Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honour: Here are 59 Wedding Guest Dresses You Will Want to Wear Over and Over Again

Here to help you find the perfect wedding day outfit that you will want to wear again and again.
Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honour: Here are 59 Wedding Guest Dresses You Will Want to Wear Over and Over Again

Whether you are the mother of the bride or the maid of honour, being a member of a bridal party is guaranteed to take up lots of your time and energy. We know that this dedication to making sure the bride gets the day she dreams of, often means that finding your own dress can slip to the end of a growing to-do list.


But, just because you are so busy helping someone else, this doesn't mean you should be forced to panic-pick your own dress last minute. Doesn’t devoting so much time to helping the bride mean you earnt a dress that makes you look and feel your best?


We certainly think so! That is why we have carefully created this list, to help you find your perfect dress, no matter your time limit, no matter your budget.


 With a variety of styles from pencil dresses, stretch fabrics, to designer items and floral prints, we are sure you will find something you love and will make you feel fabulous.


17 mother of the bride dresses you can wear all year round.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles dressing as the mother of the bride can be an incredibly daunting and difficult prospect. We hope these options will take much off that pressure off. 

Giving you a large variety of choices, we have tried to make sure that not only are you getting the perfect dress for your daughter's wedding, but you are finding one you are able to wear over and over again.

Jacky pencil dress in dawn pink

Our first mother of the bride option is this beautiful jacky pencil dress. The high neckline and three quarter length sleeves mean that you will be more than comfortable stepping into any venue, whether it be the church or the dance floor. While the beautiful bow adds a layer of playful depth to the dress and is carefully placed to flatter any figure.

Seed Oral Dress, couture stretch fabric in magenta mist colour

For those that love the style but want it slightly more for fitting, perhaps for an evening wedding, the Orla is perfect. Creating a sophisticated silhouette that flatters your body so much you will want to wear it to all your next events.

Lydia sleeveless pencil dress in sea coral colour The Lydia Sleeveless Pencil Dress works in a similar fashion as the jacky. But is the perfect evening alternative. Available in 11 colours, it's dramatic slit neckline and pleating across the midsection this dress offers much elegance and sophistication wanted from an evening outfit.

Lydia printed pencil dress in linear tulip

If the previous style is for you but you wanted to opt for something a little more eye-catching, the Lydia printed dress allows you to do just that! With an added pop of pattern and long sleeves. 

Portobello Swing dress powder blue

With it's flattering off the shoulder design and beautiful swing skirt, the Portobello dress is a wedding guest staple. The shape makes it a favourite for the dancefloor, the flow of the skirt allows you to move gracefully whatever the song.

Diva seaton midi swing dress in cobalt blue

For those to want to wear a swing dress, but don’t quite want as much décolletage on show the Seaton is the perfect solution.

Layla Print Dress in Linear Tulip

Staying in the swing dress style, the Layla print dress is a beautiful option. The frill trip v neckline adds an original layer of interest to this floral dress. While the three different styles of print make it a style fit for any wedding aesthetic.

 Empire rose swing dress

This floral swing dress is the perfect way to celebrate the romantic setting through your outfit. The beautiful red and pink roses are sure to turn heads while being a wonderful way to ensure you look bot ha appropriate and beautiful for your daughter’s big day.

 Manderley Stretch Satin Print Dress in rose print

If, like us, you can’t get enough of the romantic rose pattern for a wedding day celebration. But are after something that will show off your figure a little more. The Manderley pencil dress is a great choice.

Astra Rose Printed Dress

Or why not try this beautiful off the shoulder alternative?

Diva Sonata Pencil Dress in sandshell beige

This striking v neck lined dress offers a sense of the dramatic while ensuring you look understated and sophisticated for your daughter’s big day.

 Eliza 3/4 Sleeve Print Dress in Abstract Orchid

If you want to make a statement from your pattern that is mother of the bride appropriate then the Eliza is your great choice.

 Aldeburgh Print Dress in digital rose

The Aldeburgh printed dress is the perfect mother of the bride dress, the romance of the rose pattern is offset by a sophisticated navy backdrop, making this dress one you will be able to wear long into the winter.

Mariposa Pencil Dress in cobalt blue

The Mariposa pencil dress is a supremely flattering choice, as the detailed Bardot neckline works to accentuate the curve of the waist, as the pleats flatter your torso. Available in 13 different colours, we find it very hard to imagine you looking out of place at any event in this dress.

Seed Rio Swing Dress in dusky lilac

With the wonderful array of colours, this swing dress is sure to fit well with any colour scheme. While its timeless cut means, you can wear it again and again.


Kendall Lace Dress Regular price in spectrum indigo  

The Kendall lace dress is for those mother of the bride that wants to keep a little va va voom in their outfit. the lace accents at the wrist and neck create intrigue to your outfit while ensuring you keep the title as the most elegant woman in the room.

