Mother Of The Bride Updo Hairstyles for 2019

If you are a mother of the bride still wondering about what to do with your hair, wonder no more. We have found all of the best updo hairstyles for your mother of the bride look. No matter what type of hair you have, if you are visiting a hairstylist or not, we have all you need to know.
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Finally, it is your turn to be the mother of the bride, a day we are sure you have been looking forward to for quite some time. Of course, it is your daughter’s big day and you know that all eyes will and should be on her but, this shouldn’t mean that you don’t deserve to look and feel your best too! 

Mary Shannon Wells puts this situation very well ‘it’s your daughter’s wedding day - the one both of you have secretly been planning her entire life. And while you would never dare take the spotlight from her on her Big Day (she would not be pleased) you want to look your best too.’ 

‘Planning this wedding has consumed your life and, and it’s finally here. We know you want everything to be perfect, and you’ll probably be adjusting bridesmaids’ flowers even as you walk into the church. In the midst of last-minute hiccups, lipstick colour changes, and bridesmaid dress drama, you can’t forget to take care of yourself. When you get the photos back from the photographer, you will want to look fabulous.’ 

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We very well know that being a mother of the bride means you have a lot on your plate and in addition to helping with all the planning finding your perfect mother of the bride outfit can be a time-consuming process (click here for advice to make this process stressful and more enjoyable). 

Once you have this all sorted you are then left with the question Erin Mayer asks: ‘you have the dress, the shoes, and the jewellery picked out, but what will you do with your hair?’ 

We all know that in 2019 there are numerous different types of hairstyles of offer that finding your ideal look can sometimes seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is why we have found the most beautiful mother of the bride hairstyles the internet has to offer, to help make your choice easier. 

With such an array of different wedding hairstyles, we have narrowed down our list into different sections, from the traditional variety of updos and down styles we have also offered styles for longer and shorter hair, in addition to some that you can do from home and others that will work perfectly with your mother of the bride hat. 

Getting ready on the morning of your daughter’s wedding should be a peaceful and enjoyable process for the mother of the bride. Deciding on a hairstyle beforehand can really help you to achieve this, helping you feel your best, helping you begin your day with elegant confidence that shines on until the end of the evening.  

This article has all the best mother of the bride hairstyles that are updos, the following article focuses on mothers of the bride who want to keep their hair down.

A Classic Low Bun

a woman with brown hair in a bun

The first hairstyle we will talk about is a timeless classic, the low bun. This is a great option of so many mothers of the bride, whether your hair is long or short this is a chic option that will work for everyone. It is also perfect for those mothers of the bride who want to wear a hat too! 

As Erin Mayer describes ‘a low bun always looks classic and black tie-appropriate.’ 

This is also the perfect hairstyle for those mothers of the bride who aren't able to get the hair salon before the big day, so are after a style they can do themselves. Simply straighten second-day hair (freshly washed hair can often be too silky for the style to stay) and fasten with bobby pins. If you are after a classic, ballerina-inspired look consider using a bun foam to help achieve this, which you can buy on amazon

If you opt for this sleek classic look it is a great opportunity to get a bit more creative with your jewellery, keeping your hair more on the simple side and pairing this is some statement earrings can be a great look. 

The soft and flattering loose side bun

woman with brown hair in a bun

If you are after the more classic look of a simple bun but don’t quite love the effect of the sleek look, we know that some women prefer their hair to frame their face a little more than is possible with the completely pulled back look. Then why not go for a loose side bun. 

Leaving some pieces of hair loose, and curling them a little can provide a softness to the face. If you are doing this yourself put your hair up first then pull a few strands of hair out from the bun and curl if desired. 

By placing your bun slightly off centre can be a great option, making it easier to do yourself. It will also ensure that you bun in photographs no matter the angle. 

How to add a little something extra to a classic bun

woman with a ribbon being tied into her hair

One beautiful and unexpected way of bringing jewellery into the mother of the bride outfit is incorporating it into your hairstyle. For those mothers of the bride who won’t be attending the hair salon, this is an easy way to make your hair look more sophisticated, by adding a headband or a clip to a classic low bun. 

Mary Shannon Wells mentions a way to add a wonderful personal touch to this style of hair, by incorporating heirlooms into the look.

She says: ‘your daughter isn’t the only one who’s allowed to wear “something old” on her wedding day. Instead of a flower, style your hair with an antique brooch charm for a sentimental and dressy touch.’ 

A traditional bun with a little more curl and texture 

bridesmaids with curled hair in a bun

If you like the style of a bun but are after something a little more dramatic then why not try and textured bun. This style is a little more complicated and often requires a little more hair, but not always talk to your hairdresser to see if it would be achievable for you. 

This isn’t really a style that can be done by yourself, due to all the curling and pinning involved, but is a wonderful feminine look.

Get some drama into your updo hairstyle with by adding a braid 

woman with hair done looking at wedding dress

If you are not loving the curls a more simple way of adding a bit more drama to a classic bun can be achieved by adding a braid to the style. This can be achieved at home by either taking small sections from the sides of the head and plating around. 

Turning a classic plait into a beautiful bun 

bride with braided hair

If your hair is longer consider making a braided bun. This is relatively simple to achieve, put your hair in a ponytail where you would like the bun to then plait the ponytail. Once the braid is completed and farced by a hair tie, then wrap the braid around the original tie that secures the pony then pin in place. 

