Women’s Short and Trouser Suits 2022

Women’s Short and Trouser Suits 2022

From Angelina Jolie turning heads in 2014 as she wore a tux to the Baftas to Cara Delevingne looking as chic as ever in lavender - the power of the suit has never been stronger than right now. Join us as we go through a brief history of the feminine suit through to our favourite footwear to pair with it and, finally, our most-loved suit combinations available.

A Brief History of Women's Trouser Suits

 Although the suit has been around for a very long time, the 'women’s suit' is something of a new fashion in comparison. In fact, as late as 1870, "the first notable appearance of a woman making a man's suit her own was when actress Sarah Bernhardt began wearing her “boy's clothes” in public." At this time, wearing the likes of a suit was unheard of. Typically, women were wearing dresses or skirts, however, "this controversy didn’t keep her from further challenging gender roles – she played the lead in Hamlet in 1899. Ahead of her time in many ways, Ms. Bernhardt was the original champion for what has become the sartorial calling card of modern women." [1]

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Women Trouser Suits through the Years

Is it okay for a girl to wear a suit?

Women wearing trouser suits, as we have already shared, were not commonplace. Here we’re going to go through our favourite pins showing women wearing trouser suits through the decades of the 1920s to the present day – where the power suit could not be more of a statement.














Block Colour Suits for Summer

The ASOS Design suit-set is available in mix and match, meaning that if you don't fancy wearing all of the one shade then you could opt to go for a different colour of shorts or blazer. With the blazer itself offering a slim fit feel, padded shoulders, button fastenings and notch lapels it is guaranteed to be a much-loved blazer for years to come. If you choose to pair it with the matching shorts, you're getting high-waisted legroom, belt loops and, essentially, real POCKETS!

We suggest pairing this blazer and short combo with a white vest top or,  alternatively, you could opt to go with the matching Golden Palm bralette.

Available in all ranges of tall, petite and maternity - you're totally covered.

two website images showing the model wearing the Linen Golden Palm blazer.

two website images showing the model wearing the Linen Golden Palm shorts.


Buy now: ASOS Golden Palm Blazer £36 (was £45) & ASOS Golden Palm Shorts £26

Jersey Short Suits for Summer

When you think of suit-wear it would be fair to picture slim-fitting, neat and sharp material. Alas, enter Jersey suits. ASOS have a new range of various jersey suits, including these cute Ditzy prints. The chic floral printed material flatters the shorts with an elasticated waist, high rise fit and pleat details. The blazer also features the same floral print with padding shoulders and button fastening.

two website images showing the model wearing the ASOS Jersey Ditzy Print Short and Blazer.

Buy now: Jersey Ditsy Print Blazer £36 & Jersey Ditsy Print Shorts £20

Next, is the Heritage Floral print blazer that features two button-fastening and puff sleeves. Furthermore, the shorts are high rise with a zip-back fastening. Perfectly paired with a similar coloured shoe it's a look that can be dressed up or dressed down.

We suggest pairing it with a razor-back white vest, like this hourglass scoop neck vest.

two website images showing the model wearing the Heritage Short and Blazer print combination.

Buy now: ASOS Design Heritage Floral Print Blazer £60 & ASOS Design Heritage Floral Print Short £32

This light blue all-over floral print blazer features a single-button fastening and the slim-fit trousers are high-rise – not only this but it is a statement suit to wear casually on a night out or even when attending a wedding. We suggest pairing it with this deep v-neck crinkle vest.

two website images showing the model wearing the Blue Floral Suit

Buy now: Jersey Suit Blazer in Blue Floral Print £36 & Slim Trouser in Blue Floral Print at £26

This bright orange jersey slouch suit features a single button fastening on the blazer and offers a high rise and slim tapered fit with the suit trousers. The stand-alone bright orange shade works perfectly with lighter shades, as the white shows, but also opting for darker shades can look just as good.

two website images showing the model wearing the ASOS Orange Suit.

