How to Wear Polka Dots in 2022

How to Wear Polka Dots in 2022

Today we, quite rightly, consider polka dots to be cheerful, happy, patterns that you can find on various items from clothing to children's toys, vintage frocks to footwear and bedding to general homeware. With it being a known pattern, it’s not the type of garment that belongs to just one season. So, whether it’s a spring polka dot dress, a summer polka dot maxi or long sleeved polka dot wedding guest dress then we have you covered.

Polka Dot Dresses with Sleeves

The thrill with polka dots is that you can freely wear them all year round. They can add chic, girly, vibes to any outfit without being over the top. Where you might feel OTT wearing a glitzy sequined top to the office the same will not be said for the pretty polka dot. Here we go through a few of our favourite polka dot dresses with sleeves that we think will look great throughout 2022.

The Palacio Polka Dot

We would have to mention our gorgeous Palacio print first! With its on-trend polka pattern, we feel the cute sleeves and fitted shape is a timeless design. Featuring an empire waistline, and cross-body pleating, it aids to help smooth and define the hourglass silhouette. The puffed sleeves, which gather just below the elbow, adds comfort as well as style. We have the dress pictured with black court heels, however, you could also opt for a pair of white flats or even a strapped sandal.

models pictured wearing the Palacio polka dot dresses from Diva Catwalk

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The Frill Waist Maxi Dress

ASOS, once again have stepped up when they saw the calling for polka dots. The super cute Dobby Shirred Wrap Maxi is perfect for day and night. With brown being the new black it’s definitely a shade and design that you can easily wear again and again. With its jacquard spot pattern, wrap front and stretch waist it's definitely going into out baskets.

model pictured wearing the ASOS DESIGN Dobby Shirred Wrap Polka Dot in brown.

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The Gathered Waist Tea Dress

Another maxi, alas they are one of our faves! In this material, it is perfect for office, beach walk or even as a wedding guest. In a cute monochrome design, the polka dots do the talking - letting you accessorise with brighter shades like the model pictured.

model pictured wearing the ASOS Gathered Waist Maxi Tea Dress in Polka Dot

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Polka Dot Dresses for Weddings

Weddings in 2022 are definitely going to be the weddings that we speak about for years and years to come. After dragging ourselves through the previous lockdowns, many have had to rearrange their big days two, three or even four times. So, whether you choose to opt for a sleeveless or ¾ sleeved wedding guest dress, we have you covered! Not only do we have the colours of the year, with both sky blue and orchid pink, playing a strong pastel role in our wardrobe colour palettes, but we have the perfect cover-up coats for the typical British weather.

First up, is our sleeveless Fenella cocktail dress with a statement neckline. With its gathering detail at the front, and it featuring an off-shoulder Bardot neckline, it's easy to see why it's a firm favourite for summer 2022. What's more, we use Crepe Ripple Stretch Fabric, which ensures an effortless fit but also allows you to move freely - which is perfect for dancing after the ceremony.

models pictured wearing the Polka Dot Fenella pencil dresses from Diva Catwalk.

Secondly, our chic sleeveless Perry Polka Dot Print dress. Just like our Fenella print, this dress is fully Crepe Ripple Stretch fabric. With a round neckline, capped sleeves, and even a shoulder pad design, it's definitely a dress you can take from wedding guests to the boardroom and then on into flats for an evening stroll.

Covering Up the Dots

Whether you choose the orchid or sky blue shades, we feel that our Seed Raquella A-line coats are a must! We suggest our magenta mist and dawn indigo shades to pair with our polka dot numbers. Although both shades are not the chosen shade of each dress, they do complement each colour perfectly. If, however, you’d prefer to keep the cover-up minimal, we also have the Weston bolero (here & here) in twelve further shades. Alternatively, our Dawlish jacket (that comes in 3 shades) is made to flatter any body shape with its peplum effect. It’s a favourite coat, being made using our couture stretch fabric, it is tailored to ensure a flattering fit.

How to Wear Casual Polka Dot Outfits

It can feel like a fashion faux pas when opting to wear more than one pattern or shade. But, do note that, it can work perfectly - if you choose the right colours and sized patterns.

Choosing how to combine your polka dot outfit with other cute pieces is what makes creating your summer wardrobe exciting. The great thing is that polka dots are available in an unlimited amount of shades. So, your choice of accessories and other relative colours is endless! Here, we’re going to go through a few of our favourite must-haves. With these accessories, we think you should get your hands on them to perfectly rock your polka dot look.

Polka Dot Tops

As we all know, there are other items you can find polka dots, they’re not exclusively just on dresses! So, if you’re more into wearing a casual top than you are a dress, we recommend these chic looks.

model pictured wearing the Topshop Spot Sheering Cami Top, ASOS.

A casual top, perfect for summer days around town or when wanting to top up that tan! We think this top would go perfectly with white trousers/jeans and flats. What’s more, it comes in the cutest blue shade.

Buy now: Topshop Spot Sheering Cami Top, ASOS.

model pictured wearing the Influence square neck cotton blouse from ASOS

Volume sleeves are big in 2022, we repeat BIG in 2022. Furthermore, when they come as part of this pretty-in-pink square neck top we simply cannot get enough! Available in sizes 6-16 from brand Influence, we've snapped it up - especially since it's currently on sale for £15!

Buy Now: Influence Pink Volume Sleeved Polka Dot Top, ASOS.

A few of our favourite celebrity-polka-looks include Madonna, Julia Roberts in that dress from Pretty Woman and, of course, Sophia Loren [each pictured below].


Polka Dot Skirts

Polka dots are not new. This is not a newsflash, we know, but did you know that polka dot skirts peaked in popularity through the 40s and 50s? Whilst it is a style that has carried on through the decades its change has been minimal. With the same fitted waists, floating swing style and polka dot design it simply states: if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


A few of our latest favourites

Tell us, what is better than a fun patterned, floaty skirt that you can wear with pretty much anything…. if you said one with pockets then you win! This latest drop from ASOS Design is a midi skirt with little pockets. What's more, it has an all-over polka dot print and is button-through with side splits.

model pictured wearing the ASOS Design Button-Through Midi Skirt in Polka Dot.

Buy here now: ASOS Design Button-Through Midi Polka Dot.

Next, one of our favourites, M&S has gone and done it again! With a high quality, statement polka dot skirt, from Hobbs. It's vintage-inspired and it drops around mid-length. Furthermore, it's also elasticated and is made from recycled materials.

lower half of model pictured wearing M&S floating swing polka dot skirt.

Buy here now: M&S Hobbs Polka Dot Skirt.

Accessorising with Polka Dots

Pink with White Polka Dot Nails

When it comes to painting your nails then the rage of the chic polka dot is in season for 2022. Polka dot nails not only look cute, but they are easily to implement at home if you’re unable to attend a salon. Once you’ve painted your nails with base coat and colourful shade then you can use a dotting tool to simply add your polka dots.


Polka Dot Footwear

Polka dots are not limited to just clothing! Why not add them into your wardrobe via footwear? Here are a few of our favourite polka dot looks we think you should incorporate!


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