Senne Fishtail Dress in deep purple  

This fishtail dress adds a little more to the traditional pencil dress shape.

23 of our favourite stretch mother of the bride dresses for this winter.

Stretch fabric has been around for a while now, attributed to Calvin Klein in the 1990s, who talked of how they have ‘revolutionised fashion’. They have come to represent the panicle of a stylish modern woman.


This is because they help to create a beautiful feminine shape on so many different figures. As Donna Karen describes 'stretch clothes provide control to the body, smoothing out bumps the way girdles used to do.' 


One of the reasons stretch fabric has remained so popular is due to the level of comfort they provide. As Ms Karen describes 'We can fit clothes more snugly so women can move as freely as if they had nothing on'.


Because of this, we believe stretch fabrics to be the perfect choice for the mother of the bride. When buying from a store that specialises in stretch fabric they make the ideal winter outfit. This is due to the thickness of a quality stretch fabric that enables it to smooth out your figure and highlight your curves.


Also making it is the perfect choice for winter, as it provides you with a layer of insulation that is sure to keep you warm whatever the British weather throws your way.


One thing you need to be wary of when purchasing a stretch fabric dress is the quality of the fabric. The popularity of the style has led to many retailers is imitating stretch styles with cheaper materials, such as jersey. Meaning that unlike a dress made from a proper stretch fabric that has ‘built-in elasticity’, these less well-made clothing items will bag and pull out of shape, making their re-wear life drastically limited.

That is why we have created this list, to hlep you find a high-quality stretch fabric dress, that will continue to look perfect however many times you wear it.


York Pencil Dress in Emerald Green

The York pencil wiggle dress is your wonderful winter option, with its three quarter length sleeves and bi-stretch fabric, it is sure to keep you warm while you look your best.

 Alexandra Pencil Dress in Dewberry

For the mother of the bride that wants to be both dramatic and understated the Alexandra dress is for you. With its trapezium neckline cut-out and pleated sleeves, this dress is both original and timeless. 

 Howden 3/4 Sleeve Dress in stone blue

Or why not go for something a little more fun for your daughter’s big day with this dress? The peplum-detailed hemline is a great motif, while the stretch fabric and long sleeves make it winter-ready.

Lucida Pencil Dress in Spectrum Indigo

Why not make a statement out of your winter dress? The frill sleeve detail contrast with the understated elegant cut of the dress to make sure you look striking without stealing attention from the bride. 

 Chesterton Swing Dress in fuchsia pink

A swing dress is a great mother of the bride choice, the bright fuschia tone and sweetheart neckline makes this dress really stand out from the crowd. 

 Millbrook Tie Dress in stone blue

With its front tie detail and slightly looser fit, the Millbrook dress is the perfect option for those who want the advantages of a stretch fabric while not having it hug your curves so tightly.

 Antonia 3/4 Sleeve Dress in Diva Teal & Black

This stretch dress is a real knockout, with its unique Mosaic stretch and scuba fabric blend creating a beautiful pattern. The curved waistband at the front will flatter any figure.

 Coco Colour Block 3/4 Sleeve Dress

This dress is a great way of bringing extra colour into a winter outfit.

Chesham Contrast Dress in Navy & Marsalsa Brown

The contrast on the upper bodice really does give the Chesham an added bit of excitement, making it a winter dress you will want to wear all year round.

 Alpha Print Dress in Eden Print & Black

Who says florals are only for spring? The contrast between the blacktop and patterned skirt makes this dress a wonderful choice all year round.


Tabitha Pencil Dress in Scarlet Red

The Tabitha is one of the most sophisticated pencil dresses on the market. The eye-catching beaded neckline means this stretch fabric dress is really one of a kind.

 Isabelle Velvet Dress in Velvet Mahogany Pink

Velvet is always a wonderful choice for cooler weather and to have it available in a stretch fabric makes it this dress obvious choice for a mother of the bride who wants that designer feel.

Noelle Lace Dress in Spectrum Indigo

We all know the age-old rule don't wear white or cream lace to a wedding. But we think that this shouldn't mean lace is ruled out. The cool-toned blues and purples of the Noelle dress is a perfect winter mother of the bride choice.  

Pegasus Pencil Dress in Fuchsia pink

For a slightly more relaxed look why not go for the Pegasus? The brilliant fuchsia colour makes this dress a statement while keeping you comfortable all day.

Perth Pencil Dress in raspberry pink

This dress really gives the impression of luxury, perfect for any mother of the bride or groom who wants to impress their guests while looking refined and tasteful.

Stamford Satin Dress in Light Turquoise

The embossed jacquard fabric enables you to bring lace into winter in the Stamford dress. While the statin waistband draws you in in all the right places.

 Broadway Satin Dress in Black & Gardenia Cream

The contrast both the ripple crepe fabric of the top and the stretch of the skirt is highlighted with contrasting colours on each makes the broadway a simple yet dramatic choice. 

