Mother of The Bride Makeup: The Essential Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for The Mother of The Bride

Mother of The Bride Makeup: The Essential Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for The Mother of The Bride

The wedding day is obviously a big day for the bride, but as the mother of the bride, you will have all eyes on you too.

So you need to make sure you’re looking your best.

But if you’re doing it yourself this can be a daunting task. 

We’re going to share a few tips on how to do modern wedding make-up and tricks to make it last, so you look gorgeous all day.

It’s just a question of knowing which products you need and how to apply them.

What to Do Before Choosing Your Makeup Look

Get Inspired

Before deciding on a specific makeup look, get inspired by taking a look at different makeup looks online.

You will find plenty of wedding guest makeup looks and how to achieve it by watching YouTube tutorials.

So, find some looks you like and experiment by trying it on yourself before deciding which look to choose for the big day.

What Products Should You Use?


One of your must-have products for a wedding makeup look is a primer.

Primers can really help even and smooth out skin and to help the makeup last longer. 

It can also help minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines to make your skin look smoother for better makeup application.

This is even more important for mature skin to cover up any blue veins and to provide a really smooth base before applying any eye makeup. 

So, make sure you use a moisturising primer before applying your makeup for a radiant, hydrated finish.

Make sure you use an eyelid primer to the eyes too to ensure that your eye makeup lasts throughout the day too. 

Translucent Powder 

Set your base makeup with a lightweight translucent powder in a neutral shade.

Not only will this eliminate any shiny reflections the camera will pick up, but it will also set your makeup to make it last longer.  

Translucent powder always works well on mature skin, but if you prefer more cover, choose one that matches your complexion or foundation exactly.

But, remember that powder can seep into the lines and creases of mature faces so if you really feel the need to wear it, keep it to an absolute minimum and only apply around the t-zone area where oil can settle.   

Keep in mind that a soft brush will give you less coverage but a more natural finish.

A Dewy Highlighter

Apply a good highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, temples, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. 

This will add instant radiance to your skin to make you appear much fresher and more youthful. 

But, make sure you use a shimmer-free formula as camera flashes do not like shimmer at all. 

Cream Blush 

Powdery cheeks can be very ageing, especially in daylight as they can cake into fine lines and look creased. 

But a cream blusher will give your face a youthful flush to add warmth and healthy glow to your skin.

Choose a colour that complements your complexion and apply it to the apples of your cheeks to add some dimension to your face. 

Pick a colour that is soft to provide a subtle pop of colour and a formulation that has no sparkle or glitter, as this will sit in lines and wrinkles.

If you want to give your cheeks a slightly more accentuated look, then apply a small amount of highlighter to the tops of the cheekbone.

Concentrate on the rounded area of the cheeks gives the face a fullness that can actually be lost with age. 

But the trick is to blend it well, so it doesn’t look harsh. 


Brown Eyeliner Pencil

Black eyeliners can look a little too harsh on mature skin.

So, choose a brown eyeliner pencil and run it along your upper waterline to add definition to create the illusion of thicker lashes.

This will create a natural-looking fullness to your lashes and add drama to the eyes without making your eyes look smaller. 

Waterproof Mascara

You’ll be put through a lot of happy emotions on your daughter’s wedding day so make sure you are prepared for a few tears by applying a few coats of waterproof mascara to your lashes.

A good mascara will make your lashes look thicker and fuller to add some definition to your eyes.

Use a fine mascara and build it up in layers for that gorgeous, fluttering volume.


Before applying the mascara, don’t forget to curl your lashes first to lift them from the roots.

To add more lift to your eyes, focus on applying the mascara to the tops of the lashes.

Then apply a few coats to both the upper and lower lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

A lengthening mascara will be the more flattering option as it offers a natural, feathery appearance, while volumizing mascara can often make lashes appear short and stubby. 

Line Your Lips 

The lips lose their volume and their natural colour pigmentation with age.

But, by using the right lip colour, you can make them look fuller and more luscious to make you appear more youthful.

Before applying your lipstick, make sure you line your lips first for shape and definition.

Then, go with a satin finish lipstick in a lighter or brighter shade to enhance the lips and provide you with a more flattering finish.  

This will also make your lips look fuller and smoother.

Next, seal the colour on your lips by dusting them with a light powder then re-line and apply the lipstick.

But, make sure you avoid matte or dark coloured lipsticks which can dry out the lips to highlight any crack or wrinkles on your lips.  

The colour settles into lines on the lips, making them appear thin and wrinkled. 

A Setting Spray

A good setting spray is essential in making sure that your makeup lasts and looks amazing all day and night.

Although mature skin often isn’t as oily as younger skin, it’s more likely to dry out.

Setting sprays are perfect for refreshing your skin a couple of times throughout the day to prevent it from drying out, which will keep your makeup looking fresher.

Good Applicators  

Invest in a decent sponge blender or foundation brush so you can get a photo finish.

Application techniques and tools can make all the difference, so it's essential that you have the products to get that base just right.

This will greatly improve the professionalism of the finished effect. 

What Products Should You Avoid Using? 

Heavy Foundations

Heavy foundations will only accent all the issues and imperfections on your face.

So, use a light-medium coverage foundation, this will give you nice coverage to even out your skin tone. 

This will give your skin will look fresh and dewy and will not set into wrinkles. 

For extra lasting coverage, mix your foundation with a hydrating primer before applying it to the skin. 

Not only will this reduce the thickness and density if the foundation, but it will create a sheer coverage without compensating on longevity.

Try going for a dewy formula that will give your face a fresher look as matte formulas can dry out your complexion and make pores and fine lines appear larger.

