The Sneak-Peek of the Wedding Guest Dress of 2022

The Sneak-Peek of the Wedding Guest Dress of 2022

What to wear as a wedding guest in 2022?

Finding the perfect dress to wear as a wedding guest isn’t always the easiest task. But need not worry, we have solved that problem! Our Vegas Calf Length dress is perfect for wearing to the ceremony and on to the dance floor in the evening.

a woman model pictured wearing the Vegas Calf Length dress in Stone Blue with text showing the dress title.

Our Vegas dress comes in eight shades: scarlet red, spectrum indigo, black, Décor green, stone blue, dawn pink, powder blue and emerald green. With shades such as lime green, saturated yellow and sunset orange trending for Summer 2022 we know of various looks that can be combined with our Vegas design that will have you looking runway ready!

Why you should wear colour to a wedding

Wearing colour to a wedding is always a good idea, especially when the ceremony takes place in the summer. Whilst, not every bride/groom chooses to wear white, it is important to make note that white is officially off the cards unless otherwise stated. Naturally, black dresses also tend to be avoided as they stand out and are also known to be the shade of other events: a funeral, for example. A wedding is a time for you to take advantage of being able to wear colour, although downcast, and let your hair down – metaphorically or literally!

Colours to wear to a wedding can depend on the colour scheme that the bride/groom has set. However, understandably, you are not going to be aware, of or have the opportunity to know of such a scheme, until you arrive. This is when the use of lighter shades, like our Vegas Décor Green, for example, can come fully to your advantage. The very last thing you want to risk is wearing a loud, garish number and removing any attention from the bride/groom themselves. So, by choosing a lighter shaded gown you’re able to look elegantly part of the wedding party without sticking out like a traffic cone or worse, being mistaken as the bride.

The standard rules for wedding guests

1. Don't wear white - don’t upstage the bride/groom

Whilst going to a wedding should be a time of celebrating love and having fun, it is only natural that you also want to make sure you look and feel good. However, it is really important that doing so does not come at the expense of the bride/groom. Yes, you want to show off your summer tan or professionally painted makeup, but when it is someone else’s day it’s always polite to take a stand back.

2. Wear Colour

If you’re not able to find out the wedding colour scheme in advance, then your best bet is to wear a lighter shade – something that can make a beautiful statement, yet at the same time not stand out from the crowd and conceal the bride/groom. Typically, wedding colour schemes in the summer tend to follow a certain pattern. The colours used tend to follow along with the season or event location - for example known shades include soft pinks, purples, greens and blues. If, however, the bride/groom wishes to follow a different scheme altogether then you should know about it in advance. A good cue for this is to see how the invitations appear and take colour inspiration from them if possible.

3. Accessorise Your Storage

Sourcing the right accessories that not only look good when it comes to wearing your wedding guest dress is key, however, something to give more thought to is discovering the right pieces. If you’re planning on attending the wedding alone, for example, then it’s essential you have the right items on you to get you through the day. These could include a place to store your keys, phone, makeup products and digital camera. Alas, if you’re attending with a young family then it’s just as essential that you have the right items to take vital supplies such as snacks, extra clothing, nappies, wipes, milk bottles etc.

4. Remember the British Weather

Growing up there are always certain rules you know to follow to make sure you’re safe. These can include serious advice such as Stop, Look and Listen and Fire Safety. But they also include always being prepared for British weather to change its mind. Whilst it may look sunny and feel gloriously warm… it is always a good idea to bring a cover-up of some kind. Depending on the type of ceremony, a wedding can fly through and onto the reception within an hour – or you could be in the church for a lengthy period of time. Don’t fret though, you don’t always need to invest in a new piece specifically for the wedding itself.

5. Take a pair of flats

If you’re the type of woman who enjoys wearing high heels then no doubt by the time the evening hits your feet will be aching. Once photos are complete and you no longer feel they are essential to your outfit, why not swap to a fold-up pair of shoes that you can easily store in your bag. Whilst many bride/grooms offer the likes of ‘flip flop baskets’ at their reception – it is not always the case, so it’s wise to come prepared!

a group of women showing their wedding footwear from knee down

Colours to wear with our Vegas Dress

Our Vegas dress comes in a variety of shades, including our new blue tones: Stone Blue and Spectrum Indigo. Other shades available include Scarlet Red, Black, Deco Green, Dawn Pink, Powder Blue and Emerald Green. With a number of shades comes in a mixed back of matching colours. Here, we’re going to go through various shades that we love the look of and think that they will go with our Vegas design, whatever the colour you choose!

Note: We’ve previously mentioned the colour wheel in our past articles, so here’s a super quick refresh:

The colour wheel is a visual representation of colours, with hues arranged according to wavelength. Colour wheels allow colour relationships to represent geometrically and show the relationship between primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours – Invision App

A detailed colour theory wheel.

So, with this information in mind, we can use the wheel, at speed, to find that complementary colours of each dress are those opposite it on the wheel. Furthermore, analogous shades are those that are on either side of it [on the wheel]. We suggest you make note of the colour theory wheel and use it when selecting your matching items. Perfect for when you’re pairing your dress and accessories!

Footwear to go with our Vegas Calf Length Dress

Choosing the perfect footwear to go with your dress as a wedding guest is something you really should take a moment to think through. Yes, you want to look the part but you should remember that you may be wearing them for the majority of the day.

Whether you’re going from home to the ceremony and onto the reception or whether you need to drive/be driven from one place to the next throughout the day, you want to make sure you’re comfortable. If you prefer to wear heels then it is understandable that sandals or flats are not ideal. Here, we go through the best budget and spendy options for footwear to go with your dress. Each varies from flats to sandals and courts to skyscraper heels.

Sandals with your Vegas Wedding Guest Dress:


↓ Budget: Simmi London @ £40 from ASOS

Simmi London Eloise wrap ankle gold heel sandal in blue

↓Spendy: RENÉ CAOVILLA - Bow-detailed crystal-embellished satin and metallic leather mules from Net-A-Porter @ £705 

two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing rene caovilla - Bow-detailed crystal-embellished satin and metallic leather mules

Courts with your Vegas Wedding Guest Dress:

↓ Budget: ASOS DESIGN Penza @ £25 from ASOS ↓

 two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing ASOS DESIGN Penza pointed high heeled court shoes in beige patent


↓ Spendy: JIMMY CHOO Saeda heeled suede court at £850 from Selfridges

two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing Jimmy CHOO Saeda heeled suede courts


Wedges to go with your Vegas Wedding Guest Dress

↓ Budget: Gabor Tandy Wide Fit Suede Slingback Sandals from John Lewis @ £95 ↓

  two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing Gabor Tandy Wide Fit Suede Slingback Sandals

↓Spendy: Jimmy Choo from Net-a-Porter @ £575

two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing Jimmy Choo Diosa 130 twisted leather wedge sandals 

Stilettos with your Vegas Wedding Guest Dress:

↓ Budget: White Diamante Court Shoes at £55 from River Island

two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing river island WHITE DIAMANTE COURT SHOES

↓Spendy: KG Park Lane Stiletto from Selfridges at £129

 two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing KG-Park Lane stiletto patent leather sandals

 Our Customers in Our Vegas Calf Length Dress

agentblonde-007 instagram screenshot wearing the Vegas Calf Length dress in Decor Green

Instagram tagged post screenshot from @agentblonde.007

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Instagram tagged post from @dreams_blossom_

Instagram tagged post screenshot from @agentblonde.007

Instagram tagged post screenshot from @agentblonde.007

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