9 Common Mistakes Made With Mother of the Bride Dresses UK and How To Avoid Them

Showing you some common mistakes made when choosing mother of the bride dresses UK and how to avoid them. To help you enjoy easily finding your perfect mother of the bride dress.
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Your daughter has just told you she is getting married, you are sure to be feeling a lot of excitement, mixed with a little apprehension, especially when it comes to mother of the bride dresses UK.

If you are feeling nervous about your where to start when it comes to the mother of the bride dresses UK please don't worry, you are certainly not the only one to have been in this situation. According to a recent study, ‘mothers of the bride actually take longe to plan and buy their outfits than the brides themselves’ 

Mothers of both the bride and groom ‘take a total of two weeks and four days (18 days) to arrange their outfit for the big day. Meanwhile, the bride spends only 12 days finding her dream gown.’ 

mother putting veil on bride

The Simply Bee study also found that ‘as well as stressing out about planning and wedding prep, a staggering 87% of mothers of the bride or groom are most concerned about their outfits.’ So, don’t worry, it is completely natural to feel so concerned about this particular sartorial decision. 

We know all too well that when it comes to mother of the bride dresses UK there really is a whole lot to think about.

You want to find something that fits perfectly with the venue and dress code. To be wearing a tone that compliments the wedding's colour scheme. On top of all this, you are sure to be after a dress that compliments your body type and complexion. All this before we even get onto the accessories! 

It really does sound like an awful lot for one outfit to accomplish. But, just because many mothers of the bride stress and struggle to fulfil all this criterion, it doesn’t mean you have too. 

We have set out the most common mistakes that are made when shopping mother of the bride dresses Uk, to make the process of finding a dress easier and enjoyable. To ensure you find a piece you love, that is perfect for the special day, and will become a wardrobe staple, rather than a one-hit-wonder.  

1. Thinking that your mother of the bride dress will make you look matronly

table laid with cakes and flowers

Once upon a time, ‘mothers of the bride were expected to wear matronly dresses in Easter-egg pastels or washed our shades of beige.’ 

We are sure you know what we are referring to with this style, you have probably seen it all too many times. With the boxy, knee-length dresses and even more boxy jackets. It is hard to imagine these outfits ever suits anyone. 

The popularity of these dresses leads them to be some of the first things people think about when the term mother of the bride dresses is mentioned. Such a strong association often leads to one of two things happening. 

Either, you resign yourself to wearing a dress that won’t compliment your body type, or you run too far in the opposite direction, into a sea of modern fashion-forward dresses.

As Tehrene Firman says now you’re ‘free to express your sartorial sensibilities, determining what the mother of the bride should wear with so many fashionable options can be incredibly overwhelming, talk about spoiled for choice!’  

Firman really onto something here. In 2019 there are just so many options for mother of the bride dresses UK, you really don't have to worry about this matronly association. If you keep our upcoming advice when searching for your perfect dress, you are guaranteed to look so far from matronly you will forget the worry ever existed.  

2. You will either find a dress that suits you or the wedding venue and dress code  

mother walking bride down in the aisle

Modern weddings seem to come their own language, a litany of terms that seem to be exclusively wedding related. For many of us, the overwhelming urge for a wedding translator comes when we receive an invitation. 

The number of dress codes on offer today seems endless, understanding the difference between black tie, formal and semi-black tie is likely to take a look of googling or an awkward text to the bride to be. To help you avoid either of these situations check this article, to understand what each dress code means, how they differ from each other and what to wear as a mother of the bride for each, have a look at this article

Similar to the dress code, dressing for the venue is often a high priority for a mother of the bride. You are the second most important woman of the day, and will be expected to play hostess, so of course, you will want to ensure you are looking completely appropriate.

barn with lots of string lights

When it comes to finding something that suits you, have a look here to find the best style for your body type. Also, bear in mind colour, we will be coming to this next.  

3. Thinking that finding the right colour will take you ages 

bridesmaids in light pink dresses

When it comes to mother of the bride dresses, it is not just the style that is expected to live up to your hostess role. The colour has its own list to fulfil, namely, it is expected to be in keeping with the wedding aesthetic.

When it comes to picking the colour of your special occasion outfit, the decision is made harder for the mother of the bride because of your role in the wedding party. you are of course a very important part of the day. But, unlike most of the other members, you won’t have a ‘uniform’ provided for you.

The bridesmaids get their dresses, the male members all wear a suit of similar colour and style. But how should the mother of the bride fit into this? 

This question has plagued many mothers of the bride, leading some to stick too closely with the colour scheme, wearing a dress that makes them seem like an additional bridesmaid. While others go too far the other way and stand out in their fuchsia dress against a sea of pale blue bridesmaids. 

Getting this balance can be hard, but there are rules you can follow to make it easier for yourself. 

This article is the definitive guide to mother of the bride colours. Showing you which colours compliment each other. For mothers of the bride who want to be tonally similar and those who want to stand out a little more. It shows you which colours will best suit your own colouring. 

Making the process of finding a colour that suits you and the wedding party simple and easy. 

Portobello Swing Dress in blue and pink block background

Just look how easily this beautiful dress matches so perfectly with a range of blue and pink shades. For more dresses like this click here.

4. Once you have found your dress you will spend ages finding matching accessories 

perfume, flowers and jewellery on a table

In days gone by you would see a mother of the bride in her knee-length dress, adorned with matching jacket, shoes, handbag and hat.

This matching would be seen as the only way to ensure that your mother of the bride outfit looked like a smart, appropriate cohesive whole, rather than garments and accessories put together last minute. 

Luckily, this matching vogue has long since passed, you're no longer expected to be dying a pair of satin shoes until they match your dress.

When it comes to mother of the bride dresses UK in 2019, you should look for accessories in a colour that compliments the tone of your dress, rather than directly match it. 

