Spring Leisurewear for 2022 - What to Wear Remote Working

Spring Leisurewear for 2022 -  What to Wear Remote Working

Never has the want, or need, been more popular for loungewear that the year 2020 when the global pandemic saw a surge in remote working. As of April 2020,  46.6% of people who were in employment did some work from home, furthermore 86% of those who worked from home did so due to the pandemic.

 So, that’s a whole lot of people sitting at desks in the comfort of their own homes. And, with that in mind, we’re pretty confident that if you also did the same as us we did not spend that time in full office wear. In fact, leisurewear truly came into its own.

Here, we’re going to go through the much-loved loungewear sets and accessories that we either wore or plan on wearing to see us through the remainder of Spring 2022. Just because the world is slowly attempting to adjust to the new normal doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our comfies just yet.

Whether you're looking for leisurewear for plus size women, leisurewear for Petites or loungewear for travel - we have you covered!

Firstly, couldn’t write this without mentioning our much-loved leisurewear. Our collection of leisurewear is created using a truly versatile fabric that will not only provide comfort, but also warmth on the cool spring mornings and chilly evenings.

The Cosy Jacket


three images combined into one edit, of a model wearing the Loretta jacket in grey and lavender.

The perfect jacket to throw on at your desk or have a quick dash around the shops. Our Tricot fabric provides maximum comfort, giving an ultra-soft cashmere feel. With side pockets (we all need pockets!!) and a hood (for those spring showers), it works great as a general cover-up or combined with our other leisure pieces.

Buy now: Diva Catwalk £59

You could pair this coat with other products in our leisurewear range or you could opt for a white vest, black leggings and matching fluff socks.

The Hooded Coat

two images combined into one edit, of a model wearing the borneo coat in grey and lavender.

Our Borneo hooded coat features our classic ultra-soft cashmere feel, with a wide hood and long sleeves. Additionally, the coat has a front closure and is tailored to ensure a flattering fit for all shapes.

Our hooded coat can work with a variety of other pieces. What’s more, you can opt to wear it purely for comfort or over a shirt and jeans combination.

Buy now: Diva Catwalk £89

The Poncho

Problem: You want to wear something warm whilst sitting at your desk. But, you don’t want to be restricted.

Fix: Our Rosalia Tricot Poncho!

Tailored for a flattering fit, this ultra-soft cashmere-feel poncho will keep you super warm. Extra features include an asymmetric bottom line and a boat neckline - stylish and comfortable in one.

Furthermore, our poncho is easily taken off, as well as it offers better ventilation than your standard hooded jumper or cardigan when worn throughout the day.

The Borg Set

Website images showing ASOS DESIGN lounge borg hoodie and straight leg trouser set in grey.

This cute hoodie and jogger set includes a drawstring hood, ribbed cuffs, straight leg, side pockets (a must!) and, most essentially... an elasticated waist! Comfort and style combine rather beautifully in this set.

Buy now: ASOS £28

The Comfort Dress

two images combined into one edit, of a model wearing the elstar dress coat in grey and lavender.

Arriving in two gorgeous shades, this Elstar pencil dress tops comfort and style with its ultra-soft cashmere feel and tailored fit! We suggest pairing it with white trainers if you’re wearing outside, or opt for snuggly slippers like these if you’re staying home.


Lightweight Jogger Set

Website images showcasing ASOS Design lounge lightweight slubby sweat and jogger set.

This baby blue top and jogger set includes a relaxed top with a crew neck, drop shoulders and fitted cuffs. With a drawstring waist, this cute set is perfect for daytime remote working and heading straight to the sofa!

Buy now: ASOS £28

The Cosy Top

two images combined into one edit, of a model wearing the hudson tricot tops in grey and lavender.

Just like our poncho, the Hudson top is ultra-soft with a boat neckline and is tailored for a flattering fit. We suggest you pair this with our matching Aria joggers in the same shade – or mix and match. Alternatively, you could pair the Hudson top with jeans.

Buy now: Diva Catwalk £45

two images combined into one edit, of a model wearing the aria joggers in grey and lavender.

Buy now: Diva Catwalk £55

The Work from Home Accessories

Whilst comfort is the key factor when finding an outfit to wear whilst working from home, we also suggest a further look at accessories. Where you may not need the likes of a wool hat or swing shoulder bag, you’ll find comfort in a variety of home accessories like our Rappa Neck Warmer. Wearing it outside to keep off the chill or at your desk can keep you cosy without daring to reach for that blanket!

two images combined into one edit, of a model wearing the rappa neck warmers in both grey and lavender.

Buy now: Diva Catwalk £19.99

Chunky Socks

Where footwear tends to forego when you're at home, you can reach for those fluffy slippers. Although, if freedom comfort is more your thing then why not try out some chunky socks? Perfect for hiding under your desk!

website image showcasing Chelsea Peer Chunky Cosy Socks.

Buy now: ASOS £12

Ankle Warmers

Understandably when you think of fashion, the pairing of leg/ankle warmers with your dress isn't typically at the top of the list. However, this is where Sweaty Betty makes their entrance. With their soft, stretchy dance leg warmer it contains a soft cashmere blend with ribbed construction that gives them a slouchy fit. These warmers pair perfectly with our relaxed Elstar dress and beat away any of those ankle chills.

website images showcasing Sweaty Betty Ankle Warmers.Buy now: Sweaty Betty £18


Why should you dress comfortably?

Now, understandably, this question may feel obvious to answer. Surely it's because you'll feel comfortable? Well, yes. But, also, there are a number of other reasons you should opt to wear relaxed, stretchy fabrics when able to.

You'll feel happier

It might sound like a simple one, but it's true. Wearing restricted clothing can result in frustration, leading to unhappiness. Unhappiness as a whole can have a negative impact on your work and environment.

It’ll improve digestion

Tight clothing can have a stress reaction on both the stomach and intestines. With clothing being tight against areas of the body, it can result in symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux. Having these kinds of digestive problems can be detrimental to your concentration and overall health.

Avoid nerve issues with loose clothes

When wearing tight clothing for a long period of time can often lead to nerve issues. Interestingly, in an article with Orly Avitzur, MD they shared how “…tight garments on the lower abdominal region and the upper thigh can cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica, irritation of the nerves in the front and outer aspects of the thigh…[We] see it in other compression garments, which have become quite a common fashion accessory. So we're seeing more and more of that in this generation of women who are trying to look sleek in their clothing." So, do your nerves a favour and grab our loungewear for size!

Lounge Footwear

With leisurewear comes leisure footwear. Here we’re going to go through a few of our favourite loungewear finds that we’ve found go with a variety of looks. Find your favourite style and stock up!

Website images showcasing ASOS DESIGN Flora Daisy Sliders in Yellow.

These sliders from ASOS are not only in cute yellow, but they come with adorable daisy flowers attached too. With an open toe and chunky sole, this slip-on style shoe works great for indoors and nipping out for those essentials.

Buy now: ASOS £16

Controversial, yes. We get it, Crocs are very much like Marmite. But these Crocs in pastel purple go with just about everything. What’s more, with the slip-on style being essential for home living the heel strap works to create a secure fit.

Buy now: ASOS £39.99

Website images showcasing FatFace Finn Ribbed Mule Slippers.

These slippers are soft, stylish and were made with lazy days in mind. Similar designs include these Sussex Checked Mules and Stockbridge Suede Mules.

Buy now: FatFace £25


At Diva Catwalk we pride ourselves in that our clothing is made with both comfort and style in mind. So, where you may feel restricted wearing formal clothing at your desk, you should find convenient cosiness in all of our clothing whether you choose to wear it at home or at the office.