Refecting the romantic floral setting in your mother of the bride hairstyle

flowers in brown hair

Although a large flower crown like might be a little more bridal, there are many ways of wearing flowers that will be perfect for the mother of the bride’s hair. One way of doing this is by asking your hairdresser to pin flowers into your bun. 

Choosing to wear flowers that are in keeping with the floral arrangements or colour scheme of the wedding can be a wonderful choice. 

A way of adding flowers to your wedding hairstyle at home

bride with flowers in her hair

If you would like to wear flowers in your hair but don't want to make a statement of it, or aren't able to get to the salon. Sarah Schreiber describes how ‘a single, tiny bloom made a big impact on an otherwise simple hairstyle’. 


Simply choose one flower and as Mary Shannon Wells suggests ‘tuck a flower behind your ear for a breezy look that requires no bobby pins.’

Voluminous updo with a retro feel

woman having her hair done

For this hairstyle, Mary Shannon Wells captures the mood perfectly ‘grab the hairspray Mama - we’re going retro’

The most common way of adding some volume into a bun hairstyle is by doing a bouffant. By saying bouffant we aren’t suggesting that you go full-on round-headed 1960s beehive style. Rather use this as inspiration for a more 2019 appropriate version. 

To achieve this look, which some may be able to do at home, but the majority of us will be reliant on a hairdresser. As Sarah Schreiber describes ‘a stylist added some volume to this updo by teasing the hair at the crown before gathering the hair into a low knot.’  


A classic sophisticated French twist and how you can do one yourself

woman with hair in twist

A French Twist hairstyle is another classic look, that as Mary Shannon Wells says ‘this simple up-do is dressy, classy, and it will stay put when you want to dance at the reception’. 

Although this hairstyle can be achieved with long hair with the help of a stylist, this is a great option as a wedding hairstyle for long hair if you are after a look to do yourself (we know it looks but we promise with a little practice you will master it). 

To do a french twist on yourself at home we suggest that you first prep the hair with a little hairspray. Then section your hair as if you were going for a half up half down. Next, take the hair from the middle of the head, place it in a ponytail, then plait, leaving the ends free, secure with a pin.

Then brush the remaining hair to the unbraided side of the head, smoothing as you go. Next, hold the end of the plait and pull the free hair back over. Continue to wrap your hair around the braid until you reach the tale. Then take the tale of your hair and pin it with the hair that is twisted over the braid so it is no longer visible. Then go through the hair securing it with large pins throughout. 


Sweeping bangs: the best way to style a fringe and an updo

woman with bangs smelling flowers

This is another great look for those mothers of the bride who are after a little more hair to frame their face. If you have worn bangs for years why stop for your daughter’s wedding day, opt for this look rather than pulling them back off your face. 

Mary Shannon Wells describes how this isn’t a hard look to achieve at home ‘don’t feel like you have to style your bangs - a simple straight style looks just as elegant as a done-up one. Ensure hair stays smooth with hair oil and hairspray, and keep a comb in your clutch for you and the bride.’

Should you wear a high ponytail to your daughter’s wedding?

woman with high ponytail

When most people think of a high ponytail the first place that their minds go-to is probably young girls on their way to school. But, as Mary Shannon Wells says ‘when put in the hands of stylists even a pony can be appropriate for a black-tie wedding.’ 

This is certainly a hairstyle for those ladies with longer hair, as unfortunately there is no way of making short hair suit a high pony at all. The other thing that you should consider if you are thinking about wearing a high ponytail to your daughter’s wedding is how tight it will be. 

Often what makes a high pony that has been created by a hairstylist look so good is its tightness. This relies upon all your hairs being scrapped back into the tight ponytail, which more often than not leads to headaches, especially if your hair is thick and heavy. So if you think this would bother you, maybe go for a low ponytail instead. 

Could a low ponytail be your perfect mother of the bride look?

woman with low ponytail

A low ponytail is often the more preferrable form for mothers of the bride, as it is less harsh to the scalp and more flattering than its higher sister. It is also available to a larger variety of women, as a low pony can be created using many different hair lengths. 

This is also a look that can be achieved rather easily at home, here is how you do so: first, it is suggested that you blowdry your hair in the direction that your ponytail will sit. Next, brush your hair into on hand that is held at the point you wish your pony to be. Next, secure this tightly with a hairband. Then lightly brush your hair to ensure there are no unwarned lumps or bumps. Apply some light gel to the hairline if you wish to get rid of any flyaways. 

If you are after a more voluminous low ponytail, then this too is easy to achieve at home. Following the steps above you can then use a three-inch curling iron to create a ‘bend to the hair’. 

Just as adding some jewellery to the bun can really elevate the look, adding a clip to a low ponytail can make a simple hairstyle look ready for this special occasion. 

What about a soft side ponytail?

women with hair done

Just like the low ponytail the soft side is quite easy to do on yourself at home. This look has the advantage of being visible photographs from all angles. 

To achieve this look follow the steps above, then once the ponytail is secure slightly pull at your hair to loosen the pony. Next using your fingers simply pull a few strands of hair away from your face, feel free to curl both these and the ponytail itself if you wish. 

Check out the next article to discover the best mother of the bride hairstyles for those who want to wear their hair down.

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