Which, really makes the whole process a lot easier.  Meaning you can focus more on practicalities. Whether you will be able to walk in those shoes all day? If you could actually be better off with a handbag with a strap over a clutch?  For more advice on choosing mother of the bride accessories, click here.  To learn how to avoid the worst mistake with mother of the bride shoes check out this article

Seed Fitzrovia Sleeveless Dress with earrings shoes and handbag

Just see how this teal dress works perfectly with the emerald shoes, emerald and gold earrings and the navy bag

If you are still worried about being able to find accessories in a colour that compliments your dress we can help. 

Take a zoomed-in picture of your dress before shopping for your accessories. Make sure the picture is taken in natural light, and the colour of the dress is accurately represented. Then, if you aren’t quite sure which colours best go with this tone, have a look at the suggestions in this article. Then when you are shopping just put the picture of the dress next to the accessories to see how they work together. 

5. Not paying close enough attention to the fabric 

blue fabric background with teal coloured dress on top

This is a classic mistake made when it comes to mother of the bride dresses UK. With so many things to think about the fabric can often be forgotten. 

It really is worth paying attention to the type of fabric your mother of the bride dress is made from. This is because, no matter how beautiful the dress is if it is one that wrinkles, its creases will become its focal point. 

To help you avoid such a situation keep the fabric in mind. For example ‘fabric mixes tend to crease less than pure fabrics, so in this case, opt for silk or wool with polyester’. 

It is also worth considering how certain fabrics photograph. If you are thinking of a shiny silk dress, which is very in trend at the moment. It is good to keep in mind that ‘shadows can show, cast by the overhead sun. It’s not good in photos.’ 

6. You should never dream of wearing a black mother of the bride dress 

images of black Diva Catwalk dresses

To view the first dress click here, for the second here and the third here. For more black dresses click here

Traditionally, wearing black to a wedding was a huge faux pas. This was because black was seen as the colour of mourning, so wearing black, especially as the mother of the bride, would be seen as a negative judgement on the couple’s choice. 

But, times really have changed when it comes to this topic. The association between black and the mourning period is far from the forefront of peoples mind. There are now so many articles out encouraging wedding guest to go for black. 

When it comes to the mother of the bride, who has been lusting after a black dress, here is our answer. 

black and white photo of wedding party

Haven’t men been wearing black tuxedoes for centuries? Why has no one been judge-y about that? If half of the wedding guest lists will be wearing black attire to the big day, (including the bride and groom’s fathers!), there’s no reason why the mums shouldn’t be allowed to wear this colour, too’.

‘Times have changed, why not let your outfit change with them’. If the bride is happy with your choice and you feel your best then why not go for it? And if anyone gives you the 'side-eye at the reception, ignore them and revel in how gorgeous you look'. 

7. Following trends too closely

We know how tempting it can be to fall for trends, with the image of the lastest must-have style splashed everywhere you see, it can be hard to resist. 

We think that staying away from trends can be one of the most important things when it comes to buying your mother of the bride dresses UK. 

Even though something can look so perfect this season, you want to ensure that you are able to look back on the photographs of this day with happy memories, free from 2019 outfit regrets. 

For mother of the bride dresses, we think that you should try to find something that is elegant and in keeping with your personal style. As this will help you feel confident and ensure a more timeless look, because let’s face it, elegance will never go out of style. 

When it comes to understanding what makes something elegant, we will refer to the ultimate elegant lady. Coco Chanel once said ‘Elegance is refusal’. 

Vogue’s Carley Jacobs breaks down Chanel’s statement for us: ‘elegance is reusing to wear a dress that you feel less than spectacular in, it’s calmly taking off those pants because they’re a little too tight and it’s passing on this season’s body-con mini-dress trend because it just doesn’t flatter your figure.’

8. As the mother of the bride, you have to wear a dress 

woman wearing suit with lots of jewellery

If you aren’t someone who ever wears skirts or dresses, then why start now. 

Forcing yourself to wear a style you aren’t comfortable with just because its ‘mother of the bride’ appropriate is never a good idea. If you aren’t feeling good, you won’t be looking as good as you could be. 

There are so many options out there for a mother of the bride who wants to look elegant in something that isn’t a dress. Just as Jacobs says ‘nothing says elegance like a perfectly fitted blazer or tuxedo trousers.’

Mother of the bride pantsuits can be a really chic choice. When it comes to finding your perfect suit, it is good to pay attention to the fabric and cut. 

If you are wanting an oversized double-breasted jacket make sure that it isn’t too big that it swamps you in the material. Or if you are after a tighter fit, pay attention to the way the material looks at the buttons, the look of pulling or gaping material isn’t elegant either.

images of shoes, earrings and a suit

The suit the shoes and the earrings are all from Pretty Little Thing. 

As for the colour of the mother of the bride pantsuit, follow the guidelines to mother of the bride dresses UK and we are sure you will look great. 

9. Buying something that you will never wear again 

Alpa 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Dress in navy blue

Find this beautiful navy blue dress here 

We hope that in reading this list you are now equipped with the knowledge to avoid this. In finding something that not only works well for the wedding but for you, in a colour you love and a timeless style. You are almost certainly choosing a piece that will become a well-loved garment. 

The only other piece of advice to bear in mind when thinking about the re-wearability of your mother of the bride dress is leaving enough time to find the perfect piece. 

However much you know about the mother of the bride dresses, if you leave shopping too late chances are stress and time pressure will lead to to a something that will be worn only once. 

We advise that once you have got the details of the wedding set up from your daughter you start the process of looking for an outfit. This way it can be an enjoyable process you dip in and out of, rather than a daunting task. 

Let us know if you can think of any more mother of the bride dresses mistakes in the comments below. 

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