11 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Mother Of The Bride Shoes

With everything on your to-do list, we are sure your footwear is not a top priority. We are here to tell you the major mistakes made with mother of the bride shoes to help you best enjoy this special day.
bride and bridesmaids pointing their heels

We know that in the run-up to your daughter’s wedding you will have a lot on your mind, from venues to flowers girls, one the of the last thing you are likely to be thinking about is mother of the bride shoes. 

Finding a dress alone can be a hard task to master, from making sure that it is in keeping with the venue and dress code, to find a colour that compliments the wedding’s aesthetic. 

You are probably considering all of these things while at the same time trying to find a dress that also compliments your body type and makes you feel your best.

Well, unfortunately, this is really only the beginning.

gold heeled shoes on blue background with flowers

Once you have found your dress, you will know need to start thinking about everything else that goes with it. From hats to accessories to footwear, it seems the mother of the bride checklist is never complete. 

So, when it finally comes down to finding your own mother of the bride shoes, many of us often leave this to the last minute, meaning we end up buying something that isn’t quite perfect, not overly comfortable and that we probably won’t ever wear again. 

This is why we are here, in showing you the common mistakes made with mother of the bride shoes, that are elegant, beautiful and comfortable enough for your long day. 

1. Wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable

legs on woman in gold heels

As the mother of the bride, your daughter’s wedding is not going to be a day of leisure. You’re likely going to spend most of the day on your feet, from greeting guests to running around ensuring everything goes as planned, to joining the newlyweds on the dance floor.

Being on your feet, likely from morning till late at night really means one thing, you need shoes that are going to be comfortable. Whatever pair you opt for, you will want to make sure you are confident you can enjoy (not endure) this long day. 

2. If you aren't used to wearing heels now isn't the day to start

a group of women in kitten heels

As we said in this article, if you don’t usually wear heels, this probably isn’t the day to start. 

We get the allure, they make you stand taller, giving that really elegant, classic impression to any outfit. 

But just because your shoes aren’t healed it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve this really timeless, elegant look. Just check out this beautiful Emma Hope Flats

Keep in mind that this elegant image you have of the mother of the bride heels is not too likely to translate into reality. If you aren’t sued to walking in heels, it will likely show in the way you move. 

3. Buying a pair of mother of the bride shoes that aren't your size

women in pink dress with large pink heels on

We have spoken to many mothers of the bride about their shoe choices, and have found that all too many of them fall in love with a shoe that isn’t available in their size.

This means that you end up wearing a pair half a size too big, meaning you spend the day stepping out of them. Or ‘they buy a size too small hoping they’ll be able to ignore the pain. You can’t. If you can’t get the store to locate it in the correct size, move on, and choose something else!’

4. Not packing an appropriate change of mother of the bride shoes 

woman carrying her shoes

It is a very good idea for the mother of the bride to have packed a second pair of shoes, probably some with a lower heel, that you can slip on after the ceremony and the photographs are finished. 

We recommend that you put a little thought into what this second pair will be. You should respect the formality of the event, by, of course, not going barefoot. But also by avoiding rubber or plastic flipflops.   

Unless your daughter’s wedding is at the beach, we suggest you bring a lower-heeled formal shoe.

5. Buying a pair you won't wear again

a pair of shoes on white table with blue background

Of course, you will want to ensure that your mother of the bride shoes works well with the whole of your wedding day outfit. 

But, as Deborah says: trying to match your dress to your shoes, or your shoes to your evening bag, is old school. It was popular 20 years ago, but today it looks boring and will date your outfit and age you. It’s much more modern to get shoes and a purse that complement each other, not match perfectly.’ 

We think that this should empower you to on your search for mother of the bride shoes, as the freedom this knowledge gives you will help you not only find a shoe that compliments your wedding outfit, but you are likely to wear again too. 

After all, if you’re spending the money you might as well get some use from it! 

6. Not adding foot padding 

shoes on puff

Your daughter’s wedding is likely to be a long day. With everything that is going on, the last thing any mother of the bride wants is tired sore feet. 

