Autumnal Looks in Orange for 2022

Autumnal Looks in Orange for 2022

Just like with the cool blues of winter and the perky yellows and whites of summer, autumn tends to fall the warm oranges and brown categories when thinking of colour palettes for the pending season.

With autumn bringing summer trees to a cast, so does the feelings of summer ending and the beginnings of cooler days. With that, brings the gloriousness of our favourite season: hoodies, jeans, long-sleeved dresses and cosy autumnal coats. Not quite ready to fully commit to removing our hats, scarves and gloves from our wardrobe storage bags, but enough that we can no longer brave the crisp air with bare arms and legs!

Here we’re going to go through our favourite orange autumnal looks that you can easily contribute to your current wardrobe. So whether you’re after a new dress for work, a cosy coat for evening walks or simply new autumnal accessories then we have you covered.

The Colour Orange and Its Meaning

Orange is noted as a prime autumnal shade. The colour orange in general is believed to symbolise energy, vitality, adventure and warmth.

The Autumnal Orange That Goes With Your Skin-tone

Unlike other colours, orange can sometimes feel difficult to wear depending on your skin tone. Best suited to darker skins, orange can, on occasion, wash out lighter skin tones. Which is why you should attempt to accessorise around it, to allow for each item to stand out. Here we briefly go through what skin tones suit what shades of orange.

Please note: It's important to remember you own personal style, just because it is suggested that certain shades of colours don't suit your skin tone doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it if you like it!

Olive Skin-Tones and Orange Dresses

Whether it's worn upon lipstick or clothing, it is said that olive skin tones best suit burnt orange or tangerine shades.

Dark Skin-Tones and Orange Dresses

For darker skin-tones we suggest pairing with lighter shades of orange, however even bold orange shades can look amazing on you.

Light Skin-Tones and Wearing Orange

Bright oranges can, on occasion, overwhelm a lighter skin tone and even make the person look washed out. For this reason, we suggest opting for the deeper end of the shade and go for a dull orange tone.

Office Looks in the Colour Orange

Wearing a full colour palette has never been more suited that it is in the autumnal months. With orange making its re-entrance, there are plenty of looks to try out. Including our Amatis dress which we feel goes with this NaaNaa coat and Passion Stilettos. For a more chic nod, we suggest pairing this look with either black or orange tights, like these stand-out pairs from Snag Tights and chunky boots.

a range of images blended together to show the Amatis Pencil dress, a pair of stiletto shoes and an oversized orange coat - all with text stating each item.

Buy now: Amatis Pencil Dress £59 (was £99), NaaNaa Check Coat in Orange £30.60 (was £110), Passion Stilettos £34.

Chic Autumnal Orange Wedding Guest Dresses

With autumn weddings offering a multitude of benefits, including of course stunning themes and autumnal light, there is also the added benefit of wearing something a little different to what you would have in the summer. Where, in the summer, you may have opted for shorter sleeves, thin cover-ups (it's the UK after all!) and bare legs, autumn comes with a different promise. So, whilst wearing something cute is essential, it's just as important that your chosen look protects you from the cooler elements all the while looking amazing. No floor length coats required just yet!

Our choice for autumn wedding guest vibes is our Mulberry Off-Shoulder dress. Available in two bright shades, we would opt for the Grenadine Orange for this time of year. Its fully lined bodice acts as an extra layer of comfort, whilst the bodice also being tailored ensures a flattering fit. Additionally, the off shoulder style also features a folded Bardot neckline using our luxury moss crepe fabric. With the dress being a stunning bold shade, we suggest pairing it with equally bright footwear, or go for a simple statement platform white number.

a range of images blended together to show the Mulberry Off-Shoulder dress, a pair of stiletto shoes and orange shaded bag - all with text stating each item.

Buy now: Mulberry Off-Shoulder Pencil Dress £169, Passion Stilettos £34, Paul Costelloe Cross Body Bag in Orange £60 (was £150).

Date Night Outfit in Orange Chic

Choosing what to wear for date night can sometimes be as exciting as the date itself, right? Don’t worry, we have you covered for the perfect date night look that will have you looking stunning. First, we suggest our Athens ripple crepe fabric dress. It features a plunging neckline with a concealed back fastening. Where a simple plunging-neckline dress can require little else, we suggest adding some accessories to glitz up the evening.

A necklace, for example, like this Accessorize one, is perfectly suited to our Athens dress. The dress features a plunging neckline detail which allows for more dramatics in the accessorising department. Specifically one that makes the most of the deep-plunge detail!

When it comes to footwear, however, with a dress this kind of shade its always a good idea to choose a shade that will stand out instead of washing out your skin tone. If you’re darker skinned then this shade would work perfect for you, paired with white or equal coral shoes. Alternatively, if you have a lighter skin tone then with this shade, there is a possibility it’ll be too light against if paired with an equally light shoe. So, we suggest pairing it with a different accessory. For example, if you’re opting to use a bag then choose a similar shade to that. Our favourite choice is below.

 a range of images blended together to show the Athens Sleeveless dress, a pair of stiletto shoes and a coral shaded coat - all with text stating each item.

Buy now: Athens Sleeveless Pencil Dress £49 (was £125), Prize Tie Leg Heeled Shoes £30, Camellia HOBBS Coral Coat £85 (was £219).

The Hint of Orange Autumnal Chic Look

Just because we love the orange shade of autumn doesn’t mean you need to wear it head to toe! Our Ellen Contour dress is a calming dark shade with coral, orange and peach-like flowers upon it. There are many reasons to love floral materials at this time of year, one of them being the variety of colours within each gives you other shades to mix with when accessorising. With the stunning floral shades in our Ellen dress, we suggest pairing it with these similarly coloured shoes and cute necklace.


a range of images blended together to show the Ellen Contour Pencil dress, a pair of stiletto shoes and a green pendant necklace - all with text stating each item.

Buy now: Ellen Contour Dress £69 (was £129), Limited Collection Dark Green Block Heel £29.99, Ted Baker Exclusive Sininaa Necklace with Green Pendant £25.50 (was £30).

Check out our full Autumnal Orange Dress Collection below!

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