You can also opt for BB or CC cream, which typically includes moisturiser and a sheer tint but has less wax than regular foundations so will hold better in hotter temperatures. 


They prime and even out your skin tone, and often have hydrating benefits, making them ideal for mature skin and those concerned with age spots. 

But whatever formula you choose, make sure you don’t choose products with SPF in as this results in flash-back in photos which can create a white cast on your face. 

Too Much Concealer 

If you need extra coverage in certain areas of the face, just use a concealer on these areas instead.

This is usually around the nose, under eyes and anywhere you suffer from thread veins, redness or blemishes.

This will prevent the makeup from looking cakey.

Concealer can sometimes draw attention to eye wrinkles if not used sparingly, so only apply it to the inner half of your under-eye if this is a concern.

Heavy Eyeshadow

When it comes to your eyeshadow, keep it simple and neutral.

Keep things matte with maybe just the slightest hint of shimmer but not too much.

So, choose matte shadows which are more flattering on an older eyelid and blend well so that there are no hard edges.

High shimmer products can emphasize fine lines, especially around the eye area so stick with matte eyeshadows in neutral colours.

Skip the darker colours since they cause your eye to recede and opt for neutral and lighter tones to brighten up your entire face.  

Avoid the multi-tiered palettes and instead, blend together two neutral shades for a more natural look. 


If you’re after some definition and want to try your hand at a bit of contouring with your mature bride, then make sure you do this carefully.

A light contour can look lovely and really bring out a more youthful appearance.

But it is very easy to over-do this technique, so take it slow and build up gradually.

You want it to look subtle and natural and not too harsh.

To add natural-looking, photogenic definition, use a sheer cream contour stick in one shade deeper than your skin tone.

Buff the product on with a bronzing brush just underneath your cheekbones, along the centre of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and under your chin.

Harsh Eyebrows

Brows really should be softly defined, but never harsh. 

Defining your eyebrows frame not only your eyes but also your whole face. 

So, when defining your brows, stick to a brow powder and start in the middle of the lid, and with light strokes, move toward either end by working in light strokes.

Powders easier to control than pencils, to get just the right amount of colour without going too heavy.

Powders and waxes are easier to control than a pencil – but if you find pencils easier to use – find one that is not too soft – so you can control the amount of product you’re applying.

Use a neutral shade of eyebrow pencil to add in some subtle definition to the brows.

Then, follow the natural shape of the brow and blend the colour lightly so the brows don’t appear drawn on and harsh at the edges. 

Harsh Eyeliner

Eyeliner should be soft and should not be overly dramatic.

So, when applying eyeliner, skip the liquid liners and opt for a soft pencil. 

Liquid liners can look a little too harsh on ageing eyes.

Powder shadows are also great options, to avoid excess creasing and go for softer, blended eyeliner rather than strong lines. 

Start at the middle of the eyelid and move outwards in small strokes, add in a tiny flick to the corner of the eyes, not a full flick associated with the cat eye.

Once applied, soften it by applying a smudge of dark eyeshadow on top and blend out with a soft angled brow brush.

Avoid harsh clean lines – keep them looking soft and subtle instead and remember to be very careful when working on the eye area.

How to Ensure Your Makeup Looks Great on The Big Day? 

Do a Trial Run 

You’ll want to be as prepared as possible on the morning of the wedding.

You will be very busy on the morning of the wedding so practice your make-up beforehand and try it with your outfit. 

Having a trial run in advance of the wedding day will help you be less stressed on the big day, and you'll have time to perfect the look you're going for.  

A trial will also give you the opportunity to make decisions or any necessary changes without any pressure.

Take Photographs in Your Trail Makeup

Make sure you take some pictures with the flash on of your trail makeup so that you can see exactly what it will look like on the big day. 

If you don’t like the way the makeup looks in pictures, then look closely at the images to see what you would like to change and tweak, so you look your absolute best. 

Prep Your Skin Beforehand

Great makeup starts with great skincare. 

So, preparing the skin for a day of wearing makeup is very important. 

However, make sure you don’t try new products right before the wedding to prevent any nasty reactions to the skin.

So, to be on the safe side, use products that are tried and tested that you know works well with your skin.

Or, if you do want to try something new, make sure you try the products at least six weeks before the big day to make sure they are compatible with your skin.

If possible, book yourself three or four salon treatments to ensure that your skin is in great condition.  

Prep Your Skin Before Applying Makeup

Exfoliating improves overall skin texture, which determines how evenly your makeup will go on.

So, make sure you do this on the morning of the wedding before applying for your makeup.

Then, don’t forget to moisturize after.

Moisturizer plumps skin up to make lines and wrinkles less prominent.

Take Your Time

Take time and effort to work on your wedding make-up to make sure it looks as good as possible.

If you rush when applying your makeup, it may not come out as perfect as you want it to.

So, make sure you give yourself an hour or two to apply your makeup. 

Don’t Overdo It

Less is more when it comes to makeup for mature skin.

Wearing too much of anything once your skin starts to age can make you look far older as the makeup sinks into the fine lines and wrinkles. 

Apply Your Makeup in Good Lighting

Make sure you do your makeup near a window where there is natural lighting.

Applying the makeup in harsh lighting can make it look unnatural when you step outside.

Seek Expert Advice 

Not sure what colour works for you?

Go to your local beauty department store and try on many colours with the help of a counter assistant.

They’ll be able to help you with recommendations so that you can quickly figure out what shades flatter your skin tone.

However, you choose to do your makeup on your daughter’s big day, make sure you are confident and comfortable in your look so you can enjoy the day while looking and feeling your best.

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