ways of not only making the search for your perfect wedding guest outfit less stressful but actually enjoyable. This is why we are going through the top trends for summer wedding guest dresses. To help you find some great inspiration for what will work best for you! You're covered whether you're headed to a traditional wedding or something a little more modern.

Vintage-inspired styles  

an image showcasing the Chesterton Swing Dress from Diva Catwalk.

Click here to view this stunning swing dress

A vintage-inspired style is always a perfect choice when it comes to wedding guest dresses. You can inject an old-world charm by choosing a style that emphasises your feminine silhouette.

One way of ensuring that your vintage-inspired dress is in keeping is by choosing something reminiscent of the 1970s. As we described earlier, we saw the emergence of the 1970s trend on the runways at the end of 2019. With colours like mustard and burnt orange, this 1970s trend is only set to grow in popularity. 


 an image showcasing the Seed Orla Asymmetric Dress from Diva Catwalk.

Click here to see this vintage-inspired design

The celebrity stylist Samantha Brow describes how she expects the 70s influence to be seen in wide lapels. Furthermore, there will be a resurrection of double-breasted styles, more psychedelic patterns and flared hems. 

InStyle Magazine describes how along with the 1970s the decades surrounding it are also set to be big in 2022. For those, after a more classic look, the 1960s might be the perfect decade to get inspired by.

Knee Length

Opt for a knee-length pencil style dress, with the modern vintage features. The advantage of such a style is that they are actually ultra-flattering too! Style it with a feline flick of black liner and voluminous updo hairstyle for a knock-out look. For accessories you can keep it simple, a little handbag and a court shoe is perfect. If you are feeling really extra, why not add a little pair of gloves too!

The Bigger the Sleeve the Better 

Another notable trend that has been growing, set to dominate the Spring Summer 2022 runways is puffed sleeves. The celebrity stylist Emily Sanchez describes how ‘you can expect to see even more types of puffed sleeves, from structured designs to whimsical sheer ones.

Puffed Sleeves  

Puffed sleeves create the perfect wedding guest outfit as they enhance even the most simple of outfits. The sleeves help ensure it is in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere of this special occasion. 

The style is also a great one as it works to flatter and enhance many different body types. If you have an inverted triangle body type, this is the perfect style for you. A puffed sleeve works to enhance the upper body, which helps to give the illusion of having an equal balance between the hips and the bust. 

Athletic Body Shapes

For those with an athletic or rectangular body type, this style will also help to create the illusion of more curves, add more shape to any straighter figure. Or for those who don't love showing off their arms, the puffed sleeve can be a great way to go. 

Diva Mustique Pencil Dress from Diva Catwalk in Cobalt Blue shade.

Click here to view this dress in more colours 

You could opt for a more traditional puffed sleeve like the dress pictured above. A piece such as this one has the advantage of being able to be super simple to style. Just add a pair of heels, a necklace, wear your hair up and you are ready to go. 

Or you could go for a more subtle puffed sleeve, taking this trend and adding a real level of sophistication. For example, the style seen below takes the puffed sleeve trend and blends it with a classic, figure-flattering cut to create a really elegant dress, with sheer sleeves perfect for summer.  

pictured is the Monet Pencil Dress by Diva Catwalk.

Should I Wear White to a 2022 Summer Wedding?

It’s 2022, a time when lots of the traditional wedding customs really don’t seem applicable anymore. However, there is one area where the old rules might still hold some power, this is true when it comes to wearing wedding guest dresses white.  

Wearing white to a wedding is always a huge faux pas when it comes to wedding guest dresses. White dresses can be really cute and are one of the most popular summer colours predicted to be super on-trend in 2022. But, when it comes to wedding guest dresses, this is not the colour of choice. Since the bride is most likely to be wearing white, it is her wedding, her party, just give her this time.  

While the wearing of a white dress doesn’t necessarily mean people will mistake you for the bride, everyone knows who she is after all! Some may view it as an attempt to steal her spotlight. 

Opt for Patterns

If you feel that white is your most complementary colour, opting for a patterned dress, with splashes of brighter colour is a great way to go. Try subtle shades of champagne peach and nude with a noticeable print that is clearly different from anything the bride could be wearing.  This will be totally acceptable, as well as being a really pretty summery option. 

If you are still after something in the white family but isn’t, then why not go for a neutral instead? 

three Diva catwalk dresses all of neutral colours

The dress on the left, the dress in the middle, the right dress

There are some really beautiful options out there when it comes to more neutral tones, this will give the same vibe as a white dress without any of the upset. 

 Always remember, if you are ever in doubt of your outfit, you can always ask the bride, it’s much better to check than risk any upset. 

What are the Top Patterns for Wedding Guest Dresses 2022?

In the approach to the warmer seasons, a great way of staying really on-trend is to swap the interesting winter fabrics, such as suede, velvet and leather for some punchy prints. 

