The 5 Top Trends for Wedding Guest Dresses 2020

Looking at this year's predicted trends we forecast the best options for wedding guest dresses 2020.
The 5 Top Trends for Wedding Guest Dresses 2020

There is no exact science when it comes to wedding guest dresses these days. Even those old commandments, such as ‘never wear black to a wedding’ seem to be out the window. 

Receiving a wedding invitation often elitists a range of emotions which quickly succeed each other. From joy and excitement at the prospect of attending the event, to worry and stress over the prospect of finding the right outfit. One that not only fits the venue and dress code but, that will also make you feel confident when meeting friends you haven’t seen in years. 

There is no sure-fire way of finding your perfect wedding dress outfit, unfortunately. However, there are lots of things that can be done to make this process a whole lot easier. 

Today we are focusing on what the fashion landscape of 2020 is looking like, of course, when it comes to fashion nothing is set. Although, by learning from the experts we can make some pretty educated guesses.  

By identifying the predicted trends of the year, when it comes to finding your perfect wedding guest outfit, you should feel much more confident to navigate the fashion environment. 

1. The Suit is Here To Stay 

photo of stylist Lucy Williams in a emerald suit

Lucy Williams

Another trend that we will see continue from 2019 into 2020 is the deconstructed suit. Although, celebrity stylist Emily Sanchez describes how these are likely to be styled in a less traditional fashion. Wearing jackets without shirts underneath or on top of cycling shorts. 

2. 2020’s Colour of The Year

When it comes to what colours we are expecting to see a lot in 2020 there are two contenders. The first has been announced by Pantone earlier this week, and is Classic Blue, ‘a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk’. 

pantone Classic Blue Colour

Pantone takes their colour of the year choice very seriously. Studying influences from art, upcoming media, movies, lifestyles, socioeconomic and political conditions, travel destinations, new technology, really everything can anything you can think of. 

The shade is said to be ‘true to its name, Classic Blue can be regal, restrained and boundless. But it can also be edgy -- even anomalous --utilizing a variety of tonalities, materials and prints’. 

However, Pantone is not the only company who has predicted the up next big colour. The Trend forecaster WGSN has revealed that a pastel green shade, called ‘neo mint’ is set to dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in 2020. 

Neo mint colour

The trend forecaster describes how neo mint is a gender-neutral colour with ‘an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature.’ It is said to have taken over from millennial pink, which has had an overwhelming presence for near a decade.  

So when it comes to the best colours to be wearing in 2020, if you want to stay ahead of the trends you have two choices, Classic Blue or Neo Mint. 

3. Polka Dot Prints Are Set to Shine 

brown background with black polka dots

2019 was the year of the leopard print, but for 2020, Emily Sanchez predicts polka dots to be the print of choice. The most recent catwalks have seen many a polka dot dress, such as Carolina Herrera’s New York Show. Expect to see them on feminine dresses, blouses, in a variety of bold colours. 

So why not opt for a polka dot wedding guest dress for 2020? 

4. 1970s Inspired Ensembles 

Harry Styles in 1970s inspired suit brushing teeth

Harry Styles on tour

By the end of 2019 we have already seen the emergence of some 1970s inspired pieces, from the growing popularity of coronary and colours like mustard and burnt orange. 

The enthusiasm for this particular decade is only set to grow, according to celebrity stylist Samatha Brow. She says that we should expect 70s influence from wide lapels, double-breasted styles, patterns and flared hems. Predicting the biggest trend to be bell-bottom trousers. 

When it comes to wedding guest dresses 2020 why not go for 1970s inspired print? 

5. Puffed Sleeves And Ruffles Are Getting Bigger

Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof in ruffled dresses

Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof 

The last notable trend that has been growing in popularity on the runway for the past few seasons is puffed sleeves and ruffles. Both having been featured heavily in Spring Summer 2020 fashion shows. 

Sanchez says that ‘you can expect to see even more types of puffed sleeves, from structured designs to whimsical sheer ones in 2020’. 

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