Our NEW Super-Soft Elegant Loungewear for 2022

Our NEW Super-Soft Elegant Loungewear for 2022

Jubilee Bank Holiday you say? A long weekend to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubliee? In my comfies? Yes, please!

To celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee we feel that along with various other fun things you could be doing, you should also take 5 to put your feet up – we’re sure it is what the Queen recommends.

With this in mind, what better way to celebrate it than a lazy weekend in the comfiest clothes we have to offer? Here, we're going to talk about our comfy leisurewear and how exactly we'd recommend you style it (should you decide to take it by the front door!)

Comfies aren't limited to old joggers and oversized t-shirts anymore, no-no. Here we have a choice of velvet skirts, Tricot joggers, cosy coats, soft-as-a-cloud capes and even a cosy pencil dress (yes, you read that right!)

Women’s Leisure Wear Tops

When it comes to choosing a top for a lazy weekend it’s not expected that fashion will come to the forefront of your mind. And rightfully so! However, when you have cute tops like these you’ll no doubt think again and opt for style and comfort rolled into one.

Velvet Loungewear

First, we have our Allium Velvet top. It features long cosy sleeves with a high ruched neckline and its tailoring ensures a flattering fit. Made using our Stretch Velvet is a customer favourite and we see it as a basic staple.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Allium Sleeved Velvet Top with text showing the dress title.

allium velvet top]

Available in 3 shades: Black, Burgundy & Deep Red

Buy now from £45

If you like the look of our Allium Sleeved Velvet top then we suggest having a look at our Dahlia top. The Dahlia comes in three shades: Burgundy, Deep Red and Black. Made using the same material, stretch velvet, the top features an asymmetric bottom and long cosy sleeves.

Buy now from £45

The Cashmere Feel Loungewear

Don't worry if the texture of cosy velvet isn't your thing as we have you covered with our Muscari top. Available in two different colours: Flint Grey and Lavender Mist, these tops have an ultra-soft cashmere feel. Each feature a boat neckline with long sleeves. You're just missing the warm cuppa and fluffy slippers with this one.

Buy now from £49

Pairing with our Muscari top we have our Elvira pencil skirt. With an elasticated contrast band, plain pencil design and ultra-soft cashmere feel, this type of skirt is going places. Perfectly paired with a comfortable top, like our Elvira top, or a hoodie of choice.

Buy now from £39

 a woman model pictured wearing the muscari top & Elvira pencil skirt


Ladies’ Soft Leisure Trousers

With Flint Grey and Lavender Mist notes still in mind, we also have matching tricot trousers - the Brody Tricot Trousers. Just like with the Elvira pencil skirt we use a material that provides an ultra-soft cashmere feel and an elasticated waist.

Buy now from £55

When reaching for comfort clothes it's normal to reach for what you already know. So, with this in mind, we created the Borneo Hooded Tricot coat and the Loretta jacket. Both are made using the same materials and offered in the same grey and lavender shades. What's more, whilst the coat features a wide hood and front closure the Loretta also has side pockets.

 two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing the Borneo Coat and Loretta Jacket

Buy now from £89 & Buy now from £59

Just like with all of our cashmere-feel designs, our Aria Tricot joggers are made using the same materials and offered with the same lavender and grey shades. The similarity of design and colour with all of our cashmere feel items really let you mix and match how you please (or how the weather allows, should we say!)

Buy now from £55

If the Tricot joggers are more up your street, then we suggest pairing them with our Hudson top. Just like our Muscari top, this features a boat neckline with a long cosy sleeve. Perfectly paired with our joggers or leggings for a day settled on the sofa.

Buy now £45

 two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing the Aria Joggers and Hudson Top.

House Dressing with pockets

And lastly, and by no means least, we have (as promised) two dresses made with comfort in mind. Firstly, we have our Irena Long Sleeve Tricot dress. The Irena dress is made with ease and comfort at the forefront, with no zips or buttons - just throw it on! With long sleeves and ultra-soft cashmere feel material, it's the cosiest dress to wear at home all year round.

Buy now £59 [left]

Comfortable pencil skirt dresses

As with our Irena dress, the Elstar is made of the same materials however it is tailored to fit and is classed as a pencil dress. With comfort in mind, and available in the two chosen grey and lavender shades, you could wear it at home or out with trainers or flats for getting your essentials! We’ll take one in each shade, please!

Buy now £59 [right]

 two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing the Irena dress and Elstar Tricot Pencil Dress

Cosy Outerwear

And last, but by no means least, if you're looking for a cosy item that you can wear at home or easily slip on to wear to the shops or even work then we have you covered! Our cape and poncho designs fit perfectly with any other outfit, whether it's a pencil dress, a bold suit or casual leisurewear. Available in our favourite flint grey and lavender-pink shades we suggest pairing it with bold colours such as brighter purples and pinks.

Spring Outwear Cape

Our Hampstead Cape is made using our cashmere-feel material and features a high cowl neck with front closure. Alternatively (or as well as!) our Rosalia Poncho is cosy, warm and ideal for the cooler spring days. With its same ultra-soft cashmere feel this poncho is tailored for a flattering fit and has both an asymmetric bottom line and boat neckline.

Buy now: Cape £69 [left] & Poncho £49 [right]

two website images showing each model wearing the Hampstead Cape and Rosalia Poncho.

Footwear for lazy days

Lazy days, we all have them (and don’t we half need ‘em!). But, with all of these comfortable leisurewear items, it’s worth looking into comfortable footwear to go along with. Whilst you can wear heels with any item, even our Elstar pencil dress, we have written this with comfort and lazy weekends in mind.

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of slippers or cosy flats we have you covered. And, don’t forget, each of these items can also pair with our other dresses so be sure to check them out too!

Thinking of our ultra-soft cashmere-feel pieces, we have chosen two pairs of slippers that resemble them in colour (and cosiness!). Firstly, we have the Miss Selfridge Vixon Lilac Double Strap Slipper. Its slip-on style and open toe meaning there's no mad dash to squeeze your feet in before running when the doorbell goes.

Buy now £8.50 was £11.99

Next, another slip-on style with these UGG Cozette slide slippers. With a soft-touch lining and tough sole you can actually wear these indoors or outside (look good chasing after the bin lorry, perhaps?)

Buy now £45.50 was £70

  two website images side by side, showcasing a model wearing miss Selfridge purple slippers and blue/grey UGG slippers

The Comfort Trainers

If you prefer to opt for trainers when reaching for a comfort shoe then we reckon you should give these a try. The Under Armour Training Charged Aurora Trainers come in a light/lavender shade, so would perfectly match our Lavender Pink items. What's more, the trainers feature a padded tongue and cuff as well as 'Charged Cushioning' that appears to provide responsive cushioning with the shoe = walking on air.

Buy now £48 was £60

Alternatively, you could opt for the staple of all staples  - the Converse trainer. Converse, as we all know, comes in such a wide variety of shades and patterns that there is most definitely the perfect one for you. Our favourite of late, which would coincidentally pair perfect with our cashmere-feel items, is the obsidian blue (almost grey) with stripe detailing pair. With notes of grey within each stripe, each pair offers a high-top design with breathable eyelet vents and a platform sole for ultimate comfort.

Buy now £61.75 was £65

two website images showcasing a models feet wearing Under Armour Training trainer and grey/blue lined converse high tops.

Do you have a go-to comfy clothing item? Let us know! Furthermore, if you enjoyed this article please share with us why you have via our socials!