2019 was the year of leopard print, it was seen everywhere, from shirts, scarves to dress and even suits! When it comes to the go-to print for 2022 the polka dot is set to dominate. As we have seen in many fashion shows including Carolina Herrera’s New York Show

We should expect to see polka dots in everything more feminine dresses, to floaty blouses, to structured trousers. For an ultra-fashionable wedding guest outfit for 2022, why not wear a dress with a polka dot print? You shouldn’t feel confined to the traditional black and white, playing with colours is a really fun way to wear the pattern. 


Add a Head Turner 

It probably goes without saying that the old-style fascinator made a comeback in 2020. Which is something we are really quite thankful for, since, they only ever look half-hearted, and matching them with an outfit is always more effort than it's worth. 

However, just because fascinators may be off your menu in 2022, this does not mean you have to forgo head accessories in general. There are some really trendy options that will elevate any wedding guest outfit.  

You could some inspiration from Simone Rocha and go for crystal-frosted hair clips, or try Emily London for subtly spectacular pillbox hats. Why not go for the big time? Jacquemus has a line of ultra-modern, high fashion straw hats.

Or for those on a little bit more of a budget, pinning some fake flowers to your hair is a really affordable way to create a stunning, summery look. 

a woman pictured leaning against a white wall, wearing a low cut polka dot dress with bright yellow and red flowers in her tied back hair.

Come Clean 

In the past few years, we have seen the beauty industry is ushering in an era of natural-looking makeup. Visible in the huge growth of the brand Glossier, which prides itself on creating really simple products for the bare-faced look. This trend is set to grow as the new decade progresses. Which can only be a good thing when it comes to wedding guest styles. Not only is having a natural/dewy look, perfect for the romantic occasion of a wedding, but it is also preferable. If you end up sitting under the sun all day, you will avoid the cakey, cracking effect of heavy foundation. 

The other area, suggests wedding guests aiming to embrace the more natural cosmetic trend. That's right, they're calling to veto the firm favourite that is a fake tan. The fashionistas at Vogue wrote how we should all ‘forgo the fake tan. No one wants to be the well-wisher who smears Ginger Nut orange on the bride’s dazzling gown.’ 

What are the Top Colours for Summer 2022? 

When it comes to the biggest colour of 2022, things are changing a lot from what we have seen in 2020-2021.

Neon really was one of the most popular trends of, not only 2019 but a few seasons before too. We first saw the emergence of the colour, hitting the status of micro-trend largely thanks to the Kardashians. Many who thought this in your face look was nothing more than a passing Instagram phase were sorely mistaken. The Summer Season 2019 catwalks championed lime green, blinding yellow, sizzling hot pink and flame orange. 

However, when it comes to the predicted colours trends for 2022, it seems as if the neon obsession has finally run its course. The latest catwalks demonstrate designers swapping these highlighter shades. 

Pantone Colour Institute

The famed Pantone Colour Institute summed up the Spring Summer colour trends "friendly and relatable” as they convey a sense of ease. This year’s colour palette ‘infuses heritage and tradition with a colourful youthful update that creates strong multi-coloured combinations as well as energising and optimistic pairings” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the institute.  

One of the ways we are seeing this change from neon, to bright but more approachable tones is through the popularity of shades such as red. A flaming scarlet shade is bright, bold warm and energetic, exuding confidence and sure to make a sartorial statement. 

a product photo of Mimi Swing Dress from Diva Catwalk.

This red swing dress is a perfect wedding guest dress option 

It has another added advantage, as we described in this article, as being one of the most universally flattering shades out there. So for those fans of bright, eye-catching colours, a bold scarlet is a fantastic way to go, perfect for a summer wedding guest outfit. 

Bright shades are not the only colours set to reign over the fashion environment of 2022. We are also set to see an evolution of the pastel shades we have watched grow in popularity over the past decade. 

The Trend forecaster WGSN shared that the millennial pink, the colour that we have seen dominate the past few years, in everything from bags, to kitchen utensils, was, as predicted, replaced in 2020. 

The new tone that will soon be seen everywhere is called ‘neo mint’ a gender-neutral colour that has the same softness of millennial pink while also being ‘an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature’    

neo-mint coloured diva catwalk dresses

Click here for the left dress, here for the centre and here for the right 

For those who want to make a statement with an ultra-trendy fiery red dress, worn with some colour clashing fuchsia earrings, for a super contemporary fashionable look. Or, for those after a more subtle look, wear a mint coloured dress, for an equally trendy look with a softer touch.  

Wedding Guest Dresses for winter - Which are The Top Trends? 

With the traditional wedding season rather far away from these cold months, is anyone else wondering if that concept even really exists anymore? The end of 2019 seemed to bring more winter weddings than ever before, and this seems to be continuing well into the beginning months of 2022. 

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, the proposition is hard enough, without any of the added inconveniences that come with a winter wedding, such as cold temperatures, fierce winds and possible rain. 

No need to despair at this very prospect! We are here to help you find your perfect winter wedding guest outfit. Whether you are after an ultra on-trend look or a more timeless ensemble, we can help you find your perfect outfit for this chilly celebration. 

