The Best Hairstyles for Mothers of the Bride Who Want to Wear Their Hair Down

If you are still wondering about how you should wear your hair for your daughter's wedding then you need look no further. We have detailed all of the best mother of the bride down hairstyles to help you find your perfect look.
The Best Hairstyles for Mothers of the Bride Who Want to Wear Their Hair Down

Following the last post, on the best mother of the bride updo hairstyles for 2019, we turn our attention to the mothers of the bride who doesn’t want to wear their hair up for their daughter’s wedding. 

Whether you feel an updo won’t suit your outfit, your personal style in general, or you are after a more relaxed and pretty flowing hairstyle, we have found the perfect styles. 

woman getting her hair done at hairdressers

If your hair is long and flowing and your after a curl that can best enhance this, or your wondering how on earth you can style your short bob to look, mother of the bride appropriate, we are here for you.

By outlining all the different hairstyles, giving you details on which will work best for what length of hair, which need a hairstylist, or which can be done at home, and how to do them. We really do have all bases covered, to help you find your perfect mother of the bride hair down style.  

Mother of the bride loose flowing curlsloosely curled hair

If you are after a classic down hairstyle to complete your mother of the bride looks then why not opt for some loose curls. As Mary Shannon Wells says ‘channel your favourite starlet of Hollywood’s past with luscious curls.’

Although going to the salon is always a welcome bit of pampering in our book, if you are not able to see a hairstylist on the morning of your daughter’s wedding then this is a style that is quite easy to achieve at home. 

Gracia daily describes how to achieve the perfect curl: ‘the trick, here, is speed… if you hold your hair against the curling wand for too long, you’ll end up with totally different curl, so it’s best to hold it curling for just a few seconds.’

‘For extra volume (once your hair is curled), lay the curling iron at the root of the hair on the top of your head, and keep it there for a nano-second. It’ll give you ‘do instant volume.’  

If you are after a few more tips on how to achieve the perfect loose curl, including some video tutorials and advice for shorter and longer hair, take a look at this website. 

What about just curling the ends?
hair with curled ends

Curling only the ends of your hair can be one of the perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair. This look is simple but oh so classic and elegant and another style that doesn’t depend on a hairdresser to look wonderful.

How you achieve this look does slightly depend on how long your hair is, for example, if you have more medium length hair, then Lauryn suggests that you start below the ears. But, if you have long hair it is suggested that you begin to curl around your shoulder line.

Should a tight curl be your mother of the bride hairstyle?

tightly curled hair

As Azra Kassam Says ‘if you’re looking to create a striking hairstyle, loose curls or waves sometimes just don’t cut it’. 

It is true that tight curls are a great look, and can be achieved in a similar manner that you would create their looser sister. Simply swap out the 3-inch curling wand for a thinner option (the thinner the wand the tighter the curl). 

Since this style is really a ‘go big or go home’ look, some people suggest that to get that extra bit of volume you also add extensions. But, this is completely up too you, as finding your extensions can often be a time consuming and expensive process that isn’t completely necessary. 

This look is certainly a bold one for the mother of the bride, and we do suggest that your daughter would be happy with it first. If you are wanting a more natural and understated look this might not be for you. 

What about wavy hair?

woman with wavy hairMary Shannon Wells describes how waves are perfect ‘if you have long hair, wearing it down with effortless and glamorous waves will look so pretty in pictures.’ A view that is seconded by Martha Stewart weddings: ‘soft bangs and undone waves felt casual but appropriate at this fancy outdoor wedding.’ 

It is certainly true that a waved look can be the perfect mother of the bride hairstyle, but, since we have just talked about a loose curl, we thought it would be helpful to outline the difference between a loose curl and waved hair. 

The main difference between these two styles if the curl itself, a loose curl tends to be much deeper and more uniform than the waver curl. Wavy hair, as the name implies, is more of a beachy relaxed look, where the hair is held in different directions when curled to give a more natural feel. 

Wavy hair is the perfect option for a mother of the bride who wants to feel free and relaxed while having a beautiful, youthful natural looking hairstyle. 

Side-swept curls

woman hair in her hand

As Mary Shannon Wells says if you want to upgrade ‘the hair-down look by pinning your curls to one side, and letting several pieces float free’ then why not go for a side-swept curl look. 

Again this look is wonderfully relaxed and pretty, being a subtle upgrade on the more traditional hair down curl. Paring the side-sweep with a loose curl or even a wavy one will help take this wedding guest hairstyle to the next level. 

Should you keep your natural curls?

curled hair black and white photograph

If you have naturally curly hair, and you won’t feel like yourself if you let a stylist straighten it or pin it back, we say (as does ...), why not let your curls do their thing!

As Mary Shannon Wells says 'this breezy look is ideal for a daytime wedding and can make your getting ready process much simpler. If you have a short cut, use texturizing mousse to give your hair some extra volume and ensure that it will stay in place for all your dancing. '

Want some extra volume? Try curling at the crown

hair with curlers in

For this style lets take a look at what Mary Shannon Wells has to say about it:‘curling your hair will automatically make your look dressier. For a subtle boost that makes a big difference in pictures, lift up a layer of hair at the crown of your head, tease (not too much!), and lay flat’ 

A bouncy blowout look

If you are after a style that gives you more volume and seems a little more dramatic but you feel that curls aren’t for you, then why not opt for a bouncy blowout? 

This look works with all hair lengths, and if you make sure to go to the stylist, it can beautifully frame your face too. It really is a timeless elegant option.

