The Lady in Red - Our Favourite Red Looks Right Now.

The Lady in Red - Our Favourite Red Looks Right Now.

The meaning behind the colour red

There is more to the colour red than, quite literally, meets the eye. Whilst there are obvious signs like how red, orange and yellow are warm shades and compliment one another by sitting on either side of each other. There are other, emotional, terms than can involve how warm colours themselves can conjure up feelings of both happiness and energy. [1]

Reasons You Should Wear Red

Besides being a stunningly bright colour, there are other reasons why we reckon you should be wearing the colour red. Here’s why:

It’s a classic fashion colour

When you choose the colour red it is not something you shy away from. The power colour is a status shade, especially when it comes to statement dresses or bold lipstick. With celebrities such as the Hadid sisters, Taylor Swift and Rihanna, to name but a few, wearing red on the red carpet - it's not hard to see why the shade of red in clothing is a life-long love affair.

Red is Power and Romance

Yes, you read that right! Both power and romance go hand in hand here with our favourite red shade. If you were to instantaneously pick a shade when thinking of Valentine’s Day then we wouldn’t be surprised if you were thinking of red (roses, optional). Add to that the thought of how a feminine suit may look classy in black, but with colour, it adds extra oomph. And, last but by no means least, how the red lipstick played a vital role in the 20th century during the Suffragettes movement – with Asia Milia Ware citing for Teen Vogue how going by the early 20th century “…red lipstick was synonymous with power and strength, specifically during the Suffragettes movement. The movement, which campaigned for votes for middle-class, property-owning women and believed in peaceful protest, had quite the connection to beauty. As these women fought for their rights, red lipstick became a part of their uniform. The bold and dauntless red was feminine, yet daring and powerful. It became symbolic of strength during a time when men were trying to strip that away from women.”

It looks great in all weather

Where some colours, like yellow, suit happier, spring-y-er times, the colour red works all year round. Whether it be a red hat, scarf, glove, statement coat, trousers or perhaps envy-inducing heels – you cannot go wrong with a touch of rouge.

Red is more than just a shade

There is a lot more to it than it is a stunning colour. In fact, evidence even shows how the red shade roots down to how ‘…colouration is associated with higher levels of testosterone and dominance in many animal species.' [2] Additionally, colours like red, orange and yellow can evoke different emotions in individuals. Every single person is different, obviously, however, research has shown that such shades can conjure feelings of both warmth and anger. Furthermore, Forbes found that the shade is so intense that it has more psychological and emotional connections than any other colour on the spectrum.

How to Wear Red

The colour wheel is a visual representation of colours, with hues arranged according to wavelength. Colour wheels allow colour relationships to represent geometrically and show the relationship between primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours – Invision App
a large colour theory wheel showcasing all the colours and how they work together.

Using the colour wheel for the shade red

Using the colour theory wheel, you can use both complimentary and analogous schemes to combine into the perfect outfit. Complimentary colours of red include shades that are opposite it on the wheel, which would be green/blue. The shades on either side of the red on the wheel, the analogous colours, include those in pink/purple/orange tones. 
The outfit looks that we’ve found which follow the ‘colour theory wheel rules’ include these gorgeous looks:

Complimentary Colour Looks


Analogous Colour Looks


Red with Denim

With blue and green being complimentary colours to red, you can’t go wrong with pairing a pair of red boots or flats with a pair of your favourite denim.

The Best Times to Wear Red (by our customers!)

