The 17 Most Popular Coral Dresses!

The 17 Most Popular Coral Dresses!

What do you picture when you think of the colour coral? For us, it's both beaches and sunshine. So, we thought we'd compile an article on the most popular coral dresses on social media, and where you can get your hands on them in time for the brighter days ahead.

So, here we’re going to through our favourites that you can find on social media right now, including ones for all seasons!

What is the shade coral?

Coral is a pink-orange shade that gets its name from marine invertebrates decorating the bottom of the sea'. With its pink and orange notes, it is a fresh, feminine colour that many designers use in both articles of clothing as well as beauty products like lipstick and nail polish.

What colours go with coral dresses?

As a vibrant colour, coral is perfect with colours 'calmer' that itself like whites and nudes, however, you could use darker colours, like black or navy, to make a statement. Below we've combined a few favourites that showcase the use of combining coral with other colours from patterned to mixed - we found it and we love it!

Colour Schemes Featuring Coral


Let the Coral Do The Talking

Below we've chosen our favourite social media sharing that show how you can wear coral and let it be the voice of the outfit. As Coral is such a vibrant colour, it works for most occasions, especially when you add other pieces to build the overall appearance. By using the palettes above you can easily create looks like those taken from Instagram below - but combine them into your own personal style.

Making a Statement

Our favourite statement images are below. Each shows coral being added as a dynamic coat combined with statement trousers and shoes.


Where to Wear Coral

Coral, just like all colours, can be worn anywhere but there are ways in which you can wear them to show them off at their best. Here we briefly go through our favourite styles for certain occasions.

Back to School or College

Finding comfort, when attending classes all day, is paramount. But that doesn't mean your comfort can't look good!

In the Office

Next, we should all know that wearing coral in the office doesn't mean you have to stand back from the a-typical black trousers and shoes - you can incorporate them to look flawless.

Out for Coffee

Meanwhile, popping out for coffee for friends means comfort and chat, period. So pop those heels into the back of your wardrobe and opt for comfort in pumped up wedges, cool trainers or autumnal boots.

At a Wedding

And last, but not least, when you think of weddings, the shades of pinks and oranges usually come to mind but it typically depends on what the scheme is overall. However, you cannot go wrong with a little coral number, especially if you’re part of the wedding party.
Into More Detail: When planning your outfit shades, when using coral, you should focus on one thing - the colour wheel.

What is the colour wheel?

The colour wheel is a visual representation of colours, with hues arranged according to wavelength. Colour wheels allow colour relationships to represent geometrically and show the relationship between primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours – Invision App
a detailed colour theory wheel.

So, how do you use the colour wheel for coral dresses?

Using the colour theory wheel, you can use both complementary and analogous schemes to combine into the perfect outfit. Complimentary colours of coral include shades that are opposite to the chosen ones on the base colour of coral which would be red/pink/orange. The opposite shades on the wheel, the complementary colours, include those of very light blues to dark navy shades.
bottom half of a woman pictured in a coral dress holding a teal blue handbag.
The teal blue and coral combo are winning for us.
a woman pictured wearing a navy blue dress with coral belt detail and a coral handbag.
This stunning navy and coral combo from bowsandsequins would make the perfect impression for both a dinner date and as a wedding guest.
Analogous colour schemes include those that are side by side of the chosen shade, so, in this example, we could suggest that both yellow and purple could make an appearance. Below we share a few suggestions on how you could add these colours into your coral dress dream!

What colour shoes go best with coral dresses?

With coral being a bold colour it's best to not go overly bold on the footwear, for example pairing your coral dress with the same coloured footwear can overkill the style you've created - and instead use calmer colours that go well with its colouring, like a statement black or white, cream or nude tones.
Here are a few of our favourite shoe colours to go with your coral dress:

Do coral dresses suit all skin types?

The perfect thing about Coral is that you can incorporate it into various outfit styles against all skin types. Can all skin types wear head-to-toe coral? Most likely not, but you can add small touches here and there, like with a coral dress and opposite coloured accessories and bag.
When comparing different shades of coral against a number of skin types we decided to do a little research and found this graphic below available from Stratum Clinics.
a detailed graph of the fitzpatrick skin tone scale.
So we set out to find the coral dress for all of these 'skin types' and show exactly how every skin tone can wear the perfect coral shade.

Type 1 - Extremely Light Skin Tone

This skin tone suits lighter versions of coral, however, not too light as you don't want the dress to blend in with the skin and become washed out looking. Here is one of our favourites from With her light tone and bright red hair, this shade works perfectly against her porcelain skin.
woman with pale skin, and red hair, wearing a coral dress.

