The Lemon Dress That's Popular Right Now!

The Lemon Dress That's Popular Right Now!

At the time of year that we're all gathering ourselves in blankets, hot water bottles, cute slippers and cinnamon candles - there is nothing better than looking at what is to come! One of our favourite statement pieces making itself known on social media lately is the 'the lemon dress'. Even just the words make me feel that spring is near because let’s be honest - lemon doesn’t just stop at dresses, there are lemon tarts and drizzle cakes to think about too.
The 17 most popular lemon dresses on social media now!
So, here we're going to through our favourites that you can find on social media right now, from long-line dresses to short beach-worthy designs - let's get that lemony-spring-creativeness flowing!

What colours go with lemon dresses?

The exciting thing about using a print is that you don't have to stick with one rule of colour. You don't want to make the mistake of adding too many shades to the palette but at the same time, you can usually get away with incorporating any random colour to the print, as long as there isn't overkill.

So here we have a few of our favourite colours to add to your lemon print, whether it be a dress or a top! Embrace these exciting shades into your new look.


women posed wearing a Zara Black and Lemon print dress. 

This lemon print dress Zara was a huge hit when released and is definitely a new refurb on the typical little black dress.

Into More Detail: When planning your outfit colours, when using a lemon print, you should focus on one thing: the colour wheel.

What is the colour wheel?

The colour wheel is a visual representation of colours, with hues arranged according to wavelength. Colour wheels allow colour relationships to represent geometrically and show the relationship between primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours - InvisionApp

a detailed clipart image of the colour theory wheel.

 So, how do you use the colour wheel for lemon yellow dresses?

When choosing the right colours to go with your lemon yellow print you could use a ‘complementary colour scheme’ which refers to the opposite colour on the wheel (in this case, you can see how the opposite colour to yellow would be purple. By using this, or similar colour you can see how doing this would allow the yellow to really POP in brightness). Alternatively, you could opt for what is called an ‘analogous colour scheme‘ which is when choosing colours that are side by side, for example with the chosen yellow shade you could pair it with both orange and green.

Below we've found some uses of both complementary colour schemes and analogous colour schemes on our favourite lemon prints!



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What colour shoes go with a lemon dress?

Simply by taking a shade from the dress palette and incorporating it into your other items: you cannot go wrong! With lemons themselves signifying prosperity and abundance, you can wear the shoes you choose with confidence!

Here we have a few of our favourites!

Keeping your shoes neutral allows the dress to do the speaking. So whilst pairing your lemon dress with a warm neutral shade, like oatmeal or sand, it allows the yellow of the dress to stand out like this one pictured here - with the small heel offering longer legs but providing optimum comfort.

[Pictured is a woman wearing a long lemon print dress with a neutral tone summer hat and sandals, whilst standing among garden furniture under a bright yellow wooden parasol.]


Wearing a bright yellow tone that mirrors the same tone as your dress signifies style and sophistication! If you prefer to opt for a heel, but don't fancy balancing on stilettos then why not try a wedge heel? If you're not feeling quite Pedi-ready you could aim for a covered wedge like the one pictured.

[Pictured is a woman wearing a below the knee lemon print dress, with thin straps over the shoulders. She is smiling whilst wearing large pink sunglasses and yellow/neutral wedges whilst holding a wicker-style bag full of lemons.]



Daring it with a chunky statement.

If you fancy making a statement you could opt for black shoes or boots, as a statement piece.

[Pictured is a woman sitting with her legs crossed. She is facing to the left of the photo. She wears a short black skirt with bright lemon print and chunky black boots.]

These chunky Brown Boots are made for walkin'.

You could make a similar chunky statement but stick to a similar yellow and orange palette with a light coloured boot.

[Pictured is a woman wearing a bright lemon print dress with brown, cowboy style, suede boots].

Do lemon dresses suit all skin types?

In short, yes! Whether you have light or dark skin, there is the perfect lemon print dress out there for you.

Both mustard and darker yellows work best on light to fair skin tones, as they complement the shade of your skin without overpowering or washing you out. However, the opposite is said for medium to olive skin tones, where you are able to use a wide range of yellow tones, especially loud, bright, vibrant colours which will make your skin and eyes POP! Here are a few favourites of ours on all skin types!

woman posing in a long length lemon print dress with pale shoes.

This stunning boohoo lemon dress looks perfect against this ladies skin tone, with the notes in the yellow lemons pairing perfectly with her olive tone.

woman posed in a short lemon print tea dress.

With the summer season in the near future, we can see this stunning off-shoulder lemon print dress being one of our favourite lemon dresses for weddings!

woman posed, close to the camera, wearing a lemon print milk maid dress.

This super cute milkmaid dress is available from Miss Selfridge via ASOS!

woman with her hand on her head, posing in a short lemon print dress.

This black dress with summer lemon print is available via Isawitfirst

woman posing with her back to the camera, smiling, in a black and lemon print dress.

