The Best Dress to Wear with Tights and Boots

The Best Dress to Wear with Tights and Boots

With the summer nights slowly, but surely, drawing to a close the first thing that comes to our minds is cosy, dark nights on the sofa with a warm cuppa and a candle lit in the corner of the room. Next up though, is planning out our work wardrobes and what looks best come those days when the sun remains behind closed clouds.

In summer, we can become used to throwing on a light dress or a simple shirt & jean combo before heading out the door. But as the cooler days come we'll be reaching out for our much-loved tights and a light coat. Here we're going to go through our 5 favourite dresses that pair perfectly worn with tights and boots, for those autumnal days of 2022.

Swing Dresses and Tights with Boots

The great thing with a swing dress is that it goes with virtually any kind of ensemble. This means that pairing it with boots, tights, flats, a leather coat, a long A-line coat, a smock, a short cardi… separately, of course, can all look just as good as each other.

Our Tarifa swing dress is made using our Venice stretch fabric. Featuring a wrapped asymmetric waist and 3/4 length sleeves, its cute baby doll-like shape works brilliantly with all body shapes, as the wrapped waist cinches in at the narrowest point.

We suggest wearing shoes in a matching shade to your dress if you are choosing a dark pair of tights.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Tarifa 3/4 Sleeved dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Tarifa ¾ Length Sleeved Swing Dress £79 (was £99)

Next, our Floral Empire Rose dress flows to below the knee, around the lower calf. Created using our floral satin stretch fabric, this dress is a unique, chic, pattern that is just perfect for welcoming in autumn. With a flattering waistband and round neckline too, you're sure to feel just as elegant as you are comfortable.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Empire Rose Swing dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Empire Rose Swing Dress £59 (was £169)


Wearing Tulip Dresses and Tights

Available in seven shades, the Jacky pencil dress offers the features of the Tarfia but with the fitted skirt effect instead of a swing. Aiding in creating a feminine silhouette, the dress is created using our ripple crepe stretch fabric. With a tailored bodice and vent at the centre back you're ensured to have a secure, comfortable fit.

With the seven shades in stock, we suggest opting for a brighter shade as we go into the autumnal months - including our Fiesta Orange, Scarlet Red or Dazzle Pink.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Jacky pencil dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Jacky Pencil Dress £69 (was £129)

Wearing a Mini dress and Tights

Just because the cooler days are making an entrance, it doesn't mean that you are restricted to being wrapped up twenty-four-seven! Our next choice is our Athens short dress. Enter the mini! Made using our ripple crepe fabric, this sleeveless dress features a deep, low cut V-neck-style leading into a plunging neckline.

This type of dress worn with a skin-shaded or sheer tight would look stunning, without bringing any excess chill!  We simply adore these sheer tights with polka dots!

 a woman model pictured wearing the Athens Sleeveless dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Athens Short Mini Dress £49 (was £125)

Long Sleeved Dresses with Tights and Boots


Our Tessa pencil dress is a classic style, available in 4 stunningly bold shades. Created using our bi-stretch fabric, the long sleeves are perfect for autumn. With a boat neckline, this pencil dress is great for wearing with simplistic jewellery.

The deep V-neck detail on the back of the dress gives a touch of elegance, that could also be the base for a back necklace, like this one from Next.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Tessa Long-Sleeved dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Tessa Pencil Dress £99

If you fancy a similar cut but a lower neckline, a V-neck to be precise, then can we suggest the Cynthia Long-Sleeve Pencil dress? Available in 13 bright shades, the Cynthia dress offers a feminine silhouette whilst offering a cinched waistband and pleating across the front.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Cynthia Long-Sleeved dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Cynthia Long-Sleeved Dress £125

Wearing Sleeveless Dresses with Tights

Wearing a sleeveless dress can feel like a summer-only thing but there are always ways around it! Including wearing a shirt underneath the dress or a chic cover-up. A favourite sleeveless dress of ours is the Clara.

The Clara dress comes in 11 beautiful shades, including Stone Blue, Oxford Blue and Dawn Pink. Cutting just below the knee this ripple crepe stretch fabric dress also features a high round neckline and vertical pleat detailing over the bust. With the sleeveless design, it allows you to choose between wearing a chic cover-up, such as a blazer or wearing a crisp or fabric shirt underneath it.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Clara Sleeveless dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Clara Sleeveless Dress £125

Tights and Boots We Want This Autumn!

a website image showing a models legs wearing Next Black Spot Sparkle Tights

Buy now: Next Black Spot Sparkle Tights £7

a models legs shown wearing the ASOS Design polka dot tights in black

Buy now: ASOS Design Polka Dot Tights in Black £8

a models legs shown wearing the Marks and Spencer 60 Denier Body Sensor tights.

Buy now: M&S Denier Body Sensor Tights £8

Leather Lace-up Ankle Boots by M&S

Buy now: Leather Lace-up Ankle Boots £65

the lower legs and feet of a model shown wearing the XTi Size Zip Ankle Boots

Buy now: XTi Size Zip Ankle Boots £32 (was £65)

a single KG Kurt Geiger: Tobi2 Heeled Knitted and Vegan-suede Ankle Boot.

Buy now: Kurt Geiger: Tobi2 Heeled Knitted and Vegan-suede Ankle Boots £149

Wearing Tights in the Autumn

Can you wear tights to a wedding?

Absolutely. Understandably it’s not common to see dresses with tights at weddings during the summer. However, as the summer draws to a close and the cooler days make an appearance weddings do continue! Wearing your chosen tights with a dress at a wedding doesn’t mean sticking to rules of one solid colour, instead, you can easily mix up your looks and still look just as stunning without taking away any of the brides' attention.

Can you wear tights with open-toed shoes or boots?

Yes! Wearing open-toed shoes doesn’t need to bring the feeling of dread or a last-minute dash to get your nails painted – instead, we suggest throwing on a pair of your favourite tights with your dress!


Should I match my tights and my boots?

You can do it! Unless you choose a boot that has a pattern or intricate design detail, you should be able to pair your boots with your favourite tights quite easily. Do remember though, that wearing opposite shades can be just as flattering.

Can I wear bright tights with boots?

Always! It can feel as though dresses should do the talking, whether it’s the fit or the design, but a simple LBD can really look amazing when paired with bright, colourful tights. We loved snagtights for the brightest, most fun designs around!

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