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The way we work with Influencers


1. We will ship you a style from our collection to promote on your social media.

2. We also supply you with an affiliate link to track any sales you get from people who click the link and place a order a DivaCatwalk.com.

3. We also supply you with a discount code for you to promote to your customers on your social channels to encourage them to shop at DIVA.

4. You make content on your channel promoting the style to your followers.

5. We will pay you at the end of each month any commission that you have earned through the sales you have generated through your affiliate link.


We will pay you 16% commission on any orders your customers make through the affiliate link we provide you. 


You also have 30 day cookies which means if a customers clicks your link but does not buy straight away, but then comes back and buys later, then you will still get paid a commission up until 30 days after they first clicked your affiliate link.

You are also free to put the affiliate link wherever you like. So if you have more then one platform with followers you can add it to multiple social accounts you have.


We hope this makes sense, if not please feel free to ask any questions you may have by emailing sales@divacatwalk.com F.A.O. Simon.


Many Thanks, DIVA