Meet Rommy De Boomy the Designer Creating Accessories so Deliciously Realistic You’ll Want to Eat Them

Meet Rommy De Bommy, the artist and accessories designer creating pieces so deliciously realistic they have got everyone talking.
Rommy wears the Seed Spotlight Dress and cake purse

We have been catching up with Artist, Designer, and Diva Catwalk fan, Rommy De Bommy, to talk all things style, fashion and delectable designs. 

Rommy wears the Seed Spotlight Dress and cake purse

Rommy wears the Seed Spotlight Dress and her Cake Purse, similar items available here

If you haven’t heard about Rommy De Bommy you really need too. Run by the Netherland’s based artist, Rommy Kuprus, who creates accessories so deliciously realistic you’d think they were real. 

All of her unique designs are carefully handmade, the bags featuring a concealed zip and hollow centre, with enough space to hold a phone, keys, purse and even a little makeup! Her accessories continue to stun the fashion world, along with her thousands of Instagram followers, and with their delicious looks, we can see why. 

Rommy De Bommy purses

We caught up with Rommy to find out more about her magical creations, personal style and what it is that makes her such a longterm Diva Catwalk fan. 

We really love your bags, they are so unique and have a real sense of artistry to them. With such unique designs, what was it that first inspired you? 

Basically everything around me. Food has been always my biggest interest. I'm absolutely overwhelmed every time I visit the supermarket. All those different shapes and colours, it is all art in itself. At a young age, I knew I was going to show people my style, which has been always 'different' than others.

Rommy wears the Axford Dress and her Ombre Rosette Cake Purse

Rommy wears the Axford Dress and her Ombre Rosette Cake Purse

As you run the business yourself, and hand make each deliciously hyper-realistic piece, you must be constantly busy. How long does it take you to make a bag?   

It's a full-time job! It's my passion, which makes everything fine, but I became a huge workaholic. The processing time depends on the bag. But let's say in general 2-3 weeks before it is ready for shipping. I started by showing more behind the scenes since the beginning of 2020. Customers love to follow their orders through my Instagram stories. Luckily they have mostly lots of patience.

What was the first food-inspired item you ever made?

Rommy wears the Seed Cadiz Dress and her Birthday Cake Purse

Rommy wears the Seed Cadiz Dress and her Birthday Cake Purse 

This is actually a difficult question because I can't remember. I started with non-food items. But the sprinkle cake slice purse and pancake purse are one of my first handmade piece.

 What has been the high point of your career so far? 

I would say a couple of big news pages and fashion magazines who wrote about me. Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, MTV,  ELLE and Marie Claire (France) and some Dutch fashion magazines. Or maybe the television show 'Hollands Next Topmodel'. But for me, the highest point at the moment is living/working in a beautiful old house. Be able to pay the high rent (all alone) and taking my business to the next level.

We love that you wear Diva Catwalk dresses in so many of your Instagram photos, what is it that keeps you coming back to our dresses?

Sandhurst dress and pancake

Rommy wears the Sandhurst Print Dress and her crepe purse, find more like this here  

For me, quality is the most important thing when I buy clothes. There is a Dutch saying that you will remember the quality and forget the price tag. I'm a big fan of the SEED collection. The fabric is absolutely amazing. I like it when a dress has this 'heavy' thick stretchy fabric. And if the dress fits, you buy it in every colour right? Another thing I like about Diva Catwalk that they have multiple colours available.

How did you find Diva Catwalk? 

Three years ago I ordered a beautiful dress from a Dutch webshop (I didn't know it was a Diva Dress!). When I looked in the label and Googled the brand name, I was impressed. Blown away! I remember I put the first dress on the webshop in my shopping cart, and the second and the third... I really had that 'walking into a candy store shop feeling'. It was so hard to pick just one dress, so I ordered five.

What is your favourite item from Diva Catwalk? 

All of my SEED dresses. I do have a lot. Probably more than twenty! My ultimate favourite is the Seed Miranda Dress in colour red and blue. This dress has that vintage look, I really love.

Seed Miranda Dress

Seed Miranda Dress, available in 6 different colours, on sale now 

How would you describe your personal style? 

It's a mix between vintage, royal, French, and millionaires wife. I only wear dresses, high heels, and pearl earrings. Jeans make me so insecure.

Rommy wears Diva Catwalk dress and icecream purse

Rommy wears the Seed Fitzrovia Dress and her x10 Scoop Ice-cream Purse

Your art shows a fantastic sense of fun and humour but you also seem to have quite a classic, vintage-inspired look. How do you manage to blend these together?

By just make it work. I blend them together, without even thinking if it is right. The strange thing is that I don't wear my own designs. I personally prefer vintage handbags in black or beige. As you said, my art style has more a sense of fun and humour. When I wear a Nirvana t-shirt together with my bags, you will create a completely different style. And also a different target group. I just like to keep things classy even you wear a weed bag.

How do you choose what you wear, does it have to make you feel a certain way, or is the choice more instinctive? 

Rommy wears the Seed Fitzrovia Dress and her Noodles Purse

Rommy wears the Daphne Pencil Dress and her Noodles Purse

Dresses give me more power. The feeling like I'm about the own the road. I would never choose something because it's comfortable, it has to look nice.

We absolutely love your Instagram, everything from the lighting to the angles, to the styling seems perfect, how do you constantly manage to get the perfect shot? 

Because I'm a perfectionist. That's the only I can say about it, it needs to be perfect, every single picture. Which can be frustrating sometimes.

When you’re choosing an outfit for a shoot what is it you look for? 

Seed Aspley Dress and spilled cereal purse

Rommy wears the Seed Aspley Dress and her Spilled Cereal Purse

I have invested in Diva Catwalk dresses and made sure I bought every colour. In this way, there will be always a new purse who matches a dress perfectly. It has to stand-out. Colour is the most important thing to make a new product catchy.

You seem to have really mastered the art of creating food-inspired accessories what is next for you and your brand?

At the moment I'm working on a couple of non-food purses. I realized the put the focus too much on food.

For more information on these delicious accessories follow Rommy De Bommy on Instagram and for more Diva Catwalk Dresses click here