'Jeans and a Nice Top' and How to Wear Them

'Jeans and a Nice Top' and How to Wear Them

Little all else can compete with jeans and a nice top combination when you're heading out for a day with friends, for date night, a wander around town or even to a work meeting (depending on the type of jeans, of course!).

How do you style jeans and a top?

The great thing about choosing your outfit for jeans and top combo is that you can pick whether to be as casual or as fancy as you like. So whether you're after a simple staple top to go with your patterned jeans or a loud, flamboyant top to go with your fun jeggings - you can choose what items, or accessories, do the talking.

One of the best looks comes from combining two opposites, smart with casual. A formal, sophisticated blouse can go beautifully with a dark pair of jeans. The more casual the event then the bigger the trouser, for example, you could comfortably wear a pair of dark skinny jeans to a meeting with a blouse, but you would be less likely to wear wide-legged flares.

Here we’re going to go through the stunning tops we have available for you to try out with your favourite denim.

Tops to wear to work

Our Branscombe Tops

Our Branscombe tops are available in two different patterns, including floral pink mist and floral navy mist. Each mist blouse offers expert tailoring with a v-neckline with chic tie detail. Additionally, three-quarter length sleeves add an autumnal touch to an otherwise summer-type blouse.

With each having stunning pastel notes that are on opposite sides of the colour scheme, we suggest trying our accessories in similar shades. A few of our favourites are below.

two images side by side of a Diva Catwalk model wearing the Branscombe top available in two different shades.

Buy now: Branscombe Tops £49 (was £69)

Our Katie Top

Our Katie print top is made using our multi-floral stretch fabric. Featuring a short sleeve and a stunning summer floral print, we suggest pairing this with skinny jeans and brown knee-high boots.

two images of the Katie Floral top being worn by a Diva Catwalk model.

Buy now: Katie Top £75


Off-Shoulder tops with jeans and heels

Next, we have our Sistana top made from velvet fabric, featuring long flute sleeves and an off-shoulder style, this type of top goes perfect to take you from restaurant to nightclub. Available in two different colours, black and mahogany pink, you can choose what one would suit best with the rest of your accessories.

We suggest pairing these with high strap stilettos and your favourite skinnies.

two models pictured wearing the two different shades of the available sistina tops.

Buy now: Sistana Top £39


A statement sleeve with jeans

Our Pacific top offers a round neckline with bell-look sleeves, bringing an elegant as well as chic turn to the original long-sleeved top. Made using our bi-stretch fabric, the bell-look sleeves add a feminine touch to each top, whilst the round neckline offers a flattering fit. Available in three shades, hibiscus pink, cobalt blue and sky blue, you're sure to pick a favourite.

three models pictured wearing the three available shades of our Pacific tops.

Buy now: Pacific Top £35 (was £69)

Animal Print with Jeans

Animal print is one of those trends that made itself known in the 90s before drifting back behind the curtains only to peak out in small touches, whether it’s blouses, hair accessories or footwear. Here we love incorporating animal print into our autumnal looks, and it’s even better that they go perfectly with jeans without being overpowering.

Our Ricky Animal-Print Long-Sleeved top comes in two different patterns, gold brown and silver black. Made using our satin fabric, the top features a loose knot tie at the front, with bell-look flared sleeves. Its subtle details ensure you can wear this type of top to smart or casual events.

two pictures of two models wearing our Ricky animal print long sleeved top in two different patterns.

Buy now: Ricky Animal Print Long-Sleeved Top £79

Classic Houndstooth with Jeans

Houndstooth is an original, statement pattern that creates a winner each and every time.

Made using our Stretch Perry Jersey Jacquard material, our Tamar top is all things chic when it comes to wearing a statement piece. Featuring both a turtle high neck and long sleeves, our Tamar top is typically perfectly styled when paired with a black pencil skirt. However, on this occasion, this top could make an autumnal entrance with skinny jeans and knee-high boots.

model photographed on a path, wearing the Tamar Houndstooth High Neck top.

Buy now: Tamar Long-Sleeved High Neck Top £29 (was £79)

Read More: How to Wear Houndstooth

Cashmere-Feel with Jeans

Nothing quite says cosy-autumnal-days like soft cashmere-feel clothes to wear at home and snuggly underneath your waterproof coat when you head out with the dog for a walk. We love our boat neckline Muscari top, which comes in both trending shades of Lavender and Flint Grey. Tailored for a flattering fit this could also be worn on cooler days where you need something more than a top, but less than a bulky coat.

two pictures showing a model wearing our muscari tops in lavender and flint grey

Buy now: Muscari Top £49

Another casual fit top is our Dahlia top, which comes in three dark shades of burgundy, black and deep red. Made using our stretch velvet, this long-sleeved asymmetrical top is sure to offer endless style and comfort.

three model images showing them wearing our Dahlia tops in three different shades.

Buy now: Dahlia Top £45

Double up on the Denim

Like most trends, you'd not be surprised to read that double denim has its stand-out moments just as much as it has its crashes. With double denim trending one week, it can be a cliché combination the next. For one thing, we love it. Do it correctly and you can have a winning combination on your hands.

Credited with being a trending topic in the 90s it was actually the 70s and 80s that saw the double denim look soar.

Types of jeans to wear with a nice top

Gone are the days when your wardrobe would consist of a staple pair of jeans, instead we now have a variety to choose from. We have gone through and mentioned some of our favourites below.

Mom Jeans and a Nice Top

Mom jeans are a much-loved trend that is definitely here to stay. Offering a fitted waist, slim hips and soft tapering down through the leg these can pair great with both flats and boots.

Skinny Jeans and a Nice Top

In the mid-to-late 00s, the boom of skinny jeans became the prominent look inside every wardrobe. Whether they are worn with heels for a night out, knee-high boots for winter strolls, high-top converse for chilled days or glitzy flats for an evening out in the town, these jeans are the staple of all staples.

Straight Leg Jeans

The perfect jean when you're wanting a straight leg without the skinny ankle or the wide-leg flare. With straight-leg jeans, you are able to wear them with pretty much any kind of footwear available. Where flats, for example, may offer a flattering fit, heels and boots can aid in elongating the legs.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans give the benefit of denim wearing with the comfort of them being roomier. Where they usually cinch in the waist, they then typical fall into a wide outlet design the further they fall. In contrast to the flare jeans, these remain wide throughout. Pairing these with heels is a good look as it creates a longer leg, which is hidden behind the baggy material further up.

image showing four different types of Jean style, how they are worn and the title of each beside each pair being modelled.

Buy now [pictured]: Mom Jeans £39.50, Skinny Jeans £45, Straight Leg Jeans £45 and Wide Leg Jeans £29.50.

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