The Pink Dresses and Suits You Need for 2022

The Pink Dresses and Suits You Need for 2022

The meaning behind the colour pink

With pink symbolising youth, good health and playfulness it also continues to stand for femininity and represents both friendships and affection, as well as inner peace and harmony. With the shade being associated with both love and romance, it's understandably a shade that many enjoy wearing whether it's formally or casually.

What colours go with wearing a pink dress?

Wearing a light/bright pink dress can have a positive, uplifting effect on your mood so why stop there? There are two choices really when it comes to complimenting your pink dress.

  • You can wear a different pink tone to add to your accessories, makeup, footwear and nails.
  • You can wear a completely different colour, to allow those areas to be separate. Using the colour wheel, which we will share below, we can see the best shades to wear whether choosing complementary or analogous schemes.

Using the colour wheel

The colour wheel is a visual representation of colours, with hues arranged according to wavelength. Colour wheels allow colour relationships to represent geometrically and show the relationship between primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours – Invision App

a picture of the colour theory wheel showing a variety of colour shades.

Using the colour wheel for the colour pink

Using the colour theory wheel, you can use both complementary and analogous schemes to combine into the perfect outfit. Complementary colours of pink include shades that are opposite it on the wheel, which would green/yellow. The shades on either side of pink on the wheel, the analogous colours, include the red, purple and blue tones. The outfit looks that we’ve found which follow the ‘colour theory wheel rules’ include these gorgeous looks:

Complementary Looks:


Analogous Looks:

Wear Pink with Black or White Colours:


Make Formal Pink into Casual Pink Looks:


Wearing similar tones with your pink:

Shades that suit pink include other light colours, like blue and beige. Choosing a colour that is on the same opacity as your chosen pink is always a good idea too. We suggest colour combinations like the ones below. Using websites like Pinterest you can enter the colour combinations you like and find out what other shades pair perfectly on a colour palette.


What Diva Catwalk Customers Say

Amazing customers of Diva Catwalk have shared their looks with us on our feeds, like with Instagram, and we’ve decided to share them with you on each post we do! As this post is all about pink….

Our Lydia ¾ Sleeved Dress

@charlottehawkins1 pictured wearing our lydia 3/4 sleeved dress in raspberry pink.

Our Lydia 3/4 Sleeved dress is a winner, especially in that we currently stock her in 19 different shades! Furthermore, the dress is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. Being the ultimate pencil dress we have created it to ensure a flattering tailored style/fit yet with its base being our ribbed super stretch fabric you will find the ease of movement too!

Charlotte Hawkins, Good Morning Britain presenter, wearing the Lydia ¾ Dress in Raspberry Pink. Above you can see she also chosen to wear her dress with pink court heels, similar to these cute Tom Ford satin pumps pictured below.

the lydia 3/4 dress pictured beside the suggest Tom Ford pink court shoes.

Mariposa Off Shoulder Dress

Our Mariposa design is looking stunning in Corfu by @dreams_blossom_ who shared their collab with us on our Instagram. We can also see that she has chosen to pair the dress with a sophisticated pair of heels, similar to those we found via ASOS from Topshop. The mariposa design is unique in that it features a classic Bardot style neckline, whilst being fully lined with pleating at the waist. Furthermore, the design uses our Luxury Moss Crepe fabric and shapes it into a pencil dress style.

a woman pictured wearing Diva Catwalk's Mariposa dress in a light pink shade.

Banbury Sleeveless Dress

The Banbury dress is available in 20 glorious shades! As well as being the perfect fitted, with a wide cinching waistband, it's made using Ribbed Super Stretch fabric allowing you to move freely and look amazing.

a woman pictured wearing Diva Catwalks Sleeveless Banbury dress on a long staircase.

In a tagged post from @brendafelici, we saw her wearing our favourite Banbury sleeveless dress with high black court shoes, like these from ASOS.

Barbican Sleeveless Dress

@charlottehawkins1 is a firm favourite of Diva Catwalk's dresses (as are we with her too!). Below we have her wearing our much-loved Barbican dress in shade hibiscus pink and black.  It features a super cute bow at waist length, which is the same shade as the remainder of the dress. What's more, with its feminine design it's perfect for any occasion whether it be a wedding, dinner or event. With a timeless style created using our luxury stretch fabric, it is tailored to fit perfectly yet allow for movement.

charlotte hawkins, presenter, pictured wearing the Diva Catwalk Barbican Sleeveless dress in a bright pink shade.

Above you can see she has paired the dress with a similar coloured shoe, just like earlier! We found a similar pair pictured below that is available from Coast.

Being Masculine in Pink

Stereotypically, we know the colour pink as being a feminine shade. Initially, it was a colour used on girly baby clothing, woman’s clothing, feminine decor, makeup etc. However, over the years its popularity has changed fields, showing commonly in masculine designs like the ones below. Photos of famous faces, like both Michelle Obama and Lara Stone in their repeated shocking pink fitted suits, has been causing envy among us!

michelle obama pictured wear a shocking pink suit.

Can I wear a pink suit?

Wearing a power suit makes a statement. Period! But the choice of colour adds extra oomph. So, if you’re asking can you wear a pink suit? The answer is yes! There are so many different shades available that you no longer have to opt for a solid black suit or a navy fitted combination. Here we go through a few of our favourites in the best summer colours for 2022.

Celebs in Pink Suits

Pink suits on the red carpet are not new, but they are simply stunning.

Georgia May Jagger and Kerry Washington wearing their choice of pink suit.

Singer Ciara channelled her inner ’80s child in a velvet Tom Ford suit jacket at the V&A Summer Party, at the Victoria and Albert Museum

[Singer Ciara channelled her inner ’80s child in a velvet Tom Ford suit jacket at the V&A Summer Party, at the Victoria and Albert Museum].

Men IN Pink

a photo of two photos combined - jay-z and shawn mendes wearing their choice of pink suits.

In 2020, we saw a huge boom in men wearing pink on the red carpet including Lil Nas X and Colman Domingo wearing this stunning hot-pink suit to the Oscars in 2021. Sharing on the red carpet, and his social media, he briefly spoke about his vibrant fuchsia Versace custom-tailored suit that, in fact, took 150 hours to add the sequined embroidery onto the suit. But, need not worry, to copy the look of these stunning pink suits and dresses you will not need to commit to the 150 hours and instead just get clicking on these links!

Our Diva Catwalk Fulica Long Sleeve Jacket is perfectly paired with the matching Diva trousers - both are shade Dazzle Pink! Other pink suits we love the look of include those below!

Pictured is a pink detailed suit blazer from Nasty Gal.

Available from Nasty Gal here.

a model standing beside a mirror showcasing the stunning pink wide leg ASOS trousers.

These ASOS Edition and are available exclusively at ASOS here.

two combined images of a woman wearing an oversized men-style shocking pink blazer from ASOS.

This pink power masculine suit blazer is available from ASOS here.

So, whether you plan on wearing the next best shocking pink suit number to a work meeting or a playful, cute pink print for a day out with the girls then you now have the know-how. We'd loved to see your Diva Catwalk looks so please do tag us via our Instagram handle @divacatwalk and watch out for your photo appearing in one of our future blogs!

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