How to Style Your Midi Dress

How to Style Your Midi Dress

How to Style Your Midi Dress

We have a variety of Midi dresses available in our Diva Catwalk store, so much in fact that we are confident you’ll find the perfect one for you! In this post, we’re going to go through some of our popular midi dresses that you can get your hands on and, in addition, how we would style them!

What is a midi dress?

To begin, it would make sense to explain what a midi dress actually is briefly! As most likely suspected, a midi is a dress that 'applies to length from two inches below the knees to just above the ankles'. With that being said, it is worth mentioning that AARP shares how the most unflattering length of a dress is that which stops precisely at the widest part of your calf. [Source: AARP]

Here, we’re going to delve into our collection and be sure to find you your perfect midi.

Our Midi Collection

At Diva Catwalk we do have a vast amount of midi dresses. From swing dresses to pencil dresses, there are many to catch your eye.

Off-Shoulder Statement Midi

First up, is our Zorita Midi Dress. Available in four shades it is a firm favourite for when you're wanting to make that head-turning statement. Its Bardot neckline allows the dress to beautifully fall off the shoulders. And, with the ripple crepe fabric being used to create it, we've also been able to add pockets and fabric buttons.

With the Zorita midi offering classic chic as it is there are very few accessories required. With footwear, we suggest a pair of courts like these John Lewis & Partners Abbie pair. They're available in three different shades, but we suggest wearing the black colour with any of the Zorita designs.

Alternatively, if you like the design of the Zorita but would prefer a darker, velvet fabric, then why not try out the Eponine Midi Velvet dress? Also available in three shades.

  a woman model pictured wearing the Zorita Midi dress in Oxford Blue with text showing the dress title.

Buy Zorita Midi now at £79 (was £125)

How to Wear an Off-Shoulder Midi

Just like we mention above, the below images showcase how to wear an off-shoulder midi – with very little else!

The Print Midi Dress

Our relaxed Carella Midi dress is perfect to wear throughout the year. With the floral mist fabric providing coolness in summer, the length of the dress works well in Autumn. Featuring short sleeves and a V-neck line, just like our model, we suggest wearing the dress one of two ways: Casual / Smart. The versatility of the Carella means that when paired with flat white trainers, like these Converse, it can work great for casual summer evenings in the local pub with family. Or the next day at a wedding, with these Whistles Cornel Suede Stilettos.

The fun, creative design of the fabric allows for you to wear it in multiple ways - to multiple places and we see it becoming a wardrobe staple.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Carella Midi dress in Floral Mist with text showing the dress title.

Buy now at £120

How to Wear a Print Midi

The great thing about wearing a colourful print dress is that there is a multitude of accessories you can wear. Where you may feel like it’s best to use one or two shades, if you were to wear a black pencil dress, for example, it's different rules for when wearing patterns.

With our Carella Midi being a key shade of navy with touches of blue, pink/orange you're not limited on what to pair it with. Our favourite pins below show how to best style a print midi, whether it’s for smart or casual.

If you like our Carella Midi then why not give our Dreamer Lady Print midi a try?

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The Asymmetric Midi Dress

Our Dartington Asymmetric Midi dress comes in three dark shades and features a chic neckline and long sleeves. In an A-Line style, this type of dress flatters all body shapes and further accentuates an hourglass silhouette. Made using our Cameo Stretch Crepe fabric, you know that both style and comfort are joint winners here.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Dartington Asymmetrical Midi dress in Black with text showing the dress title.

Buy now at £69 (was £89).

How to Wear Asymmetric Midi Dress

Whilst this dress would better suit a black-tie event, you could interject hints of colour. We suggest something like these light champagne Carvela court shoes. In addition, you could add a rose gold bag accessory like this one from Dune @ John Lewis.

Adding hints of colour, when wearing a dark dress, is sometimes not the easiest thing to do. This can be down to being unsure what shades compliment or if you’re not confident in wearing brighter shades. With this, we suggest adding small items to your look so as to not overwhelm yourself.

Other ways in which to wear your Asymmetric midi dress include a few of these pinned looks we love the look of.

The Seaton Swing Midi Dress

Our Seaton Midi swing dress is a long design, which features pleating on the skirt, a sweetheart neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. Created using our bi-stretch fabric, we have optimum comfort (and style!) as our top priority.

With the long length of the dress in mind, we suggest pairing it with a pair of heels, which would allow the lower half of the leg/ankle and feet, to smoothly flow. In addition, whilst each of our Seaton dresses is of a darker shade you could easily combine them with brighter coloured accessories.

  a woman model pictured wearing the Seaton Midi dress in Blissful Burgundy with text showing the dress title.

Buy now @ £69 was £125

How to wear a Swing Midi dress

Depending on the colours and style of your swing dress, you may find that overcrowding with accessories could put you off.  Like with most of our swing dresses, each design has its own unique note which offers chic individuality.

With our Seaton Midi, we suggest wearing heels or sandals, as it pairs perfect for a smart event feel or a relaxed summer evening walk. Softly coloured accessories, like a light pendant necklace or lightweight shawl, can a gentle touch of elegance – allowing the dress to be the main feature itself.

If you like the look of our Seaton Midi Swing dress why not check out our Padstow design?

Other ways in which we love how swing midi dresses are styled include our pins below.

The Goes-With-Anything Midi Skirt

Although this article is about dresses, we couldn't forget to mention our Hobble Midi skirt. Often referred to as a skirt that goes with anything, whether it's paired with heels / a blouse or flats and a blazer - your look is complete.   Each of our Hobble skirts is made using our Luxury Super Stretch fabric. So, whilst it sits perfectly against the hips and flows downwards you can know that ultimate comfort is key. Furthermore, this midi style also has a flattering waistband and exposed zip at the back that adds a touch of colour.  

 a woman model pictured wearing the Hobble Midi Skirt in Black with text showing the dress title.

Buy now for £65

How to Wear a Midi Skirt

With the Hobble skirt looking good in a number of ways, there are options on how to wear it. Whether it's heels or flats, the skirt does the talking!

We suggest pairing the Hobble skirt with one of our blouses, like our SEED Hambledon top. In addition, we suggest wearing any of the three shades and then matching coloured heels with it. Alternatively, for a day-to-night time look, you could opt for flats, a white vest and our Loretta Tricots jacket.  

Other ways in which to wear a midi skirt include our favourite pins below.

Celebrities in Midi Dresses

Whether you’re a gossip magazine lover, tabloid obsessed or spend a lot of your time scrolling through your Instagram feed there is something none of us can get away from - celebrities. So, we've taken full advantage of such an occasion and found our favourite celebrities-wearing-midi-dresses pins to treat you with.

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