@julesstandishcolour oozes sophistication and confidence in our Daphne ¾ Sleeve Dress in Electric Red.
@julesstandishcolour oozes sophistication and confidence in our Daphne ¾ Sleeve Dress in Electric Red.
@Picture by @stv_sophie in our stunning short sleeved Donna Dress.
Picture by @stv_sophie in our stunning short sleeved Donna Dress. This dress features a wide cinching waistband and cross-body pleating. Created using bi-stretch fabric and, additionally, featuring a round neckline, pleat detail and a zip at the centre back - you can't go wrong with adding this dress into your collection.
With Susannah [left] pictured wearing our Rachael Pencil Dress we couldn't have been more excited to share it with you. At present we have this chic design available in two shades, hot coral and yellow. With a wide cinching waistband, side pockets and a concealed centre back zip, it's a must for those statement-wear days.
Pictured by @leonorasmee is our Malvern Dress in our Scarlet Red shade.
Pictured by @leonorasmee is our Malvern Dress in our Scarlet Red shade. Available in 7 additional shades this bi-stretch fabric, tie shoulder and concealed zip dress is sure to make the right impression
Like the pin implies, you could match this stunning Diva Catwalk Fenella dress with statement earrings and black stilettos.

In a suit

Our Fulica Long Sleeve Jacket in Scarlet Red, paired with our Diva Trousers of the same shade are set to make a power move you might not even be ready for!
diva catwalk models both wearing a red suit, one in red trousers and the other a knee length red skirt.
top half of model wearing a blazer coat, in scarlet red = attached image shows a models legs wearing scarlet red diva trousers.
Buy here: Fulica Jacket, Diva Trousers & Faith Skirt all available in Scarlet Red.

Does red suit my skin type?

Red is the type of colour that can be incorporated into any outfit, and when it comes to finding the right shade/tone for your skin tone then all you need to do is find out your undertone. So, when it comes to choosing your shade we suggest using the undertone theory. This simply means picking out the undertone of your skin to choose which shade of red would look better on you. (The last thing you want is to invest in a statement piece only for you to look tired and washed out.)

To identify your undertone all you need to do is check your wrist. Where you see your veins, make a note of how you see them. Are they a shade of purple? This means you have cool undertones. Whereas, if your veins look more green then you're considered to have warm undertones. If, however, you find your veins being neither or a mix of both then you might find you're in fact... neutral. It doesn't sound very exciting, does it? But wait... it is! Neutral tones are fortunate in that they can wear pretty much any red shade and suit it perfectly


Cool Undertones – often found in light, pale skin.

Cool undertones may be best to try dresses with less POP red colour tone. A dress that features more hints of orange will help illuminate your complexion. Shades like coral red will work perfect. See our Lakewood Pencil Dress in Burnt Orange or our Tina Pencil in the same shade.

Neural Tones

Neural tones, as mentioned, are fortunate in that any kind of red clothing would suit you! Check out our Casares 3/4 Sleeve Swing Dress in Scarlet Red as well as our Thruxton Maxi Pencil dress in Electric Red.

Warm Undertones, often found in darker skin.

Those with warm undertones may find that the best types of red to wear include those that have hues of blue and plum. Try out our Liv Wrap Dress and Kubrick Asymmetric Neckline.

Celebs in Red by Skin Tone

Extremely Light Skin Tone

Actress Emma Stone pictured wearing a red dress at an event with a blue background.singer, songwriter Gwen Stefani wearing a red power suit whilst out at an event.

Fair Skinned Tone

amanda seyfried pictured in a long, airy red lace gown at a premiere event.amanda seyfried pictured wearing a dark red sleeveless dress at a premiere.

Fair-Beige Skin Tone

two images of singer-songwriter Demi Lovato wearing two different red/dark-red dresses at separate premieres.

Olive or Light Brown Skin Tone

selena gomez pictured wearing a deep red, low v-neck, maxi dress at a red carpet event.salma hayek wearing a stunning red/orange dress at a red carpet press event.

Dark Brown Skin Tone

jennifer hudson pictured at a premiere wearing a stunning red one-shouldered dress.Naomi Campbell pictured at a event wearing a colourful red flared dress.

Very Dark Skin Tone

 lupita nyong'o off shoulder event dress at the golden globes.lupita nyong'o bright red long sleeved dress at an event.
However, essentially, fashion is all about what you feel good in – so if it doesn’t match the desired skin tone but you love it? Wear it! Confidence looks AMAZING on you. Oh, and tag us in it too!