Feel cute is this little black tea dress number! With our favourite lemon print, of course!

woman posed in a white dress with lemon print and a yellow hand bag.

Cute bust detailed tiered mini dress with an adorable lemon print with puff sleeves.

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Using your skin tone for the perfect shade

Whilst your skin type can rule whether you would suit a shade or not, your skin tone can also play a vital role. You may find that ‘skin tone’ is heard most often when it comes to makeup but it’s easy to incorporate into finding your best colour overall.
Firstly, you can find your skin tone within a colour chart like the one we have attached below.

Cool Undertones look best in: Pale yellows, rose reds and rubies - you can also incorporated grey and navy - which in turn also work perfect with a lemon print.

Warm Undertones look best in: 

mustard yellows and warm reds - again which you can incorporate within a darker lemon print. 

Neutral Undertones look best in: 
Having neutral skin tones is the best of both worlds, as both recommendations for cool and warm tones will look perfect on you! Make sure to not combine all shades in your wardrobe at once, but instead take advantage of being able to mix and match shades that would otherwise wash out your opposite undertone-sisters!
Do lemon dresses suit fair skin?

woman posing in front of a white wall, wearing a light yellow dress with a dark lemon print.

With lemon print dresses looking AMAZING on olive and darker skin tones it's only fair to debate if the use of it would work on fair skin, especially if the background colour on the dress washes out the skin tone it's upon. But need not worry if you're of the fair skin persuasion: there is a lemon dress for you!

One of our favourites is from known brand Shein. It's a stunning all-over lemon print that ties at the side as a wrap dress. The model they've chosen to use has fair skin, so should you be similar, you can see how it doesn't in fact wash her out and instead brightens her skin tone.
Where some yellow shades can make you look washed out, tired and withdrawn - the use of darker yellow shades here, like mustard and sand, can actually work in your favour.

woman posed wearing a pale beige lemon print dress, on a pale beige background.

Although a stunning dress, this type of pattern is not good for the fair skin tone of the model and instead a darker yellow tone would suit perfectly, like the ones attached to this piece.

Whilst choosing colours, like a darker yellow, is more suitable for lighter skin tones it's always a good idea to check with the remaining pattern. If the colour of the dress blends into the colour of your skin, like shown, then it could in turn make you look washed out. However, choosing a colour that is different from your tone guarantees effortless, fresh, style.

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Why choose lemon and not yellow?

In some skin types, as mentioned above, a vast amount of one bright colour can lead your skin to look flat and drawn. For this reason, we recommend you get your yellow-dress-fix from a lemon print! All too much of one colour, any colour, can really make or break an outfit decision (let's avoid looking like we're wearing one of Walter's yellow hazmat suits please!)



What's more, choosing a lemon print over a standard yellow shade ensures that you can freely add more yellow palette shades to your look. These can include accessories like a statement yellow bag or a similarly coloured top/cardigan [pictured above].

There are a number of further reasons you should wear a lemon print instead of yellow colour, these include:

  • wearing print helps make use of other items that don't have a 'home' in your wardrobe: do you own an accessory, vest top or jewellery that just 'doesn’t' go with the variety of colours in your wardrobe? Take advantage of a fulfilled, fun, print and add said item into the mix.
  • Using print can add colour to an otherwise ‘boring’ outfit.
  • Print are perfect for all occasions, so much so they can zest up an outfit so it fits from office to wedding.
  • trying out print in your outfits aids in achieving the desired colour contrast! Choosing one cute lemon print to work with other yellows and greens in your outfit can work perfectly and doesn't lead to overkill.
  • Lemon print is a happy, cheerful, flirty print that whilst is perfect for summer can also be incorporated into autumn and winter seasons.
  • And finally, wearing prints on certain areas of the body, like a dress, can help elongate the frame. By adding a colour block, like a belt, to the print, it can further flatter the body shape.
When life gives you lemons… wear ‘em!

The Best Lemon Print Dress on IG Now!

The lemon dress...of DREAMS. If you've got even the slightest presence online or own a television you'll know who Stacey Solomon is. One of the best things to come from a chaotic pandemic? A Stacey Solomon Collab with British brand Her collab featured lots of summery fabrics but, most importantly, there were 3 lemon prints. One in a beautiful top and two.. in amazing lemon print dresses.


Not only did the announcement lead to the majority of the first drop selling out but it also lead to the designs being sold out with ITS - including Very, ASOS and instore at ASDA!

Announcing her range on her Instagram page Stacey shared a picture of her celebrating the collection in her favourite lemon wrap dress from the collaboration. What’s more, the collection is size inclusive – winner!



You can still buy these adorable prints, and more, via @inthestyle at Stacey Solomon Lemon Print Square Neck Mini Dress, Stacey Solomon Lemon Print Longline Tunic Blouse, and last, but by no means least, the In The Style x Stacey Solomon tie detail midi dress in summer lemon print!