Helping you realise that looking fashionable while keeping warm really isn’t as hard as it may look. For example, as most winter weddings are inside, you can simply add a winter spin on your outfit, but wearing a dress with sleeves or a maxi style. 

Below is an expert survival guide to help you keep warm, wedding-appropriate while always looking oh so trendy! 


The Biggest Layering Trends for 2022 

For those composing a wedding guest outfit for a winter wedding, layering is likely to be your very best friend. When it comes to deciding on the perfect layer you should consider both the dress code and location of the wedding. 

For example, if the wedding is inside, a dress stretch fabric dress with long sleeves is a really great way of being able to keep warm while enjoying the celebrations. The reason stretch fabrics are so great for this type of situation is due both to their warmth and movability, meaning you will be cosy and comfortable without being restricted on the dancefloor.

Pictured is the Cynthia Pencil Dress in bright yellow from Diva Catwalk.

Click here to see this stunning stretch fabric dress in more colours 

If you are to be outside, and the weather is forecast to be very cold, or if the venue doesn’t promise too much warmth, those old country houses, for example, you will want to consider what additional layers will make up your outfit. 

When it comes to layering, the trends of 2022 encompass many options, meaning you shouldn’t struggle to stay warm and look chic this winter. 

For example, a recent Vogue article describes how ‘a cardigan is no longer off-limits: pin it at the throat with an heirloom brooch, a la Erdem, and let the arms fly for an instant update. Or invest in a cocktail coat — it will come into its own in the British wedding season. Alternatively, a one-size-up blazer over a pretty dress looks modern.’

Layering up with a coat

Alternatively, if you are expecting to be outside at any point, you will be really thankful for bringing a coat with you. Luckily, the era of exactly matching your dress with your accessories and outer layers is dead and buried. So when it comes to picking your coat you only really need to worry about its appropriateness, i.e. is it sophisticated enough, and does it look good with your outfit. A great option is to go for a dress with a tailored shape, like the one below, as it will look smart, enhance your silhouette all while being very re-wearable for any occasion. 

images of a coat a jacket and a brooch

To view the coat click here for the jacket here and the brooch here

Or if the venue does not suggest a need for a major warm layer, a shawl will look chic, add a little warmth without hiding your dress. When worn wrapped around the arms, a shawl is are really timeless addition to any winter outfit. 

The Best Winter Fabrics 

Apart from colour, another great way of finding the perfect winter wedding guest dress is to focus on fabrics. With summer comes the possibility of an endless variety of bright, bold, striking colours. Winter brings with so many beautiful fabrics that are sure to elevate any outfit. 


Although trends such as leather, might not be so appropriate for wedding guest dresses, there are some really interesting, fashionable fabric outfits out there. For example, velvet is set to be a really big trend this winter and can transform even the most simplest dresses into a luxurious outfit. 

As we previously mentioned, for a timeless, flattering, comfortable and warm dress, go for something in a stretch fabric. 

Trendy Colours for Winter Wedding Guest Dresses 

When it comes to dressing for a wedding for the 2022s winter season, the colour really is everything. After all, your colour choice can affect how appropriate you look for the occasion, as the deciding factor, it could really make you look totally out of place. 

One of the big questions when it comes to the trends for wedding guest dresses for winter 2022 is; can you wear black to a wedding? 

Traditionally, guests wearing black to a wedding was as big of a no-no as wearing white, if not more! Since many view it as the colour of mourning, the sartorial choice may look like a representation of your disapproval of the couple’s choice of partner. 

However, this viewpoint on colour choice seems rather outdated. As Morgan Walker says ‘the modern world has ushered in many wonderful changes: iPhones, Headspace, hashtags, Voga and the acceptance of wearing black at weddings and baptisms. Black once was the mark of doom and gloom, but now it's a tone for the chic urbanites. Wear it to weddings, and wear it with aplomb!’ 

Daphne 3/4 Sleeved Dress and Daring Full Length Dress

To view the left-hand dress click here and here for the other

After all, men have been wearing black to weddings for centuries why shouldn’t women start sporting the shade in winter 2022 weddings?  It really is a very chic choice that you can wear over and over again.

For those who don’t fancy black, a great tip for choosing an appropriate look is to stick with a muted tone. You could channel the colour set to dominate the trends this summer, a fiery red, by wearing a shade like burgundy or plum. These rich colours will look stunning and ensure they look trendy you can wear them with contrasting accessories. 

Burgundy diva catwalk dresses

To view the top dress click here and for the puffed sleeve dress click here

For those who were loving the trendy, summer pastel shades, go for a cool-toned grey or navy. These will look super seasonal while being elegant and fashionable. 

What are the Best Shoes for Wedding Guest Dresses this winter? 

To ensure you don’t get cold feet for your next winter wedding, it is really worth paying attention to footwear. Swap out your more summer-appropriate heeled party sandals and opt for something that offers a little more coverage.  