 Lawson Maxi Dress in blue

This floor-length dress is an absolute stunner. The draping fall of the skirt really works to highlight the natural curves of your figure meaning this is the perfect mother of the bride dress for London and beyond.

 Katia Dress in Geometric Floral Print

The Katia is a wonderful floral option available in abstract and more classic patterns. 

 Abberton Lace Swing Dress in red lace

With the lace accent at on the bodice and the swing skirt below, this dress will make you want to dance your nigh

Jessica Colour Block Dress in Emerald Green, Navy Blue & Indigo Blue

For a timeless look try the Jessica colour block dress.  

Lynette Pencil Dress in Dutch Blue

Those who are after a more simple look the Lynette dress is a wonderful choice, the ripple crepe fabric and detailing on the mid-section creates intrigue while remaining chic. 

 Felicity Pencil Dress in Beet Red and Black

Our last winter suggestion is the ideal celebration outfit. With its splendid satin off the shoulder neckline, this dress will help you feel phenomenal on your daughter’s big day.


19 Maid of Honour dresses to wear for any event this year.


Too many of us know the struggle of having to smile sweetly at the bride as she hands you your bridesmaid dress. While knowing all too well this dress will fit in all the wrong places making you feel altogether less than your best.

There are many things to contend with when picking your bridesmaid dresses: different body sizes, budgets and colours schemes. A bride may want to find a dress that comes in many colours for a mismatched colour scheme or have them all in the same dress, it can be hard to find the right choice for all the party. Websites such as this one really help the bride to think about what not to choose for a bridesmaid dress.

We have created this list to help both you, the bride and her maid of honour. Hopefully, these options should take some of the pressure off, so the bride is kept happy and the maid of honour is left with a wardrobe staple you can wear over and over again.

Cloud Luxury Moss Crepe Dress in deep purple

This beautiful dress comes in enough colours that it should fit in with any brides colour scheme. 


Abberton Swing Dress in nude pink

A dream dress for a bridal party that is after a little vintage feel. The knee-length swing skirts are a great choice for a party who’s body types range from petite to curvy.

 Mika Metallic Dress in copper

For an evening wedding of a bride who wants a bit of glamour, why not try this metallic number?

 Clarity Print Dress in buttercup print

A floral pattern is always a great choice, and this flattering style comes in three different romantic fabric options.

 Malvern Pencil Dress in violet bloom

A classic cut dress for the impression of timeless elegance. Available in seven different colour options sure to please everyone.

 Branwell Pencil Dress in powder blue

Why not try the Branwell Pencil Dress for a cut that is guaranteed to flatter all body shapes as the drawn in waist creates an hourglass curve while the straight skirt falls elegantly over the lower body. 

 Cynthia Print Dress Regular price in deco green fern

A floral dress is always a great choice for bridesmaid dresses, and this wonderful shape is available in two different colour options.

Amorette Pencil Dress in dawn pink fern

If an all-over floral print isn’t quite your thing, try this pop of pattern and colour-blocked pencil dress.

Banbury Gathered Dress in violet tulip

This ribbed body-con number is perfect for an evening. Its figure-hugging pencil dress style makes it a little sexy, while the pencil dress cut ensures only the right amount of attention. Available in 20 different colours it promises to work with any colour scheme. 

Islay Swing Dress in deco green

Perfect for a classic maid of honour look, we don’t think that an off the shoulder swing dress will ever go out of style.

Ashfield Pencil Dress in Coral Pink

 The textured fabric of this dress a real head-turner. 

Nova Fishtail Dress in nova violet

The combination of this flared fishtail hem and the round caped neckline makes this dress a beautifully original option.

Mustique Botanical Print Dress in light blue

A beautiful off the shoulder floral option that will good great at any event you would like to wear it too this summer.

 Astra Pencil Dress in violet tulip

This gorgeous dress comes in a wonderful variety of 12 stunning shades, a little something from everyone.

 Cindy Print Dress in Eden print

With three different floral patterns to be chosen in this style, we think it is a great bet for an outside summer wedding.

 Athens Print Dress in Eden print

If, like us, you love the print of the last dress, here is another option. Perfect from a bride who really wants to show off her bridesmaids.

 Serenity Tudor Vine Dress in tudor vine

With its attractive gathered neckline and sides, this is a wonderfully unique number that would be stunning in any bridal photo.

 Chantelle Pencil Dress in Dutch Blue

Another great off the shoulder number, a perfect choice for an elegant evening option, the bridesmaids are sure to look sophisticated and feel their best. 

 Canterbury Cape Dress honeysuckle pink

 A figure-flattering dress with a touch of the dramatic, this is for a bride who wants her bridesmaids to be remembered for all the right reasons.


If you are the mother of the bride or her maid of honour we hope that we have provided you with options that will ease your mind concerning your outfit choice. It is really special to be so involved in someone’s big day and we really hope that you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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