Type 2 - Fair Skinned Tone

Amanda Seyfried showcases this beauty of a dress at the golden globes in 2021. By keeping the looking elegant she had minimal accessories except for the essential diamond jewellery, of course.
amanda seyfried pictured at the golden globe wearing a long coral gown.

Type 3 - Fair-Beige Skin Tone

An old image but a goody! The beautiful Demi Lovato carried this coral dress flawlessly against her tanned skin, what's more, it combined perfectly with her dark hair and eyes too.
demi lovato pictured wearing a halter neck coral dress.

Type 4 - Olive or Light Brown Skin Tone

This skin tone radiates brighter colours, just like the photo below of the beautiful Salma Hayek. Here you can see the strength of the coral being darker than previous, with a little more added orange - STUNNING!
Selma Hayek pictured at an awards event wearing a v-neck coral dress.

Type 5 - Dark Brown Skin Tone

Darker, brighter shades of coral are stunning on darker skin! Flawless! Yvonne Orji looks radiant and vibrant in this photoshoot she took part in recently and, additionally, she's combined the coral top with a darker shaded pair of trousers - We love it!
Yvonne orji in a coral top and dark pink trousers posed next to an old-style television.

Type 6 - Very Dark Skin Tone

Meanwhile, Lupita Nyong'o lit up the red carpet at the Golden Globes in what actually might be our favourite coral dress to date! The cut is flattering to her body shape and, in addition, the shade of coral used works perfectly with her skin tone and highlights her smile.
lupita nyong'o wearing a flowing coral dress at the golden globes.
A few more of our favourites can be found below.
Woman pictued in a coral pencil dress, with the words 'wearing coral all year round' behind her.
The Ogle Pencil Coral dress of the season is available from our own store!
A woman pictured wearing a michael kors coral dress.
This Michael Kors dress is all about making an understated statement.
Using your skin tone for colour strength
If you have ever reached into finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone then you'll know all about finding your 'undertone' and the colours that go with it ...and against it. Therefore, we're going to take you through how you can find the right shade of Coral for your skin tone.
Did you know that opacity of Coral changes, meaning that dark coral and light coral live happily in harmony? So, just like every other shade on the planet - just because one single colour does not suit you does not mean that a lighter or darker shade of it won't! We may view 'dark coral' as a shade of red and 'light coral' as orangey-peach-goodness but they are definitely more than that. Below we share the coral palette in all its orange-ness!
Although the below pin detailed the colour of blush for your skin tone, the same shade should apply when choosing the coral you decide to wear.

Do Coral dresses suit fair skin?

Coral dresses can suit fair skin quite perfectly! Furthermore, the choice of coral shade varies depending on the skin tone that wears it. A fair skin tone should choose colours in the tagged pin, like soft pinks and peaches.
a woman with fair skin pictured wearing a light pink dress.
This pink blush ribbed midi dress from Zara has round neck detail and thin straps.
a woman pictured wearing a dusty pink coral v-neck dress.
This cute light coral dress from Zara features short sleeves and a flared hem pictured of a fair-skinned model.
a woman is pictured smiling whilst wearing a coral ASOS dress.
This ASOS number complements this models skin tone.
a woman pictured from the neck down wearing a flared coral dress.
This stunning Phase8@JohnLewis Coral dress has a flattering cut whilst showing in just the perfect shade of coral too.

Is coral better than red?

Coral being better than red could be a true statement if the shading of coral is what you're after, just like with various other colours you have to choose what look it is you're going for. If you want to have a statement bright lip, for example, a classic bold blend, then you may be best with a shocking red lipstick like this Mac Mini. If, however, you want a softer red, a pink, an everyday red - as it will - then a coral is just perfect. Wearing coral, compared to red, gives off more of a calm vibrancy. We love the Chanel Ultra Wear Liquid Wear in Darling Pink 57.

Colour of the Year

To illustrate, in 2019, Pantone revealed Living Coral to be its colour of the year - it said the shade was to "embrace us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy". Instead of red which, whilst a stunning colour, can be hard and bold the shade of Coral is to "energise and enliven with a softer edge". The colour is more blending, soft and classic than a statement bold red.

The Best Coral dress of IG Now!

This little coral dress has been making its rounds on Instagram for quite a while now ..and it is one of our favourites! You'll soon see why!
On the whole, the beautiful Little Mistress dress has everybody talking. Not only does it have a super flattering cut, detailed waist and chest, as well as a stunningly jewelled neckline - but it is also available in over 10 shades. So whether you want to scoop up our recommendations and throw on the coral dress, or have a browse at the other delights they have available - we'd love to see the results.