Pumps are always a timeless choice, but for something a little more trendy you could go for a closed-toe block heel or even a chic boot.

boots and heels image

To view the boots click here and for the heels here

What About Winter Wedding Guest Dresses Short? 

Although the midi dress is a common, trendy choice in 2022, it really seems like the fashion world will never fall out of love with a shorter dress. These can be a really trendy and practical option for a wedding guest, not only will the length make dancing breezy, but it also gives you an instant fun and chic look. 

However, the issue with short dresses comes when you consider the issue of warmth. To make a short dress more winter-appropriate consider choosing a style with sleeves, in a thick stretch fabric material, in a darker colour, such as this stunning dress below. 

pictured is the Nadia Glitter Velvet dress from diva catwalk

Another advantage of wearing a shorter dress comes for those with a more minimalistic or understated style. Since shorter dresses, in the pencil or swing shapes, cut from stretch fabrics are great at creating classic, feminine silhouettes. If you feel too simply you can just add a few pieces of jewellery and you’re ready! 

Dress Lengths

One thing to bear in mind when looking for a winter wedding guest dress, it’s all about the length! Shivering or uncomfortable pulling at a skirt is sure to detract from your overall look no matter how chic. Whilst short dresses can make a great option, you'll need to make sure that you are keeping appropriate for both the celebration and the weather. 

Before going for an ultra-short number, take a look at the invitation. For example, is the ceremony taking place within a religious building? If so, it is worth making sure you aren’t opting for an outfit that might make the vicar blush! Some religious ceremonies will ask the congregation to kneel at some point, try this out in your short dress to ensure you aren’t showing more than anticipated.  

Seed Raquella Long Sleeved A-Line Coat pictured in black.


Click here to view this stunning coat, available in many beautiful colours 

Since many religious venues, such as older churches, can be lacking in central heating, it'll be one reason you are thankful for having one.

A great alternative to a mini dress is to opt for a stretch fabric pencil dress. These manage to keep a sexy vibe while being super sophisticated and appropriate. Additionally, they'll also keep you warm and give you the freedom to strut your stuff on the dancefloor.

Wedding Guest Dresses with Sleeves 

Sleeves are the perfect way of giving any outfit an instant winter spin, helping you keep warm while giving a sophisticated classic touch to an overall look. As we mentioned above, puffed sleeves are set to dominate in 2022. A trend that comes in handy for winter, being a really elegant, stylish way of adding some extra warmth to any wedding guest dress. 

The presence of all types of puffed sleeves is growing on the runways recently. As the celebrity stylist, Emily Sanchez says we should expect to see more and more puffed sleeves ‘from structured designs to whimsical sheer ones’.  

The popularity of all thing puffed sleeves can add a really fun element when it comes to wedding guest dresses for winter. Not only does it give you a fashionable way of adding some extra warmth, but can be styled as understated, or statement-making as you prefer. 

Praktica Dress and Appleford Pencil Dress

Click here to view the black dress and here for the blue - both dresses available in an array of shades 

For example, the dresses pictured above offer a really chic take on the puffed sleeve, giving all of the warmth and trendiness, but keeping things contemporary. While the dress pictured below brings a more classical take on the puffed sleeve option. 

Pictured is the Tina Pencil Dress from Diva Catwalk

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Wedding Guest Pant Suit for winter 2022

The celebrity stylist Emily Sanchez described how we should expect to see the pantsuit trend continue. What's more, the trend is set to move away from the traditional form. With the deconstructed suit set to gain popularity, as well as the technique of styling it in more unexpected ways, we can see a change coming.


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Although suits were a big trend of 2019, we are seeing the trends reinventing the classic, rigid, tailored cut. We expect jackets to be softer and more deconstructed, think oversized (but don't worry, not quite to the level of those 1980s power suits)! 

We are also expecting to see the emergence of many different patterns, prints and colours in suiting. From checks to floral, to tartan to solid colours and everything in between. So when searching for a wedding guest pantsuit feel free to be bold and original with your choice, why not celebrate this happy occasion with your outfit!

For those who don’t fancy a dress for their wedding guest outfit this winter, a suit is a wonderful, trendy way to go. Avoid it looking like your office wear by choosing a fun colour, such as emerald green or deep purple and pay attention to your accessories. Wear a clutch or small cross body bag in a luxurious winter fabric. Then just add some statement jewellery to really bring the look to the celebratory level.

Wedding Guest Dress Maxi 

Whether it is to a formal wedding, or a more relaxed affair, wearing a long dress is a great way of creating a classic winter look. 

A more formal winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to break out a gorgeous gown. For a really trendy sophisticated look, go for a velvet maxi dress in a jewel tone, such as ruby red or emerald green. Wear it with some complimentary coloured heels and a few eye-catching pieces of jewellery for some added drama.

diva catwalk velvet maxi dresses

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If the wedding is a more casual affair, you can look really trendy in a satin maxi dress, just be aware that the fabric does not offer the same level of warmth, so find a style with sleeves or bring an extra layer. 