Buy now: ASOS Design Jersey Tapered Suit Trouser in Orange £18 & ASOS Design Jersey Slouch Suit Blazer in Orange £32

This chic feminine skort suit features a geometric print, with the skort offering an asymmetric hem and button fastening. In addition, the blazer offers the same print design with long sleeves, notched lapels and a button fastening.

two website images showing the model wearing the pink print blazer and skort.

Buy now: Pink Print Blazer £25 (was £70) & Pink Print Wrap Skort £12 (was £37)


The best Footwear to Pair with Your Suit

One of the many positives to wearing a suit combination is the different footwear that can be incorporated into the look. Whether your suit consists of trousers, a skirt or a skort, you can be sure to find the right footwear choice for you. Here we’re going to go through a few of our favourite suited looks that get the choice of the shoe right each and every time.

Wearing heels with your suit

Wearing heels with your chosen suit can not only add a feminine flare but also add height - and with that, elongate the legs! With the wearer of the heels appearing taller, their posture straightening and their legs longer, a dose of self-confidence can be comfortably served.

Wearing your favourite trainers with a suit

Wearing trainers with your chosen suit not only offers more flexibility in the way of movement, that heels would limit but also gives your feet freedom and your calves a break from pointing towards the ground.

One of the newest creations to make their way into fashion magazines, including the platform trainer. This kind of trainer gives the comfort of your classic sneakers with the added height of your much-loved stiletto.


Boots and Suits

Wearing boots with trousers brings in the benefits of wearing high heels with the protection of a full shoe. So, if you live somewhere like us that consists of 80% rainy days then you'll appreciate the height benefit without the wet feet...


Loafers and Suits

Loafers offer a casual yet formal vibe when it comes to picking out your chosen outfit. Being a versatile shoe, it is also a comfortable one that can easily be worn throughout the year. Different patterns and materials are always available, so finding one that matches your outfit shouldn't be too difficult (or too expensive!)


Suits and Sandals

Suits and sandals can almost sound as shamble as socks and sandals – but fear not! Choosing the right sandals can take your formal suit from business meeting to night out for cocktails in a flash. Here are a couple of our favourites.


Our Most Popular Suit Combinations on Diva Catwalk

Our Fulica jackets are currently available in 3 bold-statement essential shades.  A contemporary take on a classic style, this type of jacket is perfectly matched with our fitted trousers. With an oversized collar and pockets, this formal ripple crepe fabric blazer-style cot features an oversized lapel and full-length sleeves.

We suggest pairing your Fulica jacket with our Diva Fitted Trousers, in a matching or contrasting shade.

three website images showing the model wearing the Fulica Jackets. 

Buy now: Fulica Long-Sleeved Jacket £89


Available in 3 staple shades, our SEED Dawlish jacket features a waist-cinching contrast with a peplum effect creating an hourglass shape. Made using our Couture Stretch fabric, it is also tailored for a flattering fit and closes with a concealed zip.

We suggest pairing your SEED Dawlish coat with our Diva Fitted Trousers or the SEED Dawlish matching trousers.

three website images showing each model wearing the SEED Dawlish jackets.

Buy now: SEED Dawlish Jacket £129

Our Fitted Diva trousers are great for wearing on both casual and formal occasions. Tailored to ensure a flattering fit, these Diva trousers suit perfectly with our Fulica jacket or from our choice of tops.

three website images showing each model wearing the Diva Fitted Trousers.

Buy now: Diva Fitted Trousers £79

Our SEED Elixir skirt is available in 6 chic shades, including dark navy and sky grey. It offers a flattering fit through its tailoring and features a concealed zip within its couture fabric. Sitting high-rise, we suggest wearing a vest or loose silk sleeveless top tucked in and slightly overlapping for a complimentary look.

three website images showing each model wearing the SEED Elixir skirts.

Buy now: SEED Elixir Skirt £55

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