How Taylor Swifts' American Music Awards Outfit Celebrates her Title of Artist of the Decade

Learn why Taylor's outfit choice sealed her fate as the Queen of the 2019 American Music Awards
Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards

Artist of the Decade Shows off her Cape

I bet nobody could guess that capes are coming back in, but when you think about it… why not?

Taylor Swift at American Music Awards wearing Joseph Cassell outfit

Denigrated famously by Incredibles’ character Edna Mode, capes have long been considered to be a bit futile, but Taylor Swift thinks otherwise. Owning the stage of the American Music Awards, she christened her massive achievement of holding the most American Music Awards of any musician ever. Her 29 awards over the past ten years were complemented perfectly by her fashion team, who put together a gold bodysuit and pink cape with glitter galore.

This sumptuous outfit left jaws dropped due to Joseph Cassell and Jessica Jones’ team effort to wow the crowd. Jessica Jones is an experienced celebrity costume designer, who grew up surrounded by the industry. Her grandmother was the designer for countless celebrities including Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson, and Jessica has proudly decided to continue her legacy.

The bodysuit was designed by both Joseph and Jessica, while arguably the star of the show – the cape (sorry Taylor) was designed by Joseph himself and is now being nicknamed the Cassell Cape.

It’s very impressive to see such recognition of future fashion trends from a single individual, but that’s just testament to the creative inspiration that the artist of the decade must ooze. Her earrings were from Nouvel Heritage and she rocked some kick-ass Marc Fisher boots.

Joseph is Taylor Swift’s personal stylist and nobody can say he doesn’t do a great job. He did the wardrobe for Neil Young’s 2006 documentary ‘Neil Young: Heart of Gold’, and this cape of gold shows the incredible versatility that this man can design. Keep in mind that both Neil Young and Taylor Swift were country stars turned into popular icons.

The Cassell Cape Low-Down

Taylor Swift at American Music Awards

Capes were the big fashion trend in medieval Europe, and were popular when combined with a hood, but have only been reignited in the fashion world a few times since then.

Notably, the fashionista nation France holds its military forces to the highest fashion standards with their gas cape, and don’t tell me that the Italian carabinieri don’t know how good they look in them.

But the genius of Joseph Cassell was to take something that has been traditionally used by men and turn it into a fabulous pink display fit for a princess. This display only cements Taylor as a fully evolved feminist.

Though she pines over boys, she does so with purpose and shows girls that it’s okay and even empowering to be open about feelings. The cape is symbolic of this – it’s a long flowing garment that isn’t ashamed about catching your eye and bathing in the limelight.

Taylor was the Queen of Country, but an almost audacious outfit like this pink and gold ensemble is proof that she is a pop mega-star in more ways than one.

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