Another way of getting a really trendy look with a longer dress is to find a style with puffed sleeves. This has the added advantage of looking fashionable while keeping you ultra-warm! 

Wedding Guest Dresses, Maxi or A-line dress shapes?

Although weddings are becoming less and less about attire and more and more about the party, there are still certain attire expectations. Not only do you want to show your respect for the celebration and venues by wearing a fitting outfit, but, you probably also want to look and feel your best. 

When it comes to fulfilling both the person and event needs that come with wedding guest dresses, it can really help to focus on the shape of the dress. 

By shape, we mean the different cuts that transform the overall style, from A-line to maxi. The shape of your dress can dictate your outfit, it can make you look ultra-elegant and chic, or it can give the impression of slightly shabby, frumpy sartorial choices. 

Really, knowing the best shapes to suit your body type in addition to having an awareness of which cuts suit which dress codes can transform the wedding guest dresses shopping process from stressful to easy breezy. 

To equip you with these skills, we will take you through common dress styles, breaking down what it is that defines the cut, which body types they suit best, and which venues they are best suited to. 

If you aren’t quite sure what your body type is, click here, for a really quick and easy understanding of your figure. 

Wedding Guest Dresses A-line 

Pictured is Pinto Swing Dress from Diva Catwalk.

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So, first thing first, when people talk about A-line dresses, what is it they really mean? 

The term refers to a style of cut that could apply to dresses, skirts, or coats, as long as they are narrow and fitted at the top, widening out from the bust or towards the hem. This cut creates a triangular silhouette, similar to the shape of the letter A. 

The style has been popular since Christian Dior first featured it in his ‘A-line’ collection of 1955 and has remained a fashion staple ever since. 

Dior A-line look

The reason for this particular style’s enduring popularity is due to its universally flattering fit. The cut cinches the waistline, drawing attention to this while it skims over the midsection, hips and thighs, which minimises their appearance. Depending on the neckline, it may draw attention towards the bust. 

The style is perfect for so many body types, those with a rectangle silhouette aiming to enhance their waistline or an hourglass figure who wants to draw attention to their curves. While it is equally flattering for those with pear or heart-shaped figures as it skims over larger areas and gives the impression of a more even silhouette. 

Versatile Style

There is another reason that A-line dresses have stayed uber-popular since their conception, not only is it highly flattering but it is also a very versatile style. 

Mimi Midi Swing Dress and Chesterton Sleeveless Dress

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You can wear an A-line dress to any type of wedding, from a formal evening do, to a more relaxed daytime affair. To make sure the style works for a really formal event focus on the colour and fabric choice, a darker colour and a more luxurious fabric, such as velvet will ensure an appropriate look.

For a daytime wedding, play with prints and colours to keep things more romantic and playful. For a black-tie event, look for a long length number, in a structured fabric such as satin, this will help the style look in keeping with the more traditionally formal ball gowns.

Wedding Guest Dresses Maxi 

a crowd watching on at a wedding event, outside.

When it comes to maxi wedding guest dresses, we can actually be talking about a wide range of dresses. From the classical formal ball gown to slimmer line column style, to a beachy maxi wrap dress. 

Whatever the specific style choice, maxi dresses can make a wonderful choice for wedding guest dresses. The longer skirt length is a wonderful way of easily ensuring you are appropriately elegant for this special occasion. 

However, a little confusion can come into play when it comes to choosing which specific style of maxi dress to choose for a particular wedding. As a rule for wedding attire, it is better to opt for overdressed than overly casual, within reason. You don’t want, for example, to be prancing in a ball gown and full regal jewellery for a back garden event. 

So, to help you find the perfect maxi dress for your upcoming wedding, we will break down some of the popular styles. 

The Classic Ball Gown   

The ball gown is typically defined as ‘a floor-length dress to be worn to formal, black tie and white tie occasions. It is the most formal (and fancy!) type of dress, and traditionally has a full skirt and fitted bodice.’ The style’s dressy nature are usually crafted in luxurious fabrics like silk, taffeta and velvet and are often trimmed with gems or intricate, hand-stitched embroidery. 

This style of dress has really been around for a while, a version dating back to the 1850s, however, the specific cuts have evolved much over the years. The focus upon accentuating the hourglass shape has a large influence. The tighter bodice meets with a fuller skirt, often cut into a cone shape, where the top of the triangle sits on the waistline, growing larger towards the skirt’s hem. 

Dior emerald green ball gown

It is this specific cut that makes the ball gown a perfect choice for any woman, whatever their body shape. Defining the waistline while covering more problematic areas, giving anyone the illusion of a classic hourglass figure. However, there are a few body types that particularly benefit from the illusions the style creates. 