A voluminous style for shorter hair

woman with curled hair in field with flowers

For this style, consider what Mary Shannon Wells says ‘whether a pixie or bob, if your hair is too short for an up-do, think volume. With a teasing comb, hairspray, and a curling iron, take your hair up a notch, literally and it will look just as dressy as an updo.’ 

Should you wear dead straight hair to your daughter’s wedding?

dead straight hair

A classic dead straight hair isn’t traditionally seen as the best mother of the bride option. This is because, firstly, it doesn’t suggest a special occasion to the same extent as other hairstyles. It is also a less flattering style on an older face, the straightness giving a harsh effect on more mature skin.

All that being said, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for straight mother of the bride's hair at all. A dead straight style can be the perfect accompaniment to a dramatic mother of the bride at. Unlight a curl that will be crushed by the weight of a hat, straight hair is likely to look great if you want to abandon the hat at any part of the evening.

How to style a mother of the bride pixie cut?

woman with pixie hair cut

If you are a mother of the bride with very short hair, we are talking pixie cut length, then we know that it can sometimes be a bit of a worry as to how you can best style this length for your role as mother of the bride. 

Although it is true that there are fewer options available to the mother of the bride with this length hair, than there are to one who has, let's say, collar bone length locks, this doesn’t mean there are some wonderful options out there waiting for you. 

As Sarah Schreiber states ‘a textured, side-swept style look pretty and polished’ this can be a great way of adding a little extra to a short haircut, that makes your hair look thicker, and is a great contemporary style. 

A face-framing bob

face farming bob

Now onto some more mother of the bride hairstyles for shorter hair.  Firstly the bob, it is worth considering what Mary Shannon Wells has to say on the matter: 

‘Although the week before your daughter’s big day is no time to get a completely new haircut, if you’ve had the same bob for years and want a fresh, modern look, get your stylist to add a few layers to frame your face. An asymmetrical bob that’s a little longer in the front and shorter in the back is also flattering.’ 

If you are a mother of the bride who loves her shorter hair, there is no need to worry about how to style it for your daughter’s big day. Why not go the hairdresser a week or so before and ask to have a few more layers so your face can be perfectly framed. 

How to add a curl to a bob?
woman with curled hair in a bob

If you are after a slightly softer edge for your short hair, then a bob with ‘tucked under ends and curled bangs’ could be a great look for you. Another classic look that is easy to do at home, to make it even more simple consider investing in one of these products

Turning longer hair shorter - a faux bob
woman with her hair in a bob

If you think that a bob would really frame your face well, or work beautifully with the dramatic neckline of your mother of the bride dress, then why not try a faux bob. 

Sarah Schreiber says you can tuck up ‘long curly locks to give the illusion of shorter hair’ although this isn’t a look that can be achieved by everyone, you will almost definitely need a stylist to help you, and if your hair is too heavy and thick it isn’t too likely to stay bob-length for many hours. But, it can be a great way of getting a shorter style without heading for the chop. 

A classic half up half down style

woman with hair half up and half down

Another classic more formal hairstyle is the half up half down look. 

As Mary Shannon Wells says ‘for an effortlessly stylish look, go with beachy waves. Pin hair forms each side back for an easy half-up half-down hairstyle but leave your bangs and a few strands in front to frame your face.’ 

Half up half down with bangs 

hair cut with bangs

This really is the perfect hairstyle for mothers of the brides with bangs, as Martha Stewart weddings say ‘pinned back curls looks even prettier with face-framing bangs’. But this shouldn't be a style that is limited to those of you with bangs, as it looks wonderful all times of hair, from long to bob length. 

Half up half down with bouffant

woman hair half up half down

If your daughter is having a more formal wedding or prepahs she is getting married in the evening, or in a city, and a more relaxed natural look is just not going to cut it. Then you want to go for then consider the half up half down with bouffant. 

This style takes ‘the half-up, half-down look to new heights with a dramatic contemporary bouffant’. It is perfect for mothers of the bride with longer hair as having the bottom of your hair down offsets the dramatic top. Meaning that this look is both voluminous and striking while having a flattering and natural edge. 

Adding some jewellery or feminine touches to a classic half up half down.

woman with flowers in hair

There are many ways to make your half up half down style seems a little more wedding appropriate. If your daughter’s big day is more on the formal side, perhaps an evening wedding, then adding a jewelled hair clip to hold your style will really elevate the look. 

If you are a mother of the bride who is attending a daytime wedding being held outside, adding some flowers to your hairstyle is a beautiful touch. You could ask your stylist to add some delicate flowers to the curls of your hair. Or, if you are after a more simple option, pick one single bloom from your daughter’s bouquet to put behind your ear.

Don’t forget your highlighting appointment! 

woman with high lighted hair in pink dress

Mary Shannon Wells reminds us all ‘in the midst of wedding planning, don’t forget to touch up your colour and highlights, Don’t try anything new (now is just not the time), and be sure you got to the salon the week of the wedding. You don’t want to be using at-home root touch-up right before the ceremony.’ 

Taming long thick hair 
loosely braided hair with flowers

If you have really rather thick and long hair, that won’t hold a curl or an updo hairstyle, or seemingly anything at all. Then do not fear, there are some great mother of the bride hairstyles that will work wonderfully for you too. 

A loose long braid is a great way of keeping long thick hair in check, while also creating a beautiful ethereal mother of the bride look too! 

Whatever style you go end up going for we hope that you have the most wonderful time at your daughter’s wedding and that having your perfect hair helps you look and feel your best for the occasion.

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