Matching Your Nails to Your Autumn Outfit

Matching Your Nails to Your Autumn Outfit

Matching your nails to your chosen outfit can seem an obvious step, but on occasion, it can be quite difficult to pair. Whether you’re looking to have both your outfit and your nails in the same shade or a complimentary contrast – we have you covered as we go through our favourite Diva Catwalk dresses and how we could accessorise our nails to be bang on the autumnal trend.

Red Nails and Skin Tone

With red being one of the most prominent shades of autumn, along with orange and brown, it would be wrong not to include it! Choosing a red tone can be understandingly overwhelming, considering how many brands there are and how many different shades of red they have to offer. Just like when choosing a blush or lipstick colour, it’s just a good idea to also have your skin tone in mind.

If you have a light skin tone then it is said you should choose red shades with hints of pink, for example, Crimson. Whereas if you have an olive skin tone, then orange-based reds are a good look for you, for example, hot coral. And finally, if you have darker skin tones then deeper, darker reds are your go-to as they look amazing against your complexion. Above all, choosing a red isn’t easy, we get that! So, if you’re simply unsure then we suggest choosing a shade that is closest to your dress.

Red Dresses to Wear with Your Red Nails

It wouldn’t be Diva Catwalk if we didn’t show off some of our favourite dresses. Where we typically would showcase our dresses and our favourite accessories, we have switched it up this time to show you what you can pair with your new manicure.

First up, is our Vegas dress. No red nail look is complete without our bestselling Vegas design.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Vegas Calf Length with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Vegas Calf Length Dress £199

Next, our Casares Swing dress is the perfect autumn number. With ¾-length sleeves and a flowing swing skirt, this dress can take you comfortably from summer straight through to the colder days of autumn and winter alike.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Casares 3/4 Sleeved dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Casares ¾ Sleeved Dress £149

And last, but by no means least, is our Thruxton Maxi dress. This maxi pencil dress is styled in a true timeless fashion. Featuring its long length, ¾-length sleeves and square neckline it is, again, a dress that can you can take from one season to the next.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Thruxton Maxi dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Thruxton Maxi Dress £79 (was £125)

Orange Nails and Skin Tone

Orange nails are usually a colour reserved for younger days when bright neon orange was the trend. However, the shades available, along with the latest patterns and designs, can ensure heads are turned!

Pale, lighter skin tones suit light orange shades like tangerine. Shades that are lighter than this can blend in with the skin itself and make it look washed out - so it's best to avoid going too pale when choosing something orange if you have a light complexion. There is a difference to be said, however, between olive and darker complexions. All kinds of oranges can look amazing against your skin. Light, coral orange shades can look amazing against darker skin tones. However, just like with the red shade we suggest trying out darker tones. Colours like burnt orange and cherry red can bring out similar complimentary undertones in your skin.

Dresses to go with your Orange Nails

With orange nails sometimes being seen as a risqué option, we know that having the right dress to pair with them can be super important. So, as above, we’re going through our favourite orange dresses that we have available. One is a firm favourite and features in the first three colours – what can we say? It’s a fave!

Our Thruxton maxi dress, as mentioned, can take you from one season to the next so it fits perfectly in any capsule wardrobe.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Thruxton Maxi dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Thruxton Maxi Pencil £79 (was £125)

Next is our Mulberry dress. Only recently has this dress been introduced, and in two stunningly bold shades - one of them being our Grenadine Orange. Offering ¾-length sleeves, this off-shoulder dress proves that style need not be difficult and that off-shoulder dresses are very much in-season even in the cooler months.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Mulberry Off-Shoulder dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Mulberry Off-Shoulder Dress £169

Green Nails and Skin Tone

Dark and emerald greens are on-trend for most autumn and winters, however, each year new tips and tricks come along to jazz up the previous.

In regards to skin tones, it is suggested that those with light, pale skin opt for shades like emerald green - this shade offers the green concept with hints of navy blue. Olive skin tone can benefit from being the best of all worlds, where both light and dark greens can be flattering. For best, we suggest that the softer olive skin tone opts for light greens, like x and darker like emerald green. It’s best to avoid middle road shades, like turquoise, as this can wash out the colour of the skin. And finally, darker skin tones can look mesmerising when choosing the right green shade. Lighter, bright shades of green can become your best friend. With trending shades, like Jade and Sage, working best against your skin tone these colours can be complimentary without making you look washed out.

Green Dresses to Wear with Your Green Nails

The fortunate thing about autumn is that it naturally includes green in its colour scheme. So with this in mind, it is usually one of the first shades you see appear on the catwalk and within high street stores towards the end of summer.

First, using our forest green shade, we have our Venetia dress that is not only made using our luxury moss crepe stretch fabric but is also tailored to ensure a flattering fit.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Venetia dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Venetia Dress £99 (was £129)

A re-occurring dress in this post is the Thruxton (and rightfully so, may we add!). This maxi dress comes in a number of chic autumnal shades and the Vineyard Green may be a favourite above the rest. Again, with its length, it can take you straight into winter and is easily paired with flats or ankle boots.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Thruxton Maxi dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Thruxton Maxi Dress £79 (was £125)

Finally, one of our staples is the Daphne ¾ length dress. Available in 24 different shades, there is an array to choose from. Some might even say a different shade for each day of the working week, but we’ll let that slide by.  What’s more, we actually offer this in Vineyard Green, Emerald Green and Forest Green - so there is plenty of choices.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Daphne 3/4 Sleeved dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Daphne ¾ Length Sleeved £140

Purple Nails and Skin Tone

Purple, like blue and black, is always a trending shade. Just like with other popular colours, each shade has its moment. As we delve into autumn the darker side of purple tends to make an appearance in our accessories, like hats and scarves. But what about purple with our skin tones?  Well, those with pale skin tones should avoid lighter versions of purple, as this can lead to the skin looking washed out. Instead, you should opt for a dark, deeper purple like Dark Magenta and Mulberry. In addition, those with an olive skin tone can also wear deep, darker purples as well as lighter shades like lilac. And finally, those with darker skin can benefit from both light and dark shades of purple, depending on the occasion. Darker purples worn on nails can go stunningly with darker skin, just as well as contrasting shades of lilac and lavender.

Purple Dresses to Wear with Your Purple Nails

With purple being the autumnal seasonal shade, we have plenty to offer at Diva Catwalk. From long-sleeved swing dresses to off-shoulder chic – we have you covered!

Our short cap-sleeved Bonnie pencil dress is currently only available in two shades, one being in stunning Royal Purple. Featuring pleating over the front, this type of dress would suit well if worn with heels of flats.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Bonnie Pencil dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Bonnie Pencil Dress £129

Next, is our Daphne Venice dress is available in four different shades, including our favourite Lavender Purple. This soft shade is made using our Venice stretch fabric and is tailored for a flattering fit. A chic, cute dress that pairs great with flats, heels and even trainers.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Daphne Venice Stretch dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Daphne Venice Stretch Dress £39 (was £135)

And finally, our much-loved Ubrique pencil dress. Available in Deep Purple, Hollyhock Purple and Imperial Purple, this dress is perfect if you’re wanting to check out each purple shade from light to dark. Finishing below the knee, this dress features ¾-length sleeves and a subtle keyhole shape from the neckline.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Ubrique dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Ubrique Pencil Dress £139


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