Pear Shaped Bodies

Women with pear-shaped figures tend to appreciate the style’s ability to balance out proportions. The best cut for this is a dress with a fuller skirt and strapless top, as the fuller skirt disguises the hips, while a strapless style, especially with an embellished bodice, will balance proportions. In a similar way to how 

For those who wish their clothes to give the illusion of a curvier figure, a ball gown can be a perfect choice. The fitted bodice cinched waistline and fuller skirt help women with a rectangle or column-shaped bodies appear more hourglass. 

Ball Gowns

So, we have established that the ball gown is a wonderfully classic style that will look stunning on just about anybody's type. The next question is, what type of wedding is it appropriate for?

Two women pictured wearing the same ASOS dress, but in different blue shades.

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It is best to think of the ball gown like a men’s tuxedo, it really is pretty much the most formal item you could wear. This means, if you are going to a more relaxed wedding, probably leave this style at home. 

However, if your invitation reads ‘white-tie’ ‘black-tie’ or even just ‘formal’ it could be the perfect chance for this special garment. Especially if the venue offers a fancy impression too. 

Check with the bride

When it comes to wedding guest ball gowns, we think that you might as well jump at it. Really when else do we get the opportunity to wear such a beautiful, classic and flattering style? 

There is one thing worth bearing in mind, that is, is what the bride is wearing? Since the style is a very popular option for wedding guest dresses, if your chosen ball gown is really stunning, it might be worth checking with the bride first. You don’t want to upset her by arriving in a matching style! 

How to Wear A Maxi Dress to a Semi-Formal Wedding? 

Pictured is a woman wearing the Vegas Calf Length dress from Diva Catwalk.

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While the timeless ball gown style can be the perfect choice for an ultra-formal ceremony, it is likely to look a little out of place at a less dressy affair.

One of the hardest dress codes to prepare for as a wedding guest can be ‘semi-formal’, this elusive phrase can leave even the most experienced wedding goer questioning their wardrobe options. What does the term really mean? How do you manage to look formal but not overly so? This is where the maxi dress comes in. 

When looking for a maxi dress for a semi-formal wedding, you are searching for something that comes somewhere between a ball gown, and a floaty beach cover-up. 

Create the silhouette

A great way of dressing down the ball gown style for a less formal affair is to simply slim down the silhouette. This keeps the formality of the maxi dress, without giving the slightly over the top impression of the larger skirt. 

Some styles that wonderfully balance this line of formal and understated are a column dress and a blouson dress. The reason we have suggested two styles is not only because both will work perfectly at a semi-formal wedding, but also because they flatter different body shapes. 

The Blouson, similar to the A-line and ball gown styles, is pretty universally flattering. This is due to its cut, it has a defined waistline with a loose, more draped fit below. The bust can either be fitted or slightly looser depending on preference, just as the skirt can remain relatively form-fitting or be a little floatier. 

Glitterati Sparkle Dress

a woman pictured wearing the glitterati midaxi dress from diva catwalk.

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It is the versatility of the blouson that makes it so wearable. As its defining feature is the waistline, it will define this aspect while giving you the opportunity to opt for a looser skirt or top depending on which areas you wish to highlight. 

The column style, however, can appeal to a slightly smaller range of women. 

The term column dress is used pretty interchangeably with a phrase sheath dress. It refers to a slim-fitting style that features a straight cut with very little additional shaping. 

woman pictured wearing the Hollywood Full Length Dress from Diva Catwalk.

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This means that the style does not define the waistline, or offer much additional fabric in the skirt to cover the thighs or derriere. It is the cut that defines the style, so you could wear it with a variety of necklines, sleeve variants and fabrics. 

Column Dresses

When it comes to which body types look best in a column dress, the answer really depends on personal preference. Since the style is not one that works to alter your proportions, it only relies upon your personal confidence. 

If you want to show off your figure in a form-fitting dress, then a column style is perfect for a wedding guest dress for a semi-formal wedding. But, if you prefer your dresses to define your waistline or skim over another area, a blouson can provide you with this. 

Wearing Maxi Dresses to a Casual Wedding 

As we are proving, maxi dresses might just be the most versatile length out there. From the ultra-formal ball gown right down to the super casual, and everything in between. 

When dressing for a casual wedding, a maxi dress can provide a very pretty, easy, comfortable option. Unlike choosing an outfit for a formal or semi-formal affair, the focus is not on the cut, but on the fabric when it comes to a more casual wedding. 

This not only means that you are free to find a style that really flatters your body type, but also the perfect fabric for you too! 


Fabric can really define the look of a dress, not only do certain expensive fabrics give a garment a more luxurious look, but they can make it seem more structured and rigid, giving it a more formal tone. 

Therefore, when searching for wedding guest dresses for a casual wedding, you should narrow your search down to more floaty, light, drapery fabrics. These could include; chiffon, cotton or a cotton blend, linen among others. 

One thing to bear in mind is that fabrics such as linen and certain kinds of cotton tend to winkle. If this is not your desired look, then choosing a fabric composed of a blend of natural and man-made fibres will ensure this does not occur. 

In addition to focusing on the specific composition of the fabric, an additional way of finding your perfect maxi dress for a casual wedding is to consider the colours, patterns and prints of the fabric. 

