The Do's and Don'ts of Autumnal Wedding Guest Dresses

The Do's and Don'ts of Autumnal Wedding Guest Dresses

Autumnal wedding guest looks

Summer weddings have had their moment, their season has now passed as we open the doors to our favourite crisp autumnal looks. But first, we have a few things to consider…

Considerations when choosing your wedding guest dress

When choosing your look for any wedding it’s always a good idea to consider a few things first. From knowing the dress code and acknowledging the colour scheme to wearing layers and avoiding denim – we have you covered.

Do consider the dress code

If you receive an invitation to the wedding then we can assume that you know both bride and groom, and therefore will most likely know the expected dress code. If there is anything out of the ordinary then it is key that it is included on the likes of invitations and saves the dates. Nonetheless, you can't go wrong with choosing a dress that suits the majority of attires.

Don’t Wear White

This should really be an obvious one, it should go without saying. However, believe it or not, there are people out there that would relish the thought of wearing the same as the bride and creating some fun drama on the day. Unless stated so by the bride/groom then avoid white at all costs! Whether the bride chooses to wear white or not is neither here nor there, as white is the staple bridal colour it is always a good idea to completely avoid it.

But, do think about the colour

Typically, you should expect a hint of the wedding theme colour when you receive your invite. If you don't, then it doesn't hurt to ask what the theme/colour scheme will be, so as to avoid clashing with items. Wearing a dress that is similarly coloured by the bridesmaids isn't as bad as blending into the curtains, seating or fixtures and fittings.

Do consider the location

Whether it’s warm or cold is neither here nor there if the wedding location is within a warm log-cabin-esq hotel or outside in the middle of a forest. If there are plans for the wedding to be held in the latter, then avoiding a dress that is floor length could be beneficial – as it would simply avoid you taking any clear ups along with you. In contrast, if the location will be indoors within a warmer setting then wearing layer upon layer should be rethought and ditched to save overheating and the dabbing of foreheads!

Do think about your footwear

It’s easy to forget about your choice of footwear when planning what dress to wear to a wedding, but it should always be the staple. Dare we say, it can sometimes work best to choose the footwear then the dress? Anyway, footwear is the key essential when you know what to expect at a wedding. If you’re attending the ceremony with little walking involved and then plan on spending the evening seated as well, then choosing high stiletto or platform heels wouldn’t be the worst idea. But, if like the majority of weddings you plan on dancing the night away until the early hours then you’re going to want to choose the right kind of footwear for your dancing.

Do look for a cover-up

Wearing a cover-up isn’t necessarily a need during the summer months, but as we end September and head into October the cooler days and nights are truly setting in. wearing a cover-up doesn’t mean a thick coat or wool jumper, instead, you could try for an oversized blazer, which is something you’d definitely reuse. Or, you could reach for a chic faux fur bolero to take the bite out of the autumn air.

Don’t wear denim

This might be one of those 'really?' statements, I mean who would wear jeans to a wedding?! But believe us, it happens! Whilst it might sound obvious it really isn't always the case.  So unless the dress code initiates that denim is a go-to then it's definitely a no-go.

Don’t go too daring

It can be tempting to go out here when you plan your wedding guest outfit, (especially when we’ve spent the last couple of years avoiding social gatherings due to the everlasting COVID restrictions). However, it’s important to remember the age-old saying of not outshining the bride. So when it comes to attending a wedding, it’s best to leave the dresses that feature a bare-all low-to-navel dress with the extended flowing train and above-knee cut finish for another event.

Our autumnal dresses for wedding guests

The Off-Shoulder Vegas Dress

Our bestselling Vegas Calf Length dress is one of those desired dresses that look just as good in autumn as it does in summer. Combined with a thicker bolero, it would look amazing in winter too.

What's more, with 13 shades to choose from and sizes from S to XXXL, you're sure to find the right shade and fit for you. Created using our ripple crepe fabric, the cold-shoulder design features a Bardot neckline and a waistband that aids in enhancing the natural silhouette feminine shape. Additionally, the pleated detail and tulip-style skirt add a touch of elegance to the lower half of the dress.

a range of models modelling the vegas calf length dress collection with text describing the title.

Buy now: Vegas Calf Length Dress £199

The Oversized Collar Swing Dress

Our Gatsby Oversized Collar dress is available in six shades, including beige, navy, black, celestial blue, fuchsia pink and parasailing green. Designed using our luxury moss crepe stretch fabric the swing dress fit ensures freedom of movement (for that evening on the dance floor!) as well as the hidden pockets (bonus!) and 3/4 length sleeves which are perfect for the cooler days.

model images combined showcasing the wearing of the Gatsby Oversized Collar Swing Dress and the text describing its name.

Buy now: Gatsby Oversized Collar Swing Dress £189

The Fully Lined Off-Shoulder Dress

The Mulberry Off-Shoulder pencil dress comes in two bold shades, including our favourite autumnal grenadine orange. Made using our luxury moss crepe fabric, each Mulberry dress features a fully lined and tailored bodice, which not only offers a flattering fit but works perfectly in cooler weather. Additionally, the belt detail aids in providing an hourglass silhouette.

 a series of images showcasing a model wearing the available shades of the Mulberry Off-Shoulder dress.

Buy now: Mulberry Off-Shoulder Dress £169

Choosing the best cover-ups for an autumnal wedding

Whether the location of the wedding is inside or outside, taking a cover-up with you is always a good idea. Here we go through our favourite cover-ups we have available at diva catwalk.

a model pictured wearing the Fresno Floral Jacket and text describing the name of the item

a model pictured wearing the SEED Dawlish Jacket and text describing the name of the item

Buy now: Fresno Floral Jacket Nightshade Bloom £99 & SEED Dawlish Jacket £129

a model pictured wearing the Tavistock Jacket and text describing the name of the item

a model pictured wearing the Twilight Long Sleeved Coat and text describing the name of the item

Buy now: Tavistock Jacket £19.99 (was £85) & Twilight Long-Sleeved Coat £155.

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