This is why we recommend adding a little cushion to the ball of your foot, or some extra padding at the heel, for some added comfort. 

‘You also might want to have your cobbler put some non-slip rubber on the soles of your shoes. This will prevent slipping and keep your shoes from being scuffed. Let’s make sure the limo, not the ambulance, is what transports you from the ceremony to reception!’

7. Not paying attention to how supportive your shoe is 

women walking down the road in party dresses and heels

Just like your girlfriends, your shoes should be there to support you. This is definitely something to pay attention to when choosing your mother of the bride shoes. 

As Deborah says: ‘the two worst shoes for falling off are backless mules and shoes with very high heels. Mules aren’t comfy anyway, and five-inch stiletto heels will give you rolled ankles and swollen feet if you are not used to wearing them. Four inches is the maximum you should go to. It would be pretty embarrassing to take a tumble.’

It is also a good idea to pay attention to the sprays of your shoes, as it is not only the strapless options that can cause problems in the support department. 

Shoes with too many straps are less likely to provide support, meaning you could be wobbling around all day. Thin straps are also good to avoid. They are ‘notorious for digging and cutting into your foot. No one needs that kind of pain during such a special event.’ 

 8. Sacrificing quality for the price 

white shoes on table with flowers

Even if you can’t see the difference between the cheaper and more expensive mother of the bride shoes, trust us you will feel it. 

‘Well-made comfortable shoes are worth paying a little more fo since they have more padding. Scrimp on less essential things. (we won’t tell anyone those earrings are faux-pearl!)'

9. Not breaking your mother of the bride shoes in 

blue heels being carried in hand


We know that formal shoes are not known for being comfortable, but there is something you can do to keep from limping around by the end of the day’. 

We really advise that you break your new mother of the bride shoes in by walking around the house and going up and downstairs in them. If you forget to do this, the likelihood of finding yourself at the reception ‘looking for a bandaid because you have big blisters’ 

10. Buying the wrong colour shoes expecting to dye them 

As we said before, perfectly matching the colour of your shoes to your mother of the bride gown is an easy way to make your outfit look dated.

 ‘Plus, dyed satin shoe sare not water-resistant and can bleed if your feet get sweaty or you spill a drink on them. Instead, choose a shoe colour that coordinates with, not matches, your dress. For example, a shoe that is one shade darker than your dress would work fine.’

If you are wearing a colourful dress, then going for a neutral shade shoe will work very well. This includes metallic shoes, in gold or silver tones.  Champagne, a light, soft gold colour is great all year round. ‘In the fall bronze and smokey pewter’ can look wonderful. 

11. Not thinking of the venue when choosing your mother of the bride shoes

photo of brides and bridesmaids in wedding guest heels

For this, we are not only talking about considering the venue in relation to the dress code of the event to work out how smart your shoes should be. But, more specifically, where the venue is, what will you be expected to walk on throughout the day. 

As the mother of the bride, it is likely that you will have either visited the wedding venue, look at photographs of it, or received a rather detailed description from your daughter. But, if you haven’t yet, it is time to get this information. 

The venue, more specifically the terrane of the venue is very important to the mother of the bride shoes. Just think about it, you have found yourself your perfect pair of stilettoes, practised walking in them, broken them in, prepared them with toe padding. 

You know you have nailed this mother of the bride outfit, you are looking and feeling great. Then it comes time for the photos. You and the rest of the wedding party are all beckoned out onto the terrace, where you see the photographer setting up in the middle of the front lawn. Your heart skins. 

You then spend the entire photoshoot trying to pull your now mud-stained shoes from the grass. As everyone else is posing and laughing, you are concentrated on trying to remain upright while you feel yourself slowly sinking into the ground below. We are sure that these photos won’t provide you with the happy memories you had anticipated.

woman helping another women with her shoes on grass

Make sure you get details of the venue with your daughter to avoid any such mishaps. 

Let us know what you thought about these mother of the bride shoe mistakes below. If you are still after a mother of the bride dress, have a look here.

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