Whilst formal weddings may call for guests to wear serious outfits, many opt to wear single coloured or floral dresses. On the flip side, a casual wedding offers a wonderful opportunity to find a fun, playful, celebratory dress. 

woman wearing the empire rose swing dress from diva catwalk.

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A casual summer wedding, for example, could be a great chance to wear a floral print maxi dress. Just as a beach wedding offers the perfect backdrop for a blue-toned chiffon maxi dress. 

The key to dressing for a casual wedding is to just have fun with it! This applies especially if you’re wearing a maxi dress. The length means you are sure to look appropriate. So, we suggest celebrating the occasion with a fun fabric and print.

In this article, we have touched on a few dress styles that can work really wonderfully for wedding guest attire, but there are many more options out there. If you want a little more guidance on the range of choice on offer, which styles would suit you best, and what type of wedding to wear them, take a look this article and the following piece

How to Find Wedding Guest Dresses Cheap

At a certain age, it can seem like we are constantly on the search for a wedding guest dress. Essentially, this occurring at the peak of the wedding season can make it feel as though we are attending nuptials every weekend.  Alas, you don’t want to be spending all of your money on new wedding guest dresses, so this is where the skill of being able to find a wedding guest dress for cheap comes in. 

As most of us know, we are living in the age of fast fashion. This means that the cheapest outfits on the market may come from a fast-fashion brand. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, we think that the best way to save your money, long-term, is to avoid these brands.


Just because we don’t want to splurge on your wedding guest dress, it doesn’t mean that you are after something that will fall apart after wearing it. 

The reason that we suggest avoiding wedding guest dresses from fast-fashion outlets is that they, as the name suggests, can have a quick expiry date. Disregarding all of the environmental downsides, investing a little more money on a classic, elegant wedding guest dress will pay off in the long term. 

By following our advice on how to find elegant wedding guest dresses you will have yourself a dress you can wear repeatedly for years to come. 


Chesterton Sleeveless Dress and Alpa 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Dress

View this beautiful swing dress by clicking here and the classic pencil cut here

In the rest of this article, we will give you some information to help find the perfect wedding guest dress! One that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank. 


Find a Style That Suits You 

So, we know this isn’t really a shopping hack, but, there is a reason we have started with this advice. Find something that suits you and compliments your figure. A style that makes you feel good means that it is a piece you will want to wear again. 

No matter our clothes shopping budget, the most wasteful thing is to purchase a garment that you’ll only wear once. Finding a style that really suits you, to give you that timeless glamour, really doesn’t have to be hard.

A great place to start with this, as we already touched upon, is to find what compliments your body type. If you aren’t quite sure what your body type* is then articles like this one can be really helpful. They even provide a simple calculator. 

*(Interestingly, according to a recent study, 9 out of 10 of us don’t know our body type!)

different body types

Figuring out your style

Once you know your body type, it is time to turn your attention to which style can complement your figure. It is worth saying here, that all of this advice is only guidance and should not be taken as gospel!

If there is a style you love wearing but it doesn’t necessarily fit into the suggested categories then don’t feel put off. The only reason we are sharing this advice is to help you find something that gives you confidence! If you already have this in abundance, then do feel free to skip to the next section.

Once you have assessed your body type you can then refer to articles, like this one, to help you find the most flattering style. 

The next step in finding your most flattering wedding guest dresses is to choose the colour! Essentially, it should complement your hair and skin tone. Again, we have some really helpful resources for this. You can refer to this article to help you find out which colours best suit you.   

Pay Attention to the Quality 

The most important focus on finding the best wedding guest dresses cheap, is to be aware of the quality. Just because something is on the less expensive side, doesn’t mean that its quality needs to suffer. 

Checking the quality of an item you are purchasing is the best way to ensure that it'll stand the test of time. Here are some ways of checking the quality of any garment.

1. Carry out 'the Light Test'

a woman's hand slightly visible through a thin beige see-through fabric.

Holding a piece of clothing up against a strong light can be a really great way of checking its quality. If you are able to see straight through the material it's probably an item you'd be best to avoid. 

2. Perform a Scrunch Assessment 

Grab a bit of the garment in your fist and ball it up. Hold it for a couple of seconds, then let it go. See how wrinkled the fabric is, does it go away quickly or does it look like it needs an iron? If it stays super wrinkled, it probably isn’t likely to be a new wardrobe favourite. 

3. Take a Look at the Zipper 

a close up of a red suit zip.

Zippers can be a really good indication of the overall quality of a piece of clothing. Does it easily pull up and down? Is there any resistance? Is there branding on the zipper? These are all questions worth asking yourself. 

4. Give it a Little Pull

Take a bit of the fabric between your hands and give it a little tug then release. If the fabric regains its original shape quickly, it'll last much longer than those that seem deformed after this test. 

It can be worth pulling slightly on the stitches too, to see how much strength they have. 

