How-to Wear the Most Elegant Monochrome Looks

How-to Wear the Most Elegant Monochrome Looks

What does monochromatic mean in fashion?

A superfast way to change up your look, whilst remaining in trend, is to mix different gradients of one colour. Monochromatic dressing isn’t a new trend, as such, it’s been something many have chosen to wear since fashion began. Current key trending looks include bright shades of yellow, blue and green – and we love them all! The choice of wearing one colour may make you feel like a walking faux pas, but when done right it can look amazing. A few of our favourite looks hit the catwalk recently showcasing their monochromatic pairings.

Max Mara runway models walking wearing monochrome outfits in shades of yellow and bronze.Images by Max Mara 2022 Spring Runway.

Alexandre Vauthier Leopard Print and Solid Colour Ready-to-Wear looks for 2022.Images showcasing Alexandre Vauthier 2022.


Choosing your monochromatic spring look

Before you throw on a solid colour, it’s a good idea to find out what colour is for you and works best for you.

We all have different undertones in that just because you may have the same skin tone as someone it doesn't mean you have the same undertone. Skin tone can change in various ways, including lotions, sunlight, scarring etc. but the undertone will always remain the same. Sourcing what our undertone is allows us to pick the best clothes that complement our skin and therefore can make us feel confident in what we’re wearing.

What colours suit my undertone?

There are typically three undertones that we talk about when labelling what ‘group’ we belong to.

  1. Cool
  2. Neutral
  3. Warm

There is a shade for everyone. Where you might find that you can look washed out when wearing, for example, a solid black colour, you might find that choosing a lighter black, like charcoal or even a darker grey, will work better for you depending on the undertone.

So, how do I know if I have cool or warm undertones?

Masterclass recently shared how they suggest you find out what your undertone is. Our favourite way, which is really simple to try, is using a white sheet of paper against your face whilst in front of a mirror. They say that you should be '...In a place with bright, natural light, [and] hold up a piece of printer paper and look at how your skin reacts to it. If your skin looks pinkish against the paper, you probably have cooler undertones; if your skin looks yellow against the paper, you’re probably a warm tone. If you do not see an undertone at all, you likely have neutral undertones.'

Cool Under Tones

Cool skin tones are best paired with colours that are, coincidentally, on the cool end of the colour spectrum. Colours that suit this type of skin tone include darker greens, deep purples as well as bright blues and pinks. What're more, lighter shades of yellow and red can pair perfectly too when going into spring and summer.

Celebrities with cool under tones include Mindy Kaling and Anne Hathaway.


Warm Undertones

Warm skin tones are, naturally, best paired with colours on the warmer part of the colour spectrum. Additionally, they work best with earth shades when looking for the right colour. The best colours a warm undertone could wear would include the likes of deep green and mustard yellows. Of course, there are other shades on this spectrum that would work just as well, and these include coral within the cooler palette and darker shades like moss and olive when looking for warmer colours as we head away from summer and into Autumn/Winter.

Celebrities with warm under tones include Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.


Neutral Undertones

Having a neutral undertone is definitely the best of both worlds, it means your wardrobe can be flexible because any shade will suit you! You shouldn’t have to worry about looking washed out, as most colours will complement your tone. Just be sure to choose the right ones, especially when stepping away from clothing and choosing makeup – it’s essential that although you can choose any type, you want to make sure it is relative to the shade of your skin.

Celebrities with neutral under tones include Kristen Stewart, Miranda Kerr, Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez and Julianne Moore.


Another way to find out your undertone

Another way to identify your under tones is by checking the inside of your wrist and the colours visible.

Cool Undertone Monochromatic Looks

Making the best looks using the cool undertone rulebook we took some items we loved. Here, we took our Branwell Pencil dress in Powder Blue, paired it with these Mango Audrey Asymmetric Stiletto Court shoes in blue (John Lewis). Adding to these two, we next chose our Weston Sleeved Bolero in the shade Cobalt Blue. And, finally, we got our eyes on this cute bright blue Ted Baker Bagira Leather Crossbody bag (£77 from John Lewis).

a detailed collage image showing a dress, a bolero, stiletto heels and bag all in different shades of blue.

Next up, is the prettiest colour of the season – purple. Combining our favourite looks, of different shades, can work perfectly when dressing formally or casually.

Firstly, we chose this Rina Tank in shade Gentle Lavender from All Saints and paired it with these Hot Squash Purple Luxe-Lounge Wide Leg Crepe Trousers! Finishing the summer look with these Zara Lilac High-Heel Court Shoes (£29.99) complete the lilac look. For the perfect summer evening cover-up, we also loved the look of this lilac denim oversized shirt which is affordably cute at £25.99 from New Look.


a detailed collage image showing a pair of high court heels, wide legged trousers, over sized denim shirt and tank vest all in different shades of purple.

Warm Undertone Monochromatic Looks

Following the suggestions above we’ve searched for some super cute, and chic, dark green and mustard wardrobe looks.

To start, this Extro & Vert sweetheart bralette vest co-ord in dark green at ASOS for £15 and matching Extro & Vert oversize jersey blazer is on-trend right now. Pair these with the Extro & Vert wide leg jersey trouser co-ord to complete the look. Each image has the model pictured in various other garments, however, with these combined along with a relative shoe you're on your way to a stunning monochromatic combination. For footwear, we suggest these ASOS DESIGN Panda tie leg block heeled shoes in forest green for £32.

a detailed collage image showing a pair of wide legged trouser, small pump shoes, a jersey blazer and a bralette - all in different shades of green.

We're loving the summer festival vibes with this strappy corset detail flippy mini dress in mustard yellow. You could pair it with sunflower yellow converse or go elegant in these high espadrille wedge sandals at £28 (Pre-sale: £50)

a detailed collage image showing a pair of yellow converse trainers (hightops), pumps and a short summer dress - all in different shades of yellow.

Finally, pairing our Chesterton Swing dress with these dark olive wedge espadrilles (net-a-porter £85) is a cute way to make the dress work for you casually, whether it be as a wedding guest or out date night dinner. Both combined with this Whistles Bebe Leather (Selfridges, £59) purchase, you’re on to a winning green mixture.

a detailed collage image showing a pair of sandals, a small hand/clutch bag and a divacatwalk swing dress - all in different shades of forest green.

Neutral Undertone Monochromatic Looks


If you have a neutral undertone then it should be the law that you must take full advantage of it!

We adore the roaring trend of wearing bold red, and even more so when it is showcased in a winning statement suit. Here, we've found a leg-lengthening pair of super-high-waist wide-leg tailored trousers from Collusion (ASOS) that would pair perfectly with our Fulica Long Sleeve Jacket and these Simply Be Wedge Sandals.

a detailed collage image showing a pair of tied sandals, a divacatwalk jacket, long wide leg trousers and a bralette - all in different shades of red.


For our next neutral look, we decided to check out our favourite coral peach pieces. Here, we're going for the relaxed fit wardrobe that includes this Only Knitted Cardigan in a peachy shade. Under this, we felt this American Eagle Hi-Point Solid Vest top was pretty cute with these ASOS design straight leg peach trousers (note: we need everything in shade peach immediately!) Then, last but by no means least, we finish with these super cute ASOS Design France jelly flat sandals, also in peach.

a detailed collage image showing a pair of french coral flats, long straight leg trousers, a balloon sleeved cardigan and american eagle vest top - all in different shades of coral.


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