How to Wear Dresses with Trainers

How to Wear Dresses with Trainers

Gone are the days when dresses were exclusively worn with high-heeled shoes or knee-length boots. Enter Trainers. Not only are they comfortable, but bring a touch of class that wouldn’t have been carried well years ago. From Hailey Bieber to Duchess Kate, it’s a look that is here to stay.

hailey bieber pictured wearing dress and trainerskate middleton pictured wearing dress and trainers

Choosing trainers that go with your dress

With looks of trainers and dresses often featuring light, bright, white shades it can feel almost like the rule to go with. However, as long as the colour or pattern isn’t overpowering, any type of trainer should technically pair with your chosen dress. When it comes to selecting the right colours to mix we often refer to the colour theory wheel It’s also a good idea to go outside the wheel and choose standalone shades. For example, where green dresses should technically pair with pinks and blues, they would also look just as glamourous if worn with bright white trainers – the normal go-to shade for this type of footwear.

When did trainers become popular?

By the 1990s, trainers became the everyday footwear of choice for many people – sometimes simply because of their perceived comfort, and by others as a blatant fashion statement. [1] Previously, this type of footwear would have been put aside to be used for training, as to why they were originally referred to as training shoes, or in America ‘sneakers’ [2].

The use of trainers as a fashion item became more solid in the 90s, with the ever increasing popularity of brand advertising. With the likes of Converse, Nike and Adidas making themselves known, each became their own 'must-have' item for both children and adults alike. As time has gone on, brands are consistently bringing out new designs with different purposes, however, this also gives the generic brands a chance to catch up and create their own spin. For example, supermarkets that sell clothing like Tesco and ASDA have been found to sell ‘copycat’ styles of the popular trainers, at a more affordable price.

In place of court shoes and Mary Jane style footwear, high-class brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, among many others, often feature their trainer brand on the catwalk.


What dresses suit trainers for weddings?

Naturally, it might feel like trainers to a wedding is no-go. However, as we’ve discussed – times are a changing! Just make sure that your trainers, like all wedding footwear, are most likely to appear in photos that you’ll be looking at for years to come. So, we suggest picking an inconspicuous pair that will go well and not resemble a pair of 80s Nike shoes. Here we’re going to go through the dresses that we stock at Diva Catwalk, that go perfectly with either heels or trainers.


Pair a maxi dress with trainers

The drop of the maxi dress is a trend that came along one year and, thankfully, never left. With maxi dresses for any occasion, you can find yourself spoiled for choice whether it be for the office or a wedding/event.

The maxi dresses we love here include our Kafka Printed Maxi dress and our equally chic Tess Maxi Kimono dress. As the Kafka maxi dress features a mixed pattern, we suggest pairing it with white trainers, like this pair from ASOS.

Our Maxi Dresses at Diva Catwalk

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Pairing Smock Dresses and Trainers

It's best to describe Smock dresses as those that simply flow from the get-go. Usually fitted at the top as a t-shirt would, then it drops downwards with more fabric - meaning that it's away from the body.

A smock dress is perfect for those days when you want to be dressed in pure comfort. Ensuring that no clothes cling to your skin... think cool airy vibes!


How to Wear Swing/A-line Dresses with Trainers

The great thing about swing dresses is the versatility and comfort that comes with them. Each swing dresses contours to the shape of the body around the waist before flowing outwards into an A-line shape. With comfort in fashion also comes comfort in footwear, when choosing to combine your dress with trainers.

Our Swing Dresses at Diva Catwalk

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