5. What do the Seams Look Like?

Seams are another really telling aspect of any garment. The topstitching should be in a matching thread, sewn in a straight line. It'll also have a lot of stitches per inch. (Having more stitches per inch means that it is less likely to split at the seams). You can also check to see if the seam is exposed. Additionally, check if the raw edges have cover in a neat seam finish - then this is a sign of quality. 

6. Have a Look at the Hemline 

This one is especially useful to all taller ladies out there, as a decent hem allowance can give extra inches. In general, a good hem allowance is usually about 1 - 2 inches. This is an indication of good quality, as it shows the manufacturer is not scrimping with the fabric. 

7. Check the Pattern Matches 

When buying a patterned piece you should check that the design matches over the seam.  

8. Check the Label 

It is really worth checking the label for the different fibres that compose the overall material. A blend of natural and synthetic fibres are likely to last longer than purely synthetic items. 

Visit the Tailor

a woman concentrating as she pulls fabric through a sewing machine.

Once you have assessed the quality of an item, to make sure that it will stand the test of time, is to get it tailored. This is also, essentially, a great way of making almost anything look more expensive.

Taking something to your local tailor for a little nip and tuck will only take a couple of days. What's more, it is likely to make the world of difference. Really, it can make something seem hundreds of pounds more expensive. 

Just remember, the simpler the design the easier to tailor. So, if you are really watching the pennies go for a monotone dress rather than a printed item.

pictured is a woman wearing the Seed Agatha Sleeved Dress from Diva Catwalk.

For this dress, that will always look perfectly tailored, click here 

Alternatively, if the tailoring isn’t for you, why not go for a stretch fabric dress? These will give the same look of figure complimenting, as a quality stretch fabric smooths and enhances your silhouette. 

Be Aware of the Colour 

Image of Diva catwalk dresses with writing 'what is your colour?'

Click here to see this beautiful pencil dress in more colours 

Other than fit, the colour of a garment can be a really clear giveaway as to its price tag. 

Unless you've been living on the moon, you will probably have noticed the neon colour trends of the last few seasons. These colours have dominated the runways, our Instagram feeds and fashion slights alike. 

However, we suggest that ensure your less expensive piece look really high quality, you avoid these type of colours. Not only will these shades quickly begin to look outdated, but they are also more likely to fade over time. 

To keep your wedding guest dresses looking great, opt for a more neutral or pastel tone colour.  

Consider Buying Second Hand 


Purchasing items second hand can be a really great way of finding really high-quality items for a bargain. 

There are many ways of finding second-hand pieces, you can look in charity or vintage shops. Or, for those with more cash to spend, websites such as The Real Real and Vestire Collective are fabulous destinations.

These sites sell pre-worn discounted designer items, giving you an authenticated and curated array of items to choose from. We suggest shopping from these sites for second-hand designer items, rather than from something like eBay or Depop. These sites have dedicated experts to ensure all the items are real. 

Although it might not be for everyone, shopping second hand can be a really great way of finding budget-friendly high-quality items that are environmentally sustainable too! 

Dress Things Up With Your Accessories

Choosing accessories wisely can be a really great practice. It can help you transform a dress, making it appropriate for a whole range of different venues and dress codes. It can also transform the whole look of an outfit, the right accessories and makeup can make something seem hundreds of pounds more expensive.

Make sure that your handbag and shoes look clean and polished. Harper's Bazaar offers some great advice as to how you can always make sure that your bags are in the best condition possible. They suggest using ‘glass cleaner on patent leather, unscented body lotion on all other leather, re-stuff easily malleable shapes when storing and always, always pack your purses in dust bags when you travel’.

two pairs of heels and a handbag all sage coloured

For the strappy heels click here, for the mules here and the handbag here 

If you aren't quite sure which shoes to wear with what bag or vice versa, then keep things in the same colour palette. This doesn't mean directly matching, but keeping things in the same colour family is a great way of looking really polished. 

Beauty really does matter, as we can read in Harpers Bazaar ‘polished hair and make-up elevate any look. A sleek blow-dry, red lips, flawless skin - these are the ultimate finishing touches’. 

Adding Jewellery

One of the very best ways of making any outfit look more expensive is by adding the right jewellery. This may seem to some people, especially if they are attending an event as special as a wedding, to mean bling, but, this isn’t the best way to go.


Find this understated piece at Cos for £59

Wearing something too bling can often be a quick giveaway as to an inexpensive outfit. Instead, why not opt for a simpler piece of statement jewellery such as one of these geometric designs. 

Geometric Ring

Find these rings and more like them here 

Wearing solid pieces of gold jewellery is a classic way of dressing anything up. If, however, you are wanting that look without the price tag, go for gold vermeil. Vermeil won’t leave that stained colour residue on your skin.

TIP: Avoid nickel, copper, and gold-plated jewellery as can leave these telling green marks. 

Here at Diva Catwalk we really do love everything weddings, fashion and styling. Pop over to our blog for more articles on wedding guest dresses and beyond.