How to Choose an Open-Back Dress

How to Choose an Open-Back Dress

An open-back dress is the type of look that is usually reserved for an event, like a party. There are some key points to make note of before choosing your open-back dress. Here we go through some of those and how you can make sure you the right choice.

Think with your bust

An open-back dress although may look elegant, sexy and chic, comes with a single con: having to go braless. This isn’t always a problem and, in fact, on some occasions, you can even opt to wear a stick-on bra. Alternatively, if you’re open-back dress is less open and more low neck then you should be able to get away with wearing a low band bra (or use a converter to allow you to do so).

two website images side by side showcasing a bra low converter and a stick-on bra.

Left: Hook Low Back Bra Convertor from Bravissimo £7 | Right: Winged Stick-on Bra from John Lewis & Partners £25

Choose the right footwear

There is a reason that the majority of celebrities pictured wearing open-back dresses are wearing heels: posture. Wearing heels naturally can straighten your spine, making you walk taller. With your back elegantly on show, you can guarantee by wearing heels that you’ll avoid stooping, which would be more obvious with your back on display.

Minimise the Accessories

Wearing an open-back dress can be the only accessory your outfit needs. Overdoing it with jewellery or cover-ups can take the point away from your dress, meaning that you could simply opt for a different dress altogether. Simple accessories could include a dainty back necklace or simple stud earrings.

Get your back dress ready!

When choosing what kind of dress to wear it’s the usual go-to to reach for your razor or waxing strips a few hours before heading out to ensure you avoid the dreaded leg fluff or razor burn/cuts that always befall us on days we plan on having them on show. So, when choosing to wear an open-back dress a similar plan may be in place, but instead of a razor, you may find it best to reach for some skin scrub or fake tan, even. If you’re conscious as your back is on display after the warmer months of it being hidden behind vest tops and blazers then opting for a full fake tan can sort that right out!

Choosing a type of open-back dress

An open-back dress may seem pretty self-explanatory – but in fact, there is more than one kind of open-back dress. Here we’re going to go through a few of our favourites.

Open Back with Thin Straps

Offering the elegance of an open back with the support of thinner straps, this type of dress can carry chic sophistication.

The long sleeved open-back dress

Wearing an open-back dress you would be forgiven for picturing a dress with very little material. However, these types of dresses just go to prove that open-back dresses can in fact share very little skin and look chic in doing so.

Halter Neck Dress with Open-Back

A cute twist on your standard halter neck dress is the halter neck dress with an open back.

The Peek-a-Boo Open-Back

This type of open-back is reserved for those times where elegant dresses are required but instead of opting for a little cleavage, you go for an open-back look.

A hidden-jewellery-open-back dress

A simple open back can not only look amazing, but with a hint of sparkle you can be sure to feel as beautiful as you look.

Deep V-Neck Open-Back Dresses

Whilst the style of this kind of dress is simply stunning we can’t help but state the obvious: you would most definitely need to carry the confidence of someone who will not be able to wear much underneath it! Not only is a supportive bra completely ruled out but those silhouette-building knickers are most definitely out the window too. Hmph.

The Open-Back String Theory

If you like the thought of wearing an open-back dress but don't feel comfortable fully committing, you could opt for one that features string straps throughout.


Diva Catwalk Open-Back Dresses

At Diva Catwalk we have a handful of gorgeous open-back dresses that you can get your hands on this coming autumn.

First up, is our Daring Full-Length dress. Designed using our Luxury Silky Stretch fabric it features both a cowl neckline and an open-back with cross body straps. A daring statement dress that looks amazing on its own, or with minimal accessories. At present, this dress is available via pre-order only so we suggest ordering it quick-sharp!

 a woman model pictured wearing the Daring Full-Length dress with text showing the dress title.

Pre-Order Now: Daring Full-Length Dress £139

If you’re feeling a little more daring then you could also give our After Dark Full-length dress a try. Also available for pre-order, this features sequined straps over the neckline and around the back, it also has a cowl halter strap neckline too.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Afterdark Full-Length dress with text showing the dress title.

Pre-order Now: Afterdark Full-Length in Black £139

Our Open-Back Metallic Dress

Made using our black metallic spot shimmer fabric this breathtaking shimmer dress also features mesh and velvet detail. Being floor length, this dress is perfectly suited with tall heels and an oversized blazer for those more chilly evenings. The statement open-back also has a button fastening, offering support at the back of the neck. It's definitely a dress for making an impact.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Eve Shimmer Sequin dress with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Eve Metallic Dress £79 (was £159)

And finally, whilst we do love an open-back dress we also quite enjoy other items open-back: including our Attimo jacket. Giving the sophisticated wrap blazer look at the front, this jacket then offers a chic turn with an open-back for extra drama. Made using our ripple crepe fabric, the long sleeves feature slits from the elbow whilst the belted waistline cinches the silhouette and provides a flattering fit.

We suggest pairing this jacket with a similar coloured pencil skirt or statement trousers.

 a woman model pictured wearing the Attimo Open-Back Jacket with text showing the dress title.

Buy now: Attimo Jacket £129

Other ways to wear Open-Back in Your Wardrobe

Open-back clothes aren’t restricted to dresses, so if you’re wanting to wear something that offers the summer-fuelled open-back but without the dramatics, we suggest getting your hands on an open-back shirt, top or even jumper